Knee Replacement Patient Stories

Viola Davis, 66

Problem: Meniscal tear within her knee leading to osteo-arthritis. “I had done step aerobics to help control my weight for a long time. My doctor said I needed to stop the high-impact activities because I had torn my meniscus. Over time I developed arthritis and it slowly took away my mobility. Fear kept me away from knee replacement surgery, but once I had it done I wished I had done it sooner.”

Solution: Total knee replacement.

Barbara Flynn, 52

Problem: Severe osteo-arthritis of both knees. “The pain had got to the point where it was disturbing my sleep, it was disturbing my daily activities, climbing stairs was awful. The thought of going to an audition where I’d have to go up and down several subway steps and all that, I thought…oh I’ll just skip that audition.”

Solution: Total knee replacement of both knees.

Result: “As an actress in New York City you have to be able to bend, move and negotiate backstage, go up stairs, and do so gracefully and with confidence. And now I can.”

Dominick Semenza, 58

Problem: Osteo-arthritis of the knee. “Getting in and out of the car was very painful. Often my wife had to drive because I cound not operate the pedals. Stairs were a problem.”

Solution: Unicompartmental (partial) knee replacement.

Result: “I’m ecstatic, no pain. I kept my job and my norrmal activities are just as they were before I had the problem. My knee feels great. I am able to function totally on-the-job and I’m able to do work around the house.”

Coach Barry Alvarez

Problem: Eight years after a total knee replacement, Coach Barry began to experience pain in his other knee. The diagnosis was a failing meniscus.

Solution: Unicompartmental (partial) knee replacement.

Result: “If the pain in your knee affects your quality of life, if you can’t be as active as you would care to be…it’s time to take a look into a knee replacement. If you have the pain, take a look to see if you do qualify, and if you do, that’s the direction you need to go.”

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Knee Replacement Patient Comments

  • “I am about 3½ months out from my knee replacement surgery and my knee is no longer the first thing I think about each time I move! Wow, I didn’t think I would be able to say that!”full quote >>
  • “…went to PT and had good results. 8 minutes on the bike. Had a new exercise added…on trampoline. It did feel good to do something like running!” full quote >>
  • “…My [doctor] released me to go back to work, swim, bike or whatever after 12 days! My new knee is already far better than the old in just two weeks. I’m already doing things I haven’t done in years.” full quote >>
  • “…eight months ago I had my LTKR and today I played volleyball for the first time with my new knee. WOW…it performed GREAT! It felt just like my other knee.” full quote >>
  • “…my daughter caught me doing some random household thing, and said, ‘Mom, I can’t believe how you just moved your knees.’ I said, ‘YES, isn’t it great!'” full quote >>
  • “…the world has suddenly become a place of: driving a car, going out to dinner, shopping, and enjoying life again. Prior to [surgery] life wasn’t a lot of fun…I now feel alive again…” full quote >>
  • “I race stock cars and I raced Friday night for the first time since my BLTKR a year ago. I was so excited to get my life back.”
    full quote >>
  • “I am exactly three weeks post op and I am off to the store, walking everyday, doing housekeeping, enjoying my family and friends, and feeling sooo much better than before surgery.” full quote >>
  • “My Mother asks every morning what I ‘learned’ on the [BoneSmart forum]…I feel so much better every time I read through the threads.” full quote >>
  • “Part of recovery is the simple pleasure I get from just accomplishing a new milestone. I have not been able to walk upstairs/downstairs going leg over leg since September of 2008. It was such a joy this week to go up the stairs ‘normally’ without pain!” full quote >>
  • “I was with my walker in the kitchen today. I stopped to get a glass and without thinking turned and walked over to the fridge. My walker was 6-8 feet away. My wife’s mouth dropped open!” full quote >>
  • “Thanks for all of the information provided on this site! It has definitely helped me to know there are others with the same issues I am having, especially since my two knees have responded so differently!” full quote >>

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