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    • benne68
      Welcome to the recovery side, @ChickensMom! Thanks for the very detailed report. I'm sure it will be helpful for members who are...
    • benne68
      benne68 replied to the thread TKR New Here.
      Yes, that's exactly what those are -- a sign that the nerves are working again. I would encourage you to ice for 30-45 minutes after...
    • benne68
      benne68 replied to the thread THR Day 9 Posterior THR.
      Welcome to BoneSmart, @Asetrising2u :welome: Glad you found us. Please give us the exact date of your THR so we can create a...
    • benne68
      benne68 reacted to sistersinhim's post in the thread TKR celebrex life saver with Agree Agree.
      This is more harm than help. Your knee is still swollen. Even if you don't see it outside, there is still inside that knee capsule. Just...
    • benne68
      benne68 replied to the thread TKR Back to PT!.
      Glad you are doing better, @Neecey, and have permission to resume activity. You might think about doing your own rehab for a bit...
    • benne68
      benne68 reacted to Jaycey's post in the thread TKR Back to PT! with Like Like.
      @Neecey I moved your latest post to your recovery thread. Just bookmark this thread and continue to post here. I fully understand...
    • benne68
      benne68 replied to the thread Feeling Conflicted.
      I'm so sorry the surgeon left you feeling conflicted, @Lisa414, and that you will now have to wait to have the TKR. I know you like...
    • benne68
      benne68 reacted to Jaycey's post in the thread Feeling Conflicted with Agree Agree.
      @Lisa414 Sounds like this surgeon is very old school and not exactly a positive thinker. I know he needs to discuss every option with...
    • benne68
      benne68 reacted to Rosalita's post in the thread THR Right hip replacement Feb 28th with Like Like.
      Thankyou you all for your feedback. No malls here in the boonies, but there is a Walmart about 25 min away. It is raining today so I...
    • benne68
      So great to read this! You've turned a corner and that deserves celebrating. :loveshwr:
    • benne68
      Had something very encouraging happen last Sunday and wanted to share. We met up with some friends for a walk and dinner. My friend...
    • benne68
      benne68 reacted to Jockette's post in the thread TKR mercy2you recovery thread with Like Like.
      This recovery is indeed long and slow. One way to have less pain is to not do things that increase the pain that is par for the course...
    • benne68
      benne68 reacted to Hip4life's post in the thread Here We Go Again! with Agree Agree.
      Yes, you are not weak. It is totally understandable and not at all unusual under your circumstances. I am so glad you have such an...
    • benne68
      benne68 replied to the thread MUA ROM question and time frame.
      Heat is generally not advised around the surgical area -- especially this early in recovery -- since it can cause inflammation and...
    • benne68
      benne68 replied to the thread Here We Go Again!.
      Even though you've been through a THR before, since it was a few years ago, I will share BoneSmart's helpful guide. The following...
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