TKR Recovery #2

That later pic looks so much better! That first one did look a bit frightening. Maybe it is the angle when you take it yourself.

Glad you are seeing your surgeon soon and it probably will be gone by then.....
Hope you feel better soon!
Its been so long since I've had an adult beverage that the first one will have me on the ground!
AC is a lifesaver at times! Predictive text has gotten me in trouble!
Hi, I have truncal lymphedema and I know from lymphatic massage that you can get rebound swelling as the fluid moves. This might be the reason you have a mushroom top. It should go down. You are doing great !
Thanks, I hope it goes down. I wrapped the knee in an ace type bandage today hoping that will help compress it some. Not tighly. Loose at top and bottom.
A mushroom top LOL perfect description when I'm standing!
Oh beachy, you know I sympathize with the swelling battle. It’s so frustrating and uncomfortable, I know. Sorry you are dealing with this. If it’s anything like mine, it will let up when it’s good and ready. Although let’s hope yours improves much more quickly than mine did! You know what to do…ice, elevate, rest, gentle movement, blah blah blah. The compression sleeve did help me a lot…I’m just now pretty much weaned off of it. I’m down to wearing it just when riding my horse or taking an extra long walk. But it was a big help for swelling. And you might consider seeing a massage therapist. I know you’ve been doing your own, which is GREAT! But until you’ve had a highly skilled professional spend an entire 60 minutes on your one little leg moving that swelling along and easing all that discomfort…you haven’t lived! :wink:
Its been so long since I've had an adult beverage that the first one will have me on the ground!
Beachy, I was taking Tylenol and ibuprofen for quite some time after surgery and I didn’t want to destroy my liver by also drinking alcohol. I remember one evening saying to my husband, “I’d crawl through broken glass for some red wine right now”! It was soooo nice when I finally didn’t need the drugs anymore and could have a nice glass of wine while we watched a show. Hopefully you’ll be ready to make a toast too before long! :cheers:
Wah wah wah....I'm a bit whiny at this point. Want my life back. As I knew it!
I only took Tylenol once yesterday. Needed hydrocodone last nite.
Like you, I really don't want to have an angry liver in addition to an angry ham! So I will abstain for awhile:angel:
Tomorrow is first post op checkup. I'll be 8 weeks on Wed. Really hope I see the doc and not the PA.
Yesterday I started wrapping the knee in Ace bandage. Not tight, but enough to give some compression. And its looser around top and bottom of knee.
Walked the beastlet for 15 min today. Dork that I am, I set the timer on my phone for 10 min to turn around. Ran out of street at 7-8 min so turned around and came back. Hope to move this swelling away.
Will give it another go later. Maybe.

Still dealing with swelling and tightness. Only have some pain at night. About a 3.

Will ask doc about massage tmrw. And pedicure. And swelling. And how bad the knee was pre op. Should be interesting.
I know my flex is good. When sitting in a chair I can bend knee so foot is well under chair.
Haven't been to PT in 1 week....last Monday.
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I hope you whine plenty at the dr’s. I think it’s good for them to be aware of how hard this recovery is!
Good luck at your appointment tomorrow, Beachy. I'm sorry you are dealing with this extra swelling and pain. Sometimes these Drama Queen knees have minds of their own and it's hard to figure out why they are acting up. Hopefully all will resolve with time. :flwrysmile:
Thanks, @Susie-Q
I think its mostly a case of my expectations for 7 1/2 weeks.
Read my 7-8 week thread from last tkr and it was pretty much the same.
I'm sure sure it will resolve itself soon.
Actually having a pretty good day aside from stiffness, swelling. Just jinxed it LOL
I'll be thinking of you tomorrow @beachy. My 7 week appointment is on Wednesday. I went for my "personal PT" session today at the Y. I did 18 mins on the bike and 10 mins on the reclining elliptical machine. A little stretches (no one pushing on my leg :) ) followed it up with a 20 min ice therapy session on my Dr Lounge. pain level about 2-3 minimal swelling now.
Good luck for your appointment tomorrow! Hope you see the surgeon and get any questions answered. Hope swelling settles soon.
I think it might be a recumbent bike. Just like an elliptical, only you are seated.
Tomorrow is 8 weeks.
Today was my first check up.
I was a bit worried since I've only been to PT 5 times. Really didn't want to hear the PT blah blah.
Doc glanced at my ROM, never measured. Told me keep working on extension. WHEW! That was easy! He never mentioned PT or lack of.
Xrays looked great, according to him, I never saw them. Puckery, swollen area at top of incision is due to new kind of long lasting stitches on inside. Ok, whatever. It will go away.
Ok to drive, get a pedicure, do whatever I want. 6 weeks more then telephone appt.
Easy peasy, 10 min appt.

So, this is how it goes when you follow the Bonesmart way.
I will go to the new PT appt on Friday because I think they will help with the swelling. And I can drive myself there!

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