Revision TKR Totally recovered at last!

I had a great long weekend and Thankgiving. Hope you did too.
But like most people it was not without its family and emotional stressors. I love the wall color. My bonus daughter has a very similar color on her family room walls.
@PegGar16 I do have my three daughters, 2 sons-in-law and a sister that I love. My dad is still alive but his mind is slipping more and more every day. Unfortunately he lives 3 and a half hours away and it's hard for me to drive down and back in the same day. He's allergic to my dogs and I would have to board them to stay over there and that's just too expensive right now. I call him every other day to talk to him. I'm definitely going to see him during the holidays and bring him a good meal.

I'm doing better with my 4 days off in a row!! I'm trying to stay awake all day because I have to be at work at 5 am. That means I have to be up by 330 345 at the latest.:thud:

I hope everyone has a great day and this week is a positive one for everyone. I'm very thankful for all of you here on this forum for your suggestions and words of encouragement. :friends:
I've taken it pretty easy this long weekend. I still have some pain in my knee, IT band, quad and my calf on either side of my shins. All the swelling is gone. I just took more Tylenol. I'm going to try to call to get a chiropractor on my lunch break tomorrow. There's one listed that says they are involved with sports medicine and they do massage. Does anyone know if this is what I'm looking for? I don't want this to turn into my PT experience of trying to 'get back to pro football' days. :scare:
When you finally get to speak to a chiropractor, be specific about what you need. Emphasize that you are recovering from a knee replacement and do not want athletic training.
Yes, tell them about the tkr and you don't want any rough massage. It might be a little uncomfortable at first since the muscles are tight, but shouldn't outright hurt.
Looking good!! Being involved in sports "back in the day" I agree. No rough stuff!
Give them the heads up on the TKR. Finally met the hands on, you've only got a certain amount of time PT yesterday. I had to literally tell him to back off. Well lets just try it one more time, my answer was NO.
Keep them informed.
My Chriropractor has medical massage , it it also a PT office . The massage has been part of my PT after a few weeks post op. It has helped immensely Just be sure they do know you have a replacement !
Thanks everyone. I'm writing down some questions now and looking up some names and phone numbers of chiropractors near to home or work. I hope everyone has a great night with lots of sleep!!
I've had a very long day. I didn't fall asleep until 11 pm my time and got up at 330 am to get ready for work. I left home a little after 4 to start work at 5 am! I am so not a morning person!! I finally got home again at 5 pm. My knee feels very warm to me. I've had my legs elevated with ice on my knee for 2 hours now. Fortunately my packs are still cold. My knee is painful as well as my lower log in the front on either side of my shin. I sent an email once again to the OS office asking to have an appt with my original orthopedic doc ( he doesn't do replacements anymore) . I once again told the office I need to see someone else because the OS and his nurse have not been helping me at all. I'll try to call at lunch tomorrow to talk to someone about this. I didn't go to there PT office because it would have cost me $45 a visit and I couldn't afford it. They do have a chiropractor associated with the office and I was able to make an appt with her for Wednesday afternoon. I work very close to that office and my insurance will cover the visits 100% for a certain number of visits that will reset January 1. I'm not sure if she can do anything about the pain in my knee. At least it's a start.

My oldest daughter called me this evening and she was crying on the phone. She had some strange feelings in her neck and shoulders and went to a chiropractor. She was told today that it looked like it was possible she could have MS. All she heard was 'I have MS'. I tried to calm her down the best I could. I just wished I lived closer to her. She was told to go to a neurologist and that they would probably only want a MRI now. I tried to tell her that this was not a diagnosis yet. My daughters were married in sept and October of 2014. Three weeks before the first wedding I was told by a gynecologist I had cancer. Long story short I didn't have cancer and I as so upset during their weddings and I couldn't/wouldn't tell either of them before their weddings. It took until the middle of December before it was decided I was absolutely fine. I reminded her of this story so she would understand that doctors 'practice' medicine. It is not a black/white type of science. I offered to help her find a doc and told her I would go with her if she wanted me to. Sometimes I get very angry with doctors making these pronouncements without total proof!! I just want to hug her and make it better like when she was a little girl. I told her that Kevin ( her wonderful husband) and I will be there all the way along with her sisters and her extended family on both sides.
Oh Marian, my heart goes out to your daughter. MS is a diagnosis of elimination - I went through this scare myself. I was sitting at my desk at work and experienced left sided numbnes, lost the strenght in my left hand and left leg. I also lost my hearing in the left ear. So began the diagnosis of elimination -what it could not be. No, I did not have a stroke. I have had so many neurological workups. The numbness went away, the leg slowly regained strength and I got most of my grip back. My hearing is about half and half in the left ear. I could trace my 5th trigeminal nerve exactly across my face. LOOONNNGGG story short, it was decided to just wait it out and see if I had another "episode" since the side effects of the MS drugs are not good. MS is a scary diagnosis and I remember the feeling of being told I may have it. I, like you, kept it a secret from my mother and daughter. It was excruciating to go through, but thank the good Lord, I had a wonderful husband and a great neurologist. Tell your daughter that there are MANY things that can cause MS like symptoms - MANY. Don't lose heart and don't let one doctor make the diagnosis. If she does have MS, there are wonderful therapies that can sustain and improve her life. She is in my prayers - as is the mother that loves her so.
@Timetolive Thank you so much for your kind words. She's only 30 years old and to her she thinks of this as a death sentence. I just hope I got through to her. I would gladly take her place in a heartbeat. It makes my knee hurting seem so insignificant. My mom ( her grandma) is in heaven and I occasionally ask her to intervene for me with the Lord. I'm sure she's already on it!
Some docs love to do this. While getting my pre-op exams my GP took a look at my chest X-rays. I was sitting across from his desk as he looked at the X-rays on his computer. A funny look comes across his face and he says, "that could be a cancer" and orders a ct scan. I had just taken the morning off work and cried the whole way to school. Like you all, I didn't tell my mom or sister. After the ct scan I'm waiting to hear from the gp's office, but nothing! Finally, I call and they say it was scar tissue from a broken rib, I never had a broken rib, but I have had pneumonia. So I worried about cancer and if having part of my lung cut out would mean postponing the TKR. Lots of worry for nothing.
So I hope your daughter doesn't worry too much and hopefully there'll be another less serious explanation.
Oh, you dear sweet thing, what a lot you've had on your plate! I'm sorry I've not been on much lately. Its been a crazy couple of weeks and not over yet! Anyway, my heart goes out to you and your daughter. I agree with Janis/ timetolive. Take a breath and refocus. Hugs to you for now. Keep us posted on your daugnter. Nothong hurts as much as seeing our children go through tough times.

As for you, my friend, you have a platter full! Superwoman! With a TKR and working a hard schedule and a tough job for anyone in perfect health! Give yourself a break and try to work that schedule to your advantage as much as possible. I pray that a chiro is THE answer for you!

So glad that you've spent time resting, icing and elevating for a few days. Your TKR probably thanks you!
Take care and know that you have many friends right here all the time for you.:friends:
For someone to say MS for strange feeling in neck and shoulders is nuts. Wait for all the testing and evals before saying that. Hopefully it is just a pinched nerve or stress. You and your family are in my prayers.

PS: I had awful pain in my neck and shoulders that was fixed with a breast reduction (true but trying to make you laugh).
Plus, it was a chiropractor saying this, with no other diagnostic tools. I'm praying your daughter doesn't worry too much about this. Is she calling her GP or seeing a neck/back specialist next?
@PegGar16 She is fairly well-endowed too! She's not ready for a joke but I'll use that at the first moment I can!!
It could be MS from a chiropractor? Pfft...they do not have the skills or diagnostic tests available to them to make a seriously grave statement like that to your daughter. That poor girl, I am sure she is a wreck!! I think everything you have told her is spot on, but so hard not to worry. I am so sorry this has all been such a rough time. You are in my thoughts and prayers.
It could be that the chiropractor suggested the problem could be caused by a number of things, such as a pinched nerve, MS, etc - and your daughter's mind focussed on the MS. It's so easy to think only of what seems to be the worst case scenario.
My husband just went through a battery of neurological tests and all came back okay. My niece faced it a couple of years ago. The waiting is so difficult.Wishing your daughter well during all of this.

As for your knee, I am starting to see the outline of swollen tendons and ligaments in my knee. Moral of the story: I am still experiencing swelling when I thought it was resolved. Sure hope you get some help soon from your OS office. How frustrating to not get your questions answered! Do you think your knee adapting some to the added activity of work? I will be interested to see if a chiropractor helps with your pain.

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