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BoneSmart®, founded in 2001, is the first online joint replacement patient engagement platform bringing awareness, education and emotional support to patients throughout their entire joint replacement journey.  We manage the anxiety, fear, and confusion patients experience both pre- and post-op, while providing trusted information to create an informed patient who is better able to partner with their healthcare team for a successful outcome.

A worldwide resource dedicated to raising awareness about the latest hip replacementknee replacement, and shoulder surgery options, BoneSmart fosters a supportive patient community through the world’s largest online joint replacement forum where members can share experiences, knowledge, and stories and talk to BoneSmart’s forum moderators about their specific needs.

BoneSmart, recognized as an award winning website for public awareness and patient advocacy, is part of the Foundation for the Advancement in Research in Medicine, Inc. (FARM), is a 501(c)(3) non-profit public benefit organization, supported by donations from individuals with limited underwriting from corporate partners.

The technological advances in implants, drugs and devices are improving at such a rapid rate that patients are challenged to find information to help educate them through their joint replacement journey. By connecting through the BoneSmart platform, other patients share their educational experiences, allowing the potential patient to be better educated and informed when discussing options with their surgeon.

Insights into the BoneSmart community can be found HERE.

The technological advances are improving at such a rapid rate that it is challenging to keep abreast of the changes. The BoneSmart® awareness program aims to change this by providing an Internet portal for awareness of the latest advances in joint replacement materials, their longevity and suitability for various applications. With this awareness and information the potential patient may be better informed when discussing options with his or her surgeon.

Tools that make the BoneSmart.org website unique:

  • Forum: A thriving and robust forum community where BoneSmart provides not only well needed information to dispel patients’ confusion but also provide that critical emotional support that abates their fear and anxiety.  The forum creates a one of kind community experience where patients share their journey with BoneSmart moderators and other patients. Our unique patient mentor program prepares a patient with their pre-operative and post-operative requirements to assist them in having the best experience possible.
  • Articles: A vast library of articles containing information and education on various types of joint replacements, pre-operative preparation, implant options, surgical techniques, and post-operative recovery tools, tips, and tricks..
  • Surgeon Locator: Joint replacement candidates can find surgeons in their area and gather necessary detail to determine which surgeon might be most qualified for them.

Insights into the BoneSmart community can be found HERE.

BoneSmart.org is a worldwide educational resource accessed from many countries including United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, India, Ireland, South Africa, New Zealand, Spain, Philippines, Singapore, Germany, Malaysia, France, Pakistan, South Korea, Netherlands, Mexico, United Arab Emirates, Thailand, Italy, Saudi Arabia, Switzerland, Hong Kong, Nigeria, Japan, Indonesia, Sweden, Israel, Turkey, Egypt, Greece, Taiwan, Kenya, Poland, Belgium, Brazil, Norway, Portugal, Romania, Denmark, Austria, Bangladesh, Russia, Finland, China, Malta, Czechia, Cyprus and many more.

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