Hip Infection* Izabel, Walking on Sunshine

Oh my stars...didn't get your tag a few months ago.... So, so happy to see you came by.
Hope all is still going well, dear friend, and that your holidays will be sweet!
Dropping by.jpeg Hello dear friends xx

I was replying to a call I had from @Sara61 on the knee forum so thought I had would drop by here.

I am just plagued ... but honestly I do knot know what I have done to deserve what is on my plate. I general I am doing well and keeping well in my little corner of paradise.

I am still not able to walk unassisted due to drop hip. In December I visited a Chiropractor to see if he could find something wrong. As soon as he saw me he said I had muscle loss. Other than giving me a good pulling here and there and an electrical massage, he demonstrated various exercises I need to do and look at it like a full time job. He also said I need to go on a high protein diet.

I am doing the former as instructed and get up and regularly but am finding eating difficult. I don't really like meat except ground beef and white chicken/turkey. I am not fond of fish either except tinned tuna and white fish fillets. I have a Greek yogurt daily and a chocolate milk. I like eggs and cheese including cottage cheese. I avoid bread and potato chips and eat nuts. Huibby loves pasta and we have chilli, bolognese, etc, and I love a jacket potato once a week, but these dishes do not contain enough protein. Consequently I got Spirulina (algae) tablets this past Monday.and I take Multivitamins with Iron daily.

I still have not conquered the balance issues but continue work on this issue.

Anyway, that is me of late. If anyone has any words of wisdom, I will eagerly take it on board.

I hope this finds all well and keeping safe.

Thanks for listening ..
Hugs Teddy.jpeg Izzy xx
Hello Izabel,
It‘s so nice to hear from you, dear friend. I’m sorry you’re feeling plagued and still struggling. Your situation doesn’t sound hopeless though. It’s good to read you’re doing well in general. If you trust the chiropractor in his advice to make it your job to do the prescribed exercises and raise your protein intake, I’d give it a dedicated try if I were you. It doesn’t seem like you’d have much to lose, but may find yourself closer to where you want to be.

I am doing the former as instructed and get up and regularly, but am finding eating difficult.
I’m not sure if you’re finding it difficult because you’re not hungry, or high protein foods are unappealing to you. Consider looking at it as “the medicine is in the food” may sound silly, but if the diet you consume aids in building muscle and making you stronger, you may notice a difference in your stability. If you don’t like big meals, consider several high protein snacks throughout the day as an option. I’ll leave some ideas, not that you can’t
come up with your own, but sometimes others come up with ideas we haven’t thought of that sound appealing to us. So here we go -

Protein Shakes or Protein Bars, No Bake Energy Bites (many recipes online)
Nuts & Seeds
Meat, Fish, Poultry
Trail Mix
Turkey roll ups (cheese or veggies rolled inside the turkey)
Greek Yogurt
Hard Boiled Eggs, Deviled Eggs
Veggies & Hummus
Peanut Butter and Apple or Peanut Butter on Celery
Cheese Slices, Cottage Cheese
Beef Sticks
Canned Salmon on Crackers or Chicken Salad on Crackers
Roasted Chickpeas
Broccoli, Asparagus, Brussels Sprouts
Sweet Potatoes
Beans & Peas

Unless your balance issues are related to your health in another way, the advice you received will hopefully bring some improvement. Stay in touch and let us know how you’re doing. Hugs and best wishes always! :loveshwr:
Thank you Sweet Layla. That list is pretty much mine. :) I am eating small amounts every couple of hours as we eat a small lunch at 12.30pm and dinner about 6.30-7.00pm. I am not a big foodie. :nah:

Balance I believe is partly due to Tinnitus but mostly weak muscles. I can work on my quads but having difficulty with the glutres (which are quite flabby :heehee:).
I have gone from 110lbs (too skinny for me) to 150lbs :sos: (too fat for me) and desperately need to get fit to work this off.

I won't give up ... I am too stubborn for that.

Here is a picture of my beautiful Brugmansia at Christmas ...
Brug1 27 Dec 21.jpg
I won't give up ... I am too stubborn for that.

Good for you, I’m happy to know you’re determined.
That picture is gorgeous. You’re surroundings are always lovely, Izabel. You’re blessed!
Enjoy the rest of the week! :friends:
Hello, Izzy. I’m so sorry to hear of your ongoing issues but so glad to hear of your determination. It sounds like you have a pretty good handle on your diet. I always thought it was hard to adjust to an eating plan when you are a foodie. I realize now it is just as hard if you’re not! At minimum, adequate protein would be a good goal if over abundance is off-putting. Several small meals are a winner. I’m sure you’ve thought a lot about all this. Just a few activity suggestions: I don’t know if you’re a water fan, but water aerobics or any type of swimming can be a great overall conditioner, easy on the joints, and balance isn’t a big issue. Seated yoga, light exercise bands can be other easy additions. Like food, the right combination of types of exercise can be effective and doesn’t have to be hard or a chore if you can keep it interesting and fun. Blessings as you navigate this ongoing challenge.
Hi Izzy, always do good to hear from you. You keep plugging along doing your exercises and hopefully this will do the trick. :flwrysmile:
Hello.jpeg Hip4life and Elf1, thank you both for popping by.

I do know that water aerobics is good but I don't have a swimming pool. The public one is about 20 minutes or so from me (I am in the country) but I am not a fan of public ones (possibly a hangover from school days) and I would hesitate going now anyway in these pandemic times, I don't even go to shopping centres .. or indeed shopping of any kind as my husband does that. Since I had MRSA from a hospital and then e-Coli in my hip and thigh, I am perhaps overly cautious of public places. :bolt:

In the meantime I will continue with the protein diet and exercise. I have found some exercises on line for drop hip and I do a few moves of Tai Chi standing next to my tub chair (so I can plop into it if necessary). :whistle:

I keep setting targets and sadly miss them! I am grateful that I am able to walk, but I am hoping that this will be the year for success of walking unaided. :fingersx:
Hugs Arty.jpeg to you both. Izzy xx
Izabel,I'm sorry to read that you are having problems. But hopefully your determination will have you turning a corner to getting better soon.
I understand your reluctance about using public facilities. They gross me out also. Just the thought... :bignono:. Ewww!

May I recommend the OneStep online physical therapy program? You can see the ad on this site. I've been enjoying it for about 6 months now.
It's inexpensive, just over $1USD a day. You will be assigned a personal therapist who will design a program just for you and your particular needs. The program is set up in a series of courses that progress as you are able. You will receive your courses on your phone or mobile device, and have follow-along sessions from there, so you can see how each exercise is done and for how long (reps). Communication is very easy if you have questions and concerns. My therapist had been fantastic about modifying or replacing exercises if I have problems with them, or feel a need to advance a bit faster. In addition, there are available monthly Zoom meeting for one on one evaluations.
I love being able to complete pt in my own home, when I find time during the day. I haven't had to purchase any expensive equipment; my only purchase has been a wobble cushion, just because I like them and think they are fun to use.
There isn't a contract involved, it's all month to month. I've found even the tech team to be super helpful and kind.
Best wishes, I hope you feel better soon.
Thank you @subie2021. The One Step sounds interesting but 1) I am in Portugal and 2) I don't use a mobile/Smartphone. :whistle:
Hi again, Izabel,
I should have mentioned that OneStep is based in Israel, so wherever you are in the world doesn't matter.
Their IT staff is very helpful so maybe if you email them they can advise for someone without a phone.
I get it if the program doesn't sound like something you'd enjoy...but maybe the info will help another hippie down the line.
Have a great weekend!
Unfortunately OneStep does need a cell phone. That's the way your gait is measured.....by putting it in your pocket and taking a short walk. It is possible to download the app to other devices like a computer or tablet, but it would be very difficult to get the good results without the gait analysis.

@Izabel.....should you every decide you want to try a cell phone, both OneStep and BoneSmart would be willing to help you get the program loaded and working for you. It is help for gait improvement and mobility that a person cannot get anywhere else. You just need to let us know you have a cell phone and you need the assistance.
@Jamie That is very interesting indeed. Technology these days is amazing. However, I am a Technophobe whereas my Hubby is a computer genius ... he was Renault UK's IT Specialist responsible for all their dealerships in the UK and Ireland for 23 yers. I have chosen not to have a mobile. I did have one once when I was travelling in my job in the mid/late 80s in case I broke down. I also don't wear clothes with a pocket (leggings and jeggings).

I got a cheapie Step Watch yesterday and what a complication that is! Hubby connected it to my computer. Goodness, I do not need GPS etc ... I looked like a mad mouse going to the loo and my crocheting and washing my hands counted as steps!!!

I might seem negative but I can assure you I am not. I know it is drop hip affecting my gait and at the moment will continue doing the exercises I have been given by Physio and Chiropractor and walking with the walker and arm crutch in the hopes I balance out.
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Having re-read my post, I hope it doesn't sound like I am ungrateful as I came back here for advice. Quite the contrary. I was hoping someone with drop hip, if anyone has experienced such, had any pearls of wisdom to share.
Beijinhos tigger.jpeg
You’re always welcome here, Izzy! We love and care about you as that group of friends inside your computer :wink: I think that’s how you once mentioned you view us. :heehee: Possibly someone will stop by that has, or has dealt with drop hip. I certainly hope so at least. Until then, visit anytime the mood strikes, we’ll be here for you always:wave:
Wishing you a lovely weekend!
Hello! It's so nice to read your updates to your thread.. I wish it was with less issues, though. So sorry you are still working so hard to regain your strength. Have you considered talking to the PT facility and asking about virtual appointments? Then they can help guide you with the proper exercises.

As usual, your lovely photo took my breath away! :loveshwr:
One of our staff members also lives in the Algarve, @Sara61. I'm wondering if you all are close to each other. That would be cool!

I understand your reluctance to use a cell phone. But at least you have the benefit of your hubby who can help you with a new phone if you ever decide to give it a try again. I'm not trying to talk you into anything, but today's cell phones (especially the iPhones) are VERY user friendly and totally unlike anything from the 80's.

Perhaps your husband would agree to download the app and show you how it works. He would need to register through the BoneSmart link to get the two-week free trial and the BoneSmart discount for any time after that. You only need the phone to take your walks. Any other communication with OneStep could be done with a desktop or laptop by just downloading the app there as well as on a phone. And no worries about no pockets. Lots of our members wear leggins and they just slide the phone down inside to a comfortable spot so it can register your walking. I promise you won't have it measuring trips to the loo and hand washing! :heehee: Like I mentioned before, we're always here to to help you.
Hello @CricketHip and lovely to see you too. I have the personal mobile numbers of both my lovely Dutch and Portuguese Physios should I need them.

Hello again @Jamie. Yes, Sarah and I keep in touch. We are about 30 minutes apart but we have not met yet for various reasons ... but we do plan on it and have a venue midway between us.

I have told Hubby about OneStep and we will keep it in mind. I finally put the step counter on my ankle and all went well. :tada:

Wishing you all a peaceful Sunday.

Sunday Mouse.jpeg Izzy xx
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I remember the extent of your medical issues and struggles with that hip.
I'm sure sometimes the "suggestions" must also seem tiring along with the PT and always dealing with "all things hip"
I also remember how positive you are and how kind it is for you to come back to lend advice to other members.
You are resilient and good for you to stay open to ideas for improvement.

Keep the Faith!
Hope your Sunday is Sweet:loveshwr:
Oh my Little Southern Belle. Sometimes I do despair and say Why Me? :sigh: But ... I have been managing 600-800 steps just around the cottage admittedly sometimes just going back and forth across the lounge( 50 steps round trip). :whistle:

I will keep ya'll posted. :wink:
I will keep Hang in ....jpeg Izzy xx

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