Hip Replacement Patient Stories

Leonard Killbrew Jr., 56

Problem: Osteo-arthritis of the Hip. “The x-rays brought everything to light. I didn’t know how bad my condition was. My walking, sitting, climbing…they were all affected by my hip deterioration. It got really bad. I thought I’d never be independent again, but that is totally not true.”

Solution: Total hip replacement.

Result: “I’d say in about three weeks time I was walking without the walker, I was still on the cane, but I was making it back-and-forth to the store by myself.”

Nancy Stewart

Problem: “My joint pain stopped everything I was doing. I couldn’t imagine sitting in a chair the rest of my life.”

Solution: Total Hip Replacement

Result: “I was up in two days walking around the hospital. My recovery was quick, and I was totally shocked. I couldn’t believe I had progressed like that.”

Kathleen Flanagan, 50

Problem: Osteo-arthritis of the Hip. “I didn’t want a major operation with a big cut. But the pain affected my back, then my knees started hurting, and I’d lost three-quarters of an inch of height.”

Solution: Minimally invasive total hip replacement.

Result: “I think the benefit (of MIS surgery) is in the healing. The benefit is that you can heal so much quicker…and the scar heals to nothing…just absolutely nothing.”

Lemuel Clay, 66

Problem: Osteo-arthritis of the Hip. “I couldn’t sleep. When you can’t sleep, it’s time to do something.” He had traditional hip replacement surgery on his left hip, and it was several months before he was back at work. Although he’d had a successful outcome with his left hip, he remembered the long, painful recovery.

Solution: Minimally invasive total hip replacement.

Result: “I’ve been doing things I couldn’t have done with conventional surgery. And I’ve been doing them for quite some time. Walkin’ on the treadmill and drivin’ the car…this is good, I feel great.”

Elaine Mirsky

Problem: Osteo-arthritis of both hips. “I had such pain that I couldn’t do the exercises I used to do. It was hard to sit for any length of time. And, I couldn’t dance, which is something I enjoyed as well.”

Solution: Minimally invasive total hip replacements.

Result: “I feel wonderful now. I’m able to do all the activities that I want to do. I can swim, I can dance, I can sit for any length of time I like. I can walk as far as I like without any pain. In general, I feel terrific.”

Richard Warner (BoneSmart® Founder)

Summary: Richard has had both of his hips replaced. One by traditional surgery and the other via minimally invasive technique. “If you have any concerns or want to have some form of awareness of the joint replacement options that are available to you, I urge you to investigate the material on this website and in our Patient Forum and then consult with your surgeon.”

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Hip Replacement Patient Comments

  • “Just checking in. Have been back to normal life again. Knee done 4-26-2010 and is doing fine. Hip done Jan 7 2010 and I never even give it a thought…” full quote >>
  • “Part of recovery is the simple pleasure I get from just accomplishing a new milestone. I have not been able to walk upstairs/downstairs going leg over leg since September of 2008…” full quote >>
  • “…the world has suddenly become a place of: driving a car, going out to dinner, shopping, and enjoying life again. Prior to [surgery] life wasn’t a lot of fun…I now feel alive again.” full quote >>
  • “…in the first 2 months I complained of pain, [now] all of a sudden…I feel wonderful! I walk everyday 2,3 times outside, exercise in the pool…There are still good days and not so good days. But I know this will all be worth it. I read Bonesmart first thing each morning and it starts my day. Thanks to you all.” full quote >>
  • “…this has been way better than I expected. I know I have a long ways to go, but so far no pain at all. PT had me up and walking with my walker this morning and the extent of my pain has [only] been some achiness and muscle soreness. Wow!” full quote >>
  • “…I’m 2 weeks post hip arthroscopy today…Although I know my recovery will be a little different from those of you with THR, it is at least good to know there’s somewhere I can go to reassure myself my continuing aches and pains are quite normal…” full quote >>
  • “I have had my 6 week post-op meeting with my consultant today. All is going well, I’ve no pain…All bruising and swelling disappeared within a week or two…hopefully this will help show you folks considering surgery in pre-op that it can go according to plan.” full quote >>
  • “I just want to report that my [hip] resurfacings are now 5 years old…My surgeon never gave any restrictions what so ever, with these hips and told me to go and enjoy my life. I certainly am!” full quote >>
  • “It was a little rough having both hips resurfaced at the same time. But I have no regrets. My hips feel great… The hardest part of the recovery is trying to stretch and retrain the tendons and muscle around the hip area that have been restricted from years of arthritis. There’s no more problems tying my shoes! I was back to work in 4 months…” full quote >>

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