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    • benne68
      benne68 replied to the thread Bilateral TKR baby steps.
      Hi @Scottie999! I agree with @Layla about looking for a different class that's a better fit for your needs. I understand your...
    • benne68
      benne68 reacted to Layla's post in the thread Bilateral TKR baby steps with Agree Agree.
      Happy Two Year Anniversary! Thanks for stopping by the forum. As far as exercises go, I'd do what's comfortable with the realization...
    • benne68
      Great report, @rdsandjs! You are doing really well for just 4 weeks post-op. Don't worry too much about the bike -- it will come...
    • benne68
      Congratulations! 4,000 steps/day is great at this point in your recovery. And don't worry; you will be able to double or even triple...
    • benne68
      benne68 replied to the thread TKR 2 weeks post op - RTKR.
      I also have a work-from-home-in-front-of-the-computer job, and I was able to return to work part-time at about two months post-op...
    • benne68
      benne68 reacted to Samsrf's post in the thread TKR Following My Instincts with Like Like.
      Nearly 8 months! Almost 75% to full healing. Honestly not much to report but I hopped on here because I was reminded to rest today-...
    • benne68
      benne68 replied to the thread TKR Knee replacement scheduled.
      Welcome to BoneSmart, @Tino2You :wave: Please let us know how else we can help you prepare for your upcoming surgery. In...
    • benne68
      benne68 reacted to Mojo333's post in the thread THR 7 months out with Agree Agree.
      For sure... the truth is there is short term recovery and long term recovery. 5 years on the forum, I have seen initial recoveries with...
    • benne68
      benne68 replied to the thread TKR Pain on my kneecap.
      Welcome back, @Debbie S. I can certainly understand why you'd be anxious given your history. But as @Jockette said, it's common to...
    • benne68
      benne68 replied to the thread THR 7 months out.
      I did the same. Your post is a great reminder to all of us that each recovery is unique. Thanks @subie2021!
    • benne68
      benne68 reacted to subie2021's post in the thread THR 7 months out with Agree Agree.
      Define "recovered". Does it mean you can shower, cook a meal, and sleep on your side? If it means ability to perform ADLs or to...
    • benne68
      thank you i am doing the tylenol, tramadol, asprin on schedule. did get good nights sleep (unexpected) Coffee and ice machine now
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