BoneSmart® Trademark Licensing

…in today’s climate, more than ever before, companies must get involved with social issues in order to protect and enhance their reputations.” (2004 Cone Corporate Citizenship Study)

As a public service to enhance orthopedic wellness and patient awareness, the BoneSmart® website provides joint replacement surgery candidates product information and options. BoneSmart® is the consumer awareness program developed by The Foundation for Advancement in Research Medicine, Inc. (FARM), A Non-Profit Public Benefit Corp. 501 (c) 3.

BoneSmart Logo (2014)

The BoneSmart ‘flying angel’ icon is the official trademark of BoneSmart®. The icon has been modified from its original design to reflect modern style, usage and reproduction requirements.


Licensing BoneSmart® benefits your company in numerous ways, all of which result in increased sales for your product or service.

  • As a licensee, you are differentiating your products or services from other similar products and services on the market.
  • Your company is seen by consumers as endorsing the BoneSmart® mission.
  • Your products are uniquely identified with BoneSmart®
  • Royalties from the sales of your products and services directly impact the funding of educational symposiums and enhanced materials research for the orthopedic community.

The benefits go even further for BoneSmart® licensees…we recognize your company’s need to see a direct correlation between cause marketing, and your bottom line.

  • We give you direct access to the entire orthopedic community, including surgeons, medical centers and manufacturers. Wouldn’t you like them recommending your products and services to their patients?
  • Your company’s logo is displayed on the BoneSmart® website. This reinforces your standing as a licensee and supporter of our mission and will drive sales.
  • Inclusion in our electronic newsletter, name recognition at National and International conferences and a shared presence in the industry with our sponsors.

For further information on how you can become a BoneSmart® licensee, please download and complete our trademark licensing application and fax, email, or mail it to BoneSmart, 941 West Morse Blvd, #100, PMB 228, Winter Park, FL 32789.

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