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TKR Sounds

@SarahJane It's perfectly fine with me to get those ques answered while thinking of them... I'm happy to share my space with you! :friends:

Yes, you are exactly correct about losing myself in painting. I can actually forget about "Buddy" for a while!
I have an appt with a "frou frou" shop Friday that might put me in as their "featured artist" . Cross your fingers for me! That would also add pressure to produce....... :flabber:

I've used gel packs for icing ( even though we have our own well!) You're such a good person, but take care of that knee, too! I still ice every day.... Usually after lunch and after supper.... See a pattern there???

Take the drugs if they make your joints feel better. Same thing has been said of the 45 gel injections I had in my left knee. I thought it felt better for 5 yrs. So, it worked for me. I'm all for whatever works!!

I got your PM and will reply. Happy to be the Blue Ridge Mtns tour guide. :cool:
@Wanttobebiking Better!!! Yeahhhhh! I rested a lot this weekend and it seems much better today! I had to help jury an art show this am, but I grabbed a sitting down job! And I have a much quieter week ahead. If I can just stay on my feet!! :dancy:

I know you are excited about your vacation! I'm even jealous although it's quite warm here! I hope your PT will make that IT band all better!!! Give us an update after you see her.
:wave:It's been a great Saturday! I shopped at the large grocery store, worked down in my studio until lunch, baked Triple Chocolate Cookies for my DH and our UPS guy and now am resting ( knee elevated) and watching college football ( War Eagle :cry:! ) My knee has not swelled today! :yes!: I pray this day will become the norm!!!!

I bake for our UPS guy because he comes up to our house FREQUENTLY! He's also a chocoholic like my DH! And since I know we have a delivery coming Monday, it was perfect timing! :loveshwr: I hope everyone else has a wonderful weekend! (No Trick or Treaters in the mtns. )
Grrrrrrrr! Please help me understand this swelling I continue to have if I do anything.... Today, I helped place paintings for an art show and was on my feet about 2 hrs. I wore comfortable, supportive, sensible shoes. I could literally feel my TKR leg swelling. When I got home, it looked like a large sausage below my knee! I've iced and elevated for several hours and it's better, but not completely gone down. Saturday was great! Sunday was great and I went to church then to a women's function in the afternoon. And today was a bummer! This is driving me nuts!! @Celle? Or @Josephine? Or anyone????
I think your questions might be better directed to @skigirl, since she's had experience with compression sleeves -- and possibly also lymphatic massage, to help the lymph system drain fluids (she at least recommended it to another Bonesmartie). @Raffs has found relief from her use of a compression sleeve. To quote from two of her posts:

The neoprene support was a game changer. Don't know why I didn't think to wear it earlier than Tuesday! With it on the knee felt more stable, less tight, less swollen and less painful. It helped me to really enjoy the latter part of the conference

Knee has been ok this week. Bought two lighter weight compression sleeves at the weekend and they really help to keep the swelling down and the knee fairly pain free. I shall, of course, be taking them to Brighton with me tomorrow and hopefully they will enable me to have plenty of fun without upsetting the knee too much. Going away to the other conference made me realise how much I have missed being out in the world after 8 months or so of working from home and living a much-reduced life.

Celle wrote in someone else's thread:

Some of the problems you mention are possibly because you're still only 11+ weeks out from surgery, in a recovery that takes a full year. That's a bit soon to be expecting a reasonably normal life. It's normal for swelling to linger for months, and the same applies to that tight band feeling. Whereabouts is this swelling that you call the fat pad?

I've seen people mention getting them at running stores and on-line.

Also, I have some never-used compression stockings of different weights -- they are just calf length. But if brilliant and experienced minds think they'd be helpful to you I could send them. Just let me know.
Yes, being on your feet for 2 hours will do that! Even at several months after surgery.
The trick is to only gradually increase the amount of time you're standing, and to allow time to pass. My leg continued to swell with extra activity for over 6 months.

I think compression stockings could help, as long as they fit properly and don't restrict your circulation. Make sure they're not too tight just below your knees, or else they'll be making your knee swell more.
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Hi there. Heading out early for a day trip. I have a little pocket of swelling that is there no matter what I do. There is no swelling when I wake up but even just walking to the kitchen to get a cup of coffee makes it swell. My OS says it will go away in time. It does bother me though. On the bright side, it gives us something else to look forward to--a life with no swelling.
My knee would swell even when I sat with it down. I would even elevate at restaurants, asking for a booth and propping my leg up beside me on the booth seat.
I used compression hose for several months---i cut the feet off the ugly white ones from the hospital, but they were large and I could not keep them up---the thigh part would fall over. 'so, I bought some without feet from Discount surgical stockings. They really did help and if I knew I was going to be on my feet, I popped them on in the morning. I also had some thigh high ones that were okay too---I was amazed but they really did stay up and then I did not have to use the top part of tights!! Kelly
@SarahJane Thank you for the research and calling in the folks with experience. And especially for your kind offer to share! I was truly bummed after the 2 good days. I thought I had turned a major corner but was terribly disappointed that I was right back at sqaure 24 again. Sigh....:sigh: I appreciate your BS friendship. :ok:

@Celle, @skigirl thanks for sharing your experiences!

@Wanttobebiking Surely we can find something better to look forward to!?!?!
What the heck! I'd be thrilled to be rid of the swelling!

@KarriB You are always so helpful and have the perfect practical solutions!

The rollercoaster just continues to roll up and down the track, clickety clack, clickety clack! ( Maybe we should write a country song?? ) :wink:. Thanks all!
Love the idea of a country song! Just as long as you don't expect me to sing it!
Hey, Helen! I was thinking of you today, and it was on my "list" to check in and see how you are doing. I can completely empathize with you!!! And I ASSURE you, I'm STILL looking for the patience ATM!!!! :rotfl: The journey continues.. I'm just hoping by next spring (AT LEAST!) I'm not thinking about my knee ALL the time!

BTW... yes, we did settle on a vacation location.. NO WHERE we thought we would.. but .. we're going to be staying in the Black Hills (near Deadwood, South Dakota!!) I would have NEVER guessed .. but Mt. Rushmore happened to be on everyone's bucket list - and no one had been there.. Lots more on the bucket list of years to come.. N. Carolina is still RIGHT up near the top for me! Maybe after knee #2?? :P

Hang in there, my friend!!!
@Braunzie. Mary, Thanks for taking time to check in! S. Dakota? Who would have thunk it?
My door is always open and the coffee pot on, don't wait for #2 to come this way!
Yes, soon we will move on to other things..... SURELY! :running:
Back to "normal" today with the morning spent in the kitchen canning 10 QUARTS of homemade applesauce! @KarriB I sat on a stool every moment I could!
Tomorrow will be another day of recovery, no doubt!
Quarts! I have an idea of how many apples gave their lives for your canning. Wow.
@SarahJane. We have an apple peeler, corer,slicer gadget that my DH loves to use! He did the prep work and I did the hot work... Cooking, putting in hot jars, processing AND cleaning up after him! Lol! We went to an orchard store yesterday and bought 2 bushels of apples!

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