Knee Implants

iTotal Knee System - ConforMIS

iTotal Knee System – ConforMIS

Multiple types of knee implants are available for different types of knee replacement, types of patients, and preferences of surgeons. Total knee replacement implants replace your arthritic or damaged knee joint eliminating bearing surfaces that are causing you pain. Based upon your age and lifestyle, there are several design options to choose from that will help you return to an active, enjoyable life. Partial knee replacement implants are smaller for just one side of a damaged knee joint but both surfaces, rather than the entire knee joint, or “resurfacing” just one of the surfaces. Partial knee resurfacing is an innovative procedure designed to improve the surgical outcome for patients with osteoarthritis in only one surface of the knee.
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Stryker Triathlon Knee

Knee Implants

Although a number of factors contribute to joint disease including genetics, developmental abnormalities, repetitive injuries and obesity, arthritis is the most common reason for knee implant surgery. A diagnosis of advanced osteoarthritis of the knee will indicate the need […]

Total Knee Replacement Implants

Total Knee Replacement Implants

A total knee replacement replaces your diseased knee joint with man-made components, eliminating the damaged bearing surfaces that are causing pain. A diagnosis of advanced osteoarthritis of the knee will indicate the need for total replacement of the knee […]

MAKO Bicompartmental Partial Knee Implant

Partial Knee Replacement Implants

Partial knee replacement (PKR) or resurfacing is necessitated when the arthritic damage to the joint is confined to one, two, or even three compartments of your knee: (1) Medial: the inner side of the joint next to the other […]

Microport Types of Knee Implants

Types of Total Knee Implants

Total knee replacement implants are not one-size-fits-all or even one-style-fits-all. Prosthetic implants vary greatly by design, fixation and materials. Your implant may be a fixed- or mobile-bearing implant; a PCL-retaining design or a PCL-substituting style. It may be fixed […]

knee replacement implant materials

Knee Replacement Implant Materials

The replacement knee joint is comprised of a flat metal plate and stem implanted in your tibia, a polyethylene bearing surface and a contoured metal implant fit around the end of the femur. The use of components made from metals […]

ConforMIS Customized Implant

Knee Implants: Customized and Personalized Options

In recent years, surgeons and implant manufacturers have endeavored to provide patients of every size with knee implants to fit their specific frame. […]

Knee Implants: The Importance of Fit

Standardized knee replacement implants come close to fitting the knee sizes of many people however there is some evidence that if the fit is off by as little as 3mm there may be painful side effects that persist after the […]

How long do hip implants last?

Durability of Knee Implants: How Long Do Knee Replacements Last?

In the 1960s and 1970s, most believed that total knee implants would last about 10 years. This was one of the reasons that knee replacement procedures were confined to older patients. As time passed, it became apparent that the great […]

Partial Knee Implant (image courtesy of ConforMIS)

Is the Plastic Used in Knee and Hip Implants Safe?

Every total knee replacement implant and many total hip replacement implants utilize ultra-high molecular-weight polyethylene (UHMWPE), a plastic, in their components. In knee implants, the tibial component is a flat metal platform with a polyethylene cushion and the patellar […]

Choosing a Knee Implant / Prosthesis

One of the most important things you will want to discuss with your chosen knee surgeon is the type of knee replacement prosthesis he or she will be implanting. There is most certainly no single  “best prosthesis” on the market. […]

How to choose a hip or knee replacement surgeon and prosthesis

You’ve decided you want hip or knee replacement surgery and now it’s time to choose a surgeon and decide what kind of implant is right for me. Or maybe you’re asking the question, “When will I be ready?” Hip or […]