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TKR Sounds

I popped in at my OS's office this am to discuss swelling. His PA said it will keep swelling for 6 mon to a year. It is what it is. She also said I was probably doing too much. ( In my mind's eye I could see @Josephine wagging her finger at me! ) I know.... Still whining about the same old thing and hoping for a new answer. :groan:
Helen, I'm glad you're being proactive in checking in with your OS' office. Better to be safe than sorry. Even if they are channeling Josephine's take it easy advice and praising all the comfort offered by the Take It Easy Club. I'm sure the Over Did It Club has enough members; they wouldn't miss you if you stopped showing up there.

I have a cooking question for you. I was making a massive amount of brown rice for a church potluck yesterday, and must have gotten muddled counting the cups of water I was putting into the stockpot. It turned out mushy, especially on the bottom. I was able to use the top half, but the bottom half is just a gooey blob. Other than adding *more* water to make juk aka congee aka rice gruel, what can I do with the mistake? In the back of my mind I'm thinking about a rice pudding flavored with Indian spices, perhaps. Although if I add milk it'll get really runny. Your thoughts?.
@SarahJane yea, yea, yea. Quit the ODIC! :bricks:

Hmmm.... Your rice ques..... Have you tried adding broth to it? Yes, adding milk will make it runny, but then you can toss in an egg or 2 and it will set like custard when baked. I'm thinking add some dried fruits - apricots, figs, etc with the Indian spices.
It is what it is.
Hi Helen! Just checking in. I use this "philosophy" at work all the time.. (Or as my brother says, "It is what is" :rotfl:) and it's true.. Really though, all in all, sounds like you are doing well.. Sometimes it's hard to keep the "big picture" in mind.. I know it is for me.. While there is the rollercoaster (and the continued search for the Patience ATM machine!!!!!) the lost stomach feelings are getting less and less.. would you agree? :cheers: It seems so for me, at least.. -Though, I have to say, it would be better to have this conversation over a cup of coffee sitting across the table in either North Carolina or Woodinville, WA.. :yes: .... "just sayin'".... :egypdance:

I have a question to get all our minds off our knees and on to something that is much more fun.. :wink: What is your favorite dinner recipe, why, and can you share it with us.. :cheers2: :yes!:
Thanks, @Braunzie! You are absolutely correct on all counts!! Especially about having this conversation over a cup of coffee in either location! :beer:

OK. Here's my fav easy recipe for you. First, a little history... For several years, I wrote a cooking blog (Because my daughter thought I needed something to do in retirement!). I have not posted on it in a while, but it is still out there with over 400 recipes! Here is the link to one of my favs. https://thesoutherncook.blogspot.com/2011/03/french-braised-chicken-thighs-with.html
You can go onto the blog and look at the archived posts to see names of all recipes. I should go back to posting on it when I'm not painting... that would take my mind off Buddy!! :yes:
:happydance:I woke up today raring to GO somewhere! My DH and I went outlet shopping for 3 hours ! Not once did he ask if I was ready to go home. My knee cooperated, I bought a few small Christmas gifts and some retail therapy for me! Yeahhhhhhhh! Now, I'm icing, elevating and resting before I bake him some Oatmeal Raisin Cookies as a thank you! Hurrrahhhhh for feeling almost normal today! :dancy:
I am so happy for you, you've waited a long time for this moment! I am also very envious, being at almost 4 weeks... Just knowing you have gotten this far gives me hope. I have been reading and re-reading posts the last few days to try and figure out when I will be a little bit normal again, weather or not to continue PT or quit since it makes my knee ache for 2/3 days afterwards, if I'll ever sleep soundly again, etc. I thank my lucky stars I found this site just so I have some answers out there for me! You have been a great resource to me and I really appreciate you and the info of your journey.
Outlet shopping for three hours? Three hours! Wow. And good for you that you're now icing and elevating. An ounce of prevention and all that.

Remember how you felt two months ago? Three months ago? And now you're taking three hour shopping trips. There's nothing wrong with curling up with a good book, either.

I love oatmeal raisin cookies. I bet I'd (strictly platonic) love your husband, too. He sounds very supportive. And, if memory serves, he knows a lot about nature, parks, and the mountains of Western North Carolina. At one time in my life -- it seems a lifetime ago! -- I had fantasies of being a camp host in my retirement. That was when there was a strong and handsome man in my life, before my knee went all wonky, and before rowdy and out of control party animals began to plague our camp grounds.
@GrammyRocks I've been thinking a lot about this journey the past few days especially. I suspect that many of us have gotten new knees because we flat wore out the ones we were born with! With that in mind, we are not ones who slow down easily. That makes it harder to accept the limitations of this recovery journey. Normal for us is probably not "normal" for many others. From many of the posts, I also perceive a bunch of goal oriented individuals. Personally, I expected at 4 weeks to be doing most of what I was doing before the surgery. I am one of those people who could function but on Xray looked terrible. My OS said if this knee was not replaced, I was in danger of falling and breaking a hip,too. I was not in constant pain but every night when I turned over in bed my knee caught and reminded me that it could happen when I was walking just as easily. The day I went for preop, I walked all over the hospital from dept to dept getting the labs done. I expected, in 4 wks, to be back to that place. It has taken me almost 4 months, a lot of sighing, whinning and rolling of eyes to come to the realization /acceptance that I just might have a "new normal" and that is OK. I can see improvements weekly, not daily. I have great expectations of being able to do whatever, within reason, that I want to by next summer. I have 5 Grands ranging from almost 2 yrs to almost 15 yrs and I fully intend to be there for graduations, weddings, etc.

Like you, I am extremely thankful for this forum, the information ( none of which I was given prior to the surgery), the support and friendships formed. If my journey can help anyone in even a small way, this whole experience will be worth it!
@SarahJane When we are ready to rock ' n roll, you ARE comng to the mtns! We have a big house that we rattle around in.... You are welcome to come claim some space as your own mtn retreat! And we'll make cookies or whatever else you want! My DH is a strange little man, bu he loves to have company and will share cookies with you!
My husband's favorite cookie is oatmeal raisin too. Lovely that you got out and about. I am still doing retail therapy online, but should be able to do a little real Christmas shopping. And I think our "new normal" is going to be just dandy!
@Slainte :loll:my husband's favorite cookie is the one he is eating at any given time! I will do most of my Christmas shopping online as I hate the crowds and the traffic! Today, I just wanted to GO somewhere! I was even willing to stop at Wal Mart! Thankfully, I had other options! :happydance:
This has sugar in it, but I'm taking to an event tomorrow, so not too much for me.
Shopping for 3 hours!! @Thesoutherncook that is amazing and I am so envious. I had to give up shopping about a year ago and I was so good at it too :heehee:
Sad but true, my goal is to be able to get back 'out there' again and help prop up the economy.
Sounds like you are doing really well. I love to bake, in fact I am a hobby cake decorator, and I can't wait to get back into it.

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