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BoneSmart.org is the award winning website for a public-awareness and patient advocacy organization for knee and hip replacement candidates and patients. BoneSmart®’s parent foundation, The Foundation for the Advancement in Research in Medicine, Inc. (FARM), is a 501(c)(3) non-profit public benefit organization, supported by donations from individuals with limited underwriting from corporate partners.

BoneSmart® is dedicated to raising awareness about the latest hip replacement and knee replacement and shoulder surgery options, fostering a supportive patient community through the world’s largest online joint replacement forum where members can share experiences, knowledge, and stories.

Insights into the BoneSmart community can be found HERE.

The technological advances made in the orthopedic community to service such candidates are improving at such a rate that it is challenging to keep abreast of the changes. The BoneSmart® awareness program aims to change this by providing an Internet portal for awareness of the latest advances in joint replacement materials, their longevity and suitability for various applications. With this awareness and information the potential patient may be better informed when discussing options with his or her surgeon. Unlike orthopedic professional websites, BoneSmart.org is targeted specifically to the joint replacement patient and their families and loved ones.

Key points that make the BoneSmart.org website unique:

  • Articles: Overviews of joint replacement surgery, preparation, implant options, and recovery. Including links to orthopedic partner sites for additional in-depth information about specific technologies.
  • Forum: A thriving forum community where patients share their experiences with knowledgeable moderators and other patients. Our unique patient mentor program grooms post-operative patients to provide support to those considering or are about to undergo joint replacement surgery.
  • Clinics: The largest orthopedic clinic/medical center locator of its kind. Joint replacement candidates may find clinics in their area that utilize modern surgical methods and materials.

The goal of this website is to provide support and ease the apprehension of joint replacement surgery by providing an environment that specifically addresses the concerns of the joint replacement patient prior to, and after surgery.

BoneSmart.org is a worldwide educational resource accessed from many countries including United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, India, Ireland, South Africa, New Zealand, Spain, Philippines, Singapore, Germany, Malaysia, France, Pakistan, South Korea, Netherlands, Mexico, United Arab Emirates, Thailand, Italy, Saudi Arabia, Switzerland, Hong Kong, Nigeria, Japan, Indonesia, Sweden, Israel, Turkey, Egypt, Greece, Taiwan, Kenya, Poland, Belgium, Brazil, Norway, Portugal, Romania, Denmark, Austria, Bangladesh, Russia, Finland, China, Malta, Czechia, Cyprus and many more.

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