Preparing for Knee Replacement

Preparing for Knee ReplacementPreparing yourself for knee surgery will lead to a greater outcome and quality of life post-surgery. Mental and emotional preparation, lifestyle modifications, physical preparation, and most importantly developing relationships with your surgeon and support staff as well as your personal support network of friends and family will best prepare you for a successful experience. Online forums such as the Patient Forum help many people gain knowledge and support by sharing their own knee replacement surgery experience with others.
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Preparing for Knee Replacement Surgery

Preparation for knee replacement surgery is mental and emotional. Reduce outside distractions in your life. Be aware of all aspects of the operation, your environment, and the instructions that are given to you by doctors, nurses and specialists. Taking an active role can help you achieve a more relaxed and positive attitude. […]

Pillows stacked for elevation in joint replacement recovery

Reducing Post-Operative Pain from Knee Replacement

It’s among the most common concerns for pre-operative knee patients. To be honest, there’s not an awful lot a person with arthritic knees can do before knee replacement surgery to lessen postoperative pain. When joints are damaged to the extent […]

second opinion about surgery

Why is it important to get a second opinion for a total knee replacement?

While total knee surgery is a common procedure with a high success rate in the US, getting a second opinion is still recommended. Each surgeon has had a specific training and education, and more experience with certain procedures over others. […]

Virtual Communities for Knee Replacement Patients

Benefits of Online Communities for Knee Replacement Patients

Online patient communities and patient forums, like our own knee replacement forum, have proven to be useful sources of much needed support and information for patients, and the benefits of such online communities are becoming well documented. Also See:  […]

How to choose a hip or knee replacement surgeon and prosthesis

You’ve decided you want hip or knee replacement surgery and now it’s time to choose a surgeon and decide what kind of implant is right for me. Or maybe you’re asking the question, “When will I be ready?” Hip or […]


Choosing a Knee Replacement Surgeon

You’ve suffered through pain and discomfort related to your knee degeneration and have finally decided to consult with an orthopedic surgeon. Choosing the right orthopedic surgeon is very important to a successful surgery and recovery. A few considerations when […]