Wall of Gratitude

The BoneSmart® Grateful Patient Giving Program

A message from Richard M. Warner, CEO & Founder of FARM & BoneSmart®

In the 15 years since FARM and BoneSmart® were founded we have welcomed many thousands of members into our Joint Replacement Discussion Forum Family who spend time counseling pre and post-op joint replacement patients. These grateful forum members we call “BoneSmarties” may not have the time or opportunity to start a Foundation, but many are in the position to help support BoneSmart® by making a monetary contribution to the Foundation* that serves so many patients like themselves.

It requires over $1 Million dollars annually to keep BoneSmart® viable. Every dollar is allocated to the Foundation’s mission to “Improve the lives of people with joint replacement disabilities Worldwide.” By the end of each fiscal year we spend down 98% of all contributions and start anew for the coming year.

If you are a Grateful Patient and in a position to help endow and ensure the perpetuity of BoneSmart® with a substantial tax-deductible contribution (for USA residents), your support will enable people everywhere who are suffering with knee or hip disabilities to abate their own joint replacement fears through awareness and community support found through BoneSmart.org. I ask you to please join our Grateful Patient Giving Program Wall of Gratitude. Donations in cash are preferred, however endowments through Wills/Trusts, or Life Insurance policies are all viable options.

At your pleasure I will fly to your location to meet with you and discuss your commitment to ensuring the perpetuity of the BoneSmart patient-awareness portal. I thank you and our entire team at FARM and BoneSmart® thank you for your generous support of our mission.


Bonesmart-nonprofit-501c3-stampRichard M. Warner
Founder, FARM & BoneSmart®
+1 760.779.9944 (office)
+1 760.267.0263 (cell)

* Donations made on behalf of BoneSmart® are entrusted to FARM – The Foundation for the Advancement in Research in Medicine, Inc.