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      subie2021 replied to the thread 1 week to surgery.
      If I were you, I'd have a going away party for that old hip. Some ice cream for years of service, maybe a glass of wine for "Bye Bye...
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      subie2021 replied to the thread Pain After THR.
      Hi Alice! I'm glad you found Bonesmart - you'll find lots of support and helpful information here. Congrats on your new hip. I'm...
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      subie2021 replied to the thread THR Holly's Hip.
      You can ask your OS about pain control at your pre op visit if you have concerns. My guy was excellent with it. First an ultrasound...
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      subie2021 replied to the thread Scheduled for July 26th THR.
      Hi! Welcome! Congrats on having a surgery date. You're on your way to losing all that pain. I'm a lifelong worrywart and way more...
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      Chocolate is a food group and I believe there is a minimum daily requirement!
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      I had log leg and couldn't move my leg to the side or move it up with my knee bent. My home pt had me try on each of his visits, and...
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      Some months before my THR I my hip was injected and I was informed about a cortisone flare. It's pain caused by a reaction to the shot...
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      subie2021 replied to the thread THR Terrible muscle pains.
      I'm glad you got a chance to post; I've been wondering how you've been doing. Great update on your hip and expanded abilities! I'm...
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      I'm sorry you're having a hard time. From what I'm reading, you have post surgical pain, and mental stress from being laid up. Both are...
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      It’s scary that I‘m so much worse off now than I was before the surgery- I had pain but I was able to do mostly what I wanted if I...
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      @NextStep I hope you're feeling better today. Pain meds caused me a ton of nausea; I asked the OS for a change and it worked great -...
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      My OS says take them, so I'll take them, Dr Google be danged. My doc sees lots of hip patients in lots of circumstances, so he knows...
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      subie2021 replied to the thread doctor notes.
      It's normal for my providers. Every single time I see my PCP, the notes mention 'patient education' concerning diet and exercise and...
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      subie2021 replied to the thread THR Doglover7’s Recovery.
      Hooray for the improved sleep! But Swelling Happens. So does that front of thigh pain. At this point it isn't because of something...
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      The way it works at the hospital where my THR was done, the anesthesiologists are a group, and generally the OS doesn't know who is on...
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