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@Glamg1979 You WILL be back out there, the economy needs you! :heehee:
Every week is different. And some weeks are a step backward.... But most are going forward now!
I AM learning to take rest breaks. That's new for me. You'll be baking before you know it!
@Thesoutherncook I'm glad you were able to go out for the day and enjoy yourself. It is nice to not have to work your day around your knee. I'm slowly getting there too. I'm envious of all the bakers. I'm just so inept! I'm hoping to have some grandkids someday soon so I can run around with them. I also want to thank you for all your words of encouragement.
@Thesoutherncook - thanks for the link to the recipe. I'll try that one soon.. (I love chicken thighs!) :yes: I have to ask.. Does your knee still ache in the AM when you wake up and HURT when you sit for a while and get up and walk? I find I have to "gimp" for about 20-30 steps after getting up from sitting down for a while. (This is getting SO old.. ) I'm hoping this is NOT the "new normal".. :umm:
I am still doing retail therapy online
... @Slainte - I LOVE that description! I can tell my husband what I'm doing is kind of like "physical therapy", but BETTER!!! :rotfl:
@Braunzie Honestly, my knee rarely hurts at all! I still have some swelling but even that seems to be subsiding! :spin:
It takes me about 4 steps to "get going" but no aches in the am! Unlike you, I lost 10 lbs but quickly gained it back plus another 5! I was eating ice cream every night ( it IS protein, right? ) So, after catching sight of some fat lady following me around in a store ( me, in a mirror! ) I decided it is time to tackle once again my life long battle of the bulge! I have cut out sugar and voila! The swelling has also gone down. I'm not sure exactly how the 2 might be related ( or not! ) but since I need to do this, I'm telling myself it has helped and I must continue on this track. Not an easy feat considering how much my DH LOVES baked goods and has the metabolism of a hummingbird ( which is totally unfair! )
Wow, I'm so happy to hear how well you are getting on! It's inspiring. Enjoy your cookie baking. Isn't fall in NC just wonderful?
My husband had the good grace to gain weight right along with me. Now that I am losing, I hope he will come along for that ride as well. He has a hip that is bothering him. Might have to start reading over on the hip forums.
Today I set off the security alarm at the courthouse! Never occured to me that my knee would do that! And it scared the bejeebies out of ME! The security guys laughed! I offered to show my scar or my card, but one said his wife has a hip replacement and he understood! So, everyone who HAS wondered, the answer is YES! You will cause lights to flash and buzzers to go off!:rofsign:
My knees always ring the bells when I go through security, no matter where it is. At airports, I try to allow extra time for screening.

In August this year, I had the most thorough screening l have ever had. It was at the Auschwitz concentration camp, in Poland. Security there is extremely tight. You aren't even allowed to take a purse - just a small camera and a small amount of paper money.
For the first time ever, I did have to show my scars.
Oh, man - that would scare the daylights out of me too! I will have to remember to be aware if I ever enter a secure area.
Wow! International travel with my new knee is a big fear of mine--being stopped and questioned by security in a non-English speaking country. I did not get a card. I was told I did not need one with the new scanners but maybe I should get one anyway.
I'm told security does not recognize the card. Just tell them that you have a prothesis. Might want to write that down in the language of the country you are visiting? I'm always pulled out and wanded and patted down in foreign countries..... Short, chubby, blonde, Southern grandma ME! :rotfl:
Wow! International travel with my new knee is a big fear of mine--being stopped and questioned by security in a non-English speaking country. I did not get a card. I was told I did not need one with the new scanners but maybe I should get one anyway.
There's really nothing to be scared about.

Strangely enough, my most unpleasant screening experiences have been in English-speaking countries - mostly a few (fortunately, very few) airports in the USA and one in the UK. I must have caught them on a bad day. At other places in the same countries, the screeners were pleasant and efficient, and were just doing their job.

Mostly, the screening, while time-consuming, has been done politely and tactfully. In India and Moslem countries, there is always a dedicated female screener, and wanding and patting down is done in a curtained booth.

Don't bother getting a card. It's a waste of time, because they could be forged so easily. So, security services would be remiss if they didn't screen you just as thoroughly as everyone else.

Card or not, you will be screened, so just allow extra time for going through security.
I can't wait to travel again. I have my official card which has handwritten info. It looks like a 5 year old did it. I also can't wait until they keep telling me to empty my pockets. Maybe I won't tell them and let them figure it out. :rotfl:
@Celle or @Josephine I have a nagging pain in my non operated leg in the back at LB3 D. I've iced, stretched ( or tried to but it really hurts when I do! ) massaged and rested it and NOTHING helps! When I stand or walk for any length of time ( over 10 min) it burns and swells. What am I dealing with now?????
I'm not sure, Helen.
I'll leave it to Josephine to suggest something. She's been laid low with a cold this week, so it may be a little while before she gets to you.
Meanwhile, try some rest, ice and elevation on that leg too, and see if that helps at all.

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