Op was off - and then on again!

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He has one somewhere.....it may take a little more work, but in the end your health and well-being are definitely worth it!!
So great news he is off on the sick(well not good news for him of course :blush:) so I saw a very nice young man who was the same age as me it took 20 minutes to take my medical history giving him only 10 minutes to look at my knee measure my bend and tell me what he wanted me to do!
So my bend is 55 degrees so thats gone up 10 in nearly 5 weeks :(
He gave me a load of exercises and told me to avoid weight bearing until I see the consultant and I have to go back to physio next week.
His boss is the surgeon. Get him on side and he will tell the physio what not to do!
Thanks Jo I think the guy I saw today was that worried about doing any damage to do to me today that may ring my surgeon,he didn't have a clue what to do with me :(
Natalie, I am really concerned that they are pushing you to do too much too soon. I don't know anything about knees, so I don't understand if there are things you need to do to prevent scar tissue from forming. Would it be possible for you to wait on some of the exercises until more of your swelling and inflammation have been reduced? It seems like your case is unique, and I don't want them to be causing you harm.
He did say yesterday that he was worried too about how much I should be doing he said there could be at least 10 different sets of exercises and he was only give g me half of them to do a couple of times of day but I did them like he said yesterday and I have been in agony all night so it obviously is too much I think the best thing I can do is try and workout how much I can do without putting myself in so much pain.
He didn't know anything about our disease Rebecca :( so we spent most of the time me explaining it,do you I'm very tempted to start carrying details about it around with me!
He was very very dubious about doing any physical work with me.
I really need to wait now to see my surgeon and see what definetly happened in surgery and how he feels recovery should be.
I know Martha had the same problems so it seems a TKR on a SC knee certainly follows a certain pattern.
How are you doing xx
So yesterday was the first day in 2 weeks I have had any visitors my husband has been under so much pressure to look after me and the kids cook meals iron make pack lunches etc as well all the heavy housework and working 5am till 3 pm shifts 5 days a week,he is a fishmonger and despite all my family most of his and friends living 5 minutes away no one has offered to visit or help not even an offer of a shopping trip neither one of us drives!
So yesterday was his day off so bless his heart he is mopping hoovering putting washing out and I'm doing the small tasks when I friend comes for a brew now this friend had varicose vein surgery a week ago so I can totally understand her not coming she has had enough on her plate!So we settled down for a brew and to swap op stories when sister in law arrives now she doesn't work has a car and is a full time mum to 3 that are all at school and she had come from the supermarket!so my husband did it not cross your mind to ask if we needed anything,she just replied with thought you would be managing!
Then lo and behold my other friend turns up not to see me though to see my friend who was here had just had the veins done!
They all then went on and on about how poorly I looked and why did I look so tired and pale!
So I said you want to try being in pain like this barely sleeping not being able to go to the toilet more than on e a week!
They were a bit gobsmacked and after leaving they sent the rest of the day texting me talking to me on the Internet insisting I rest more etc,not so easy when you have a household to run 2 kids to look after and no support from friends and family!
Sorry for the moan but it makes me so upset!!!
Know the feeling Natalie. They just don't have a clue! Glad you can come here for some support. You take care!
So sorry, Natalie, I'd like to throttle those so-called friends for you. How could they have no manners? That husband of yours is a keeper! I wish you the best, and know that somehow you will get through this. We are all here anytime you need a shoulder!

rtkr 6/1/10
I know he is an absolute star and I do not know what I would do without him :)

I just think they are so wrapped up in there own lives and they can't understand how poorly I have been and how rough it's been.

Your support means so much to me xxxxxxxxxx:yrk::flwr::gphg:
Natalie, It is amazing to me how clueless some people are. I am really glad you spoke up! I don't have many friends who have had surgery and those that have had outpatient procedures with quick recoveries. Joint replacement is not that! It is a very long recovery, and you are still early in the recovery process.

Is there an older teenager, a college student, a mother with kids in school, or a retired woman you could hire to help out for a little while? A lot of the mothers I know would love to work a few hours a week around the kids' schedule, but it's almost impossible to find that sort of thing. If that would be too expensive, maybe you could work out some kind of barter arrangement. You could fulfill your part of the barter after you've recovered.

I hate that friends or others you and your family know haven't stepped up to help. Another possibility -- I don't know how it is in the UK, but here high school students, scouts, and teenagers in church groups have to perform a certain number of volunteer hours. If you could get the word out, maybe you could get some help this way. I sure wish I lived close to you and could do something myself!
Aw Rebecca thank you so much huni xxxx

I have a 16 year old brother who is only in part time college who I have suggested comes and helps me out for a bit of extra pocket money but he isn't interested :skp:The kids are doing as much as they can for us bless them and I am learning to do chores from chairs :DI cleaned the bathroom from my shower chair yesterday I also managed to put some washing in the machine and I moved the basket with my crutches and put the wet stuff in the dryer and the rest on an airer :thmb:

I'm just having sandwiches for my lunch and Scott is putting them in a lunch box and I carry them in a bag to the table or the couch!I can make breakfast from my perching stool and the kids carry it through before they go to school.

It's the weekend they aren't here that I struggle a bit but we will get by I have dropped every hint possible now even told my mum about me smashing a cup of tea this morning and she asked how I managed that and I said it was because I was tring to carry it on my crutches and my knee buckled and I dropped it and she said oh I didn't realise you weren't able to walk without them yet!:doh:

To be honest I'm past caring now!

I'm hoping we are over the worst now and the next few weeks will get easier xxx
Oh Natalie, I hope you can get some help! Is your mum nearby to come and help you any? I wish I lived near you, I'd come help you during the day when my kids are in school....... :sigh:
Oh, Natalie...... I just want to give you a big ole hug........... :cnsl:
Natalie, I am so sorry that you have relatives who don't understand! I have been very fortunate. Tell your Mom that you would appreciate it if she could come by and maybe help with getting groceries.
Sorry about what you have been going through Natalie. I have had my 2 surgeries outside of my hometown, without parents and siblings and it can be very hard, even if they are around.

I realize we live almost different worlds, but have a couple of suggestions. One would be to call the grocery store manager where you regularly shop, and see if there is someone who does deliveries. There's bound to be someone who may be doing that for someone else, maybe an older person etc on a regular basis.

Anyone to bring in to cook a few meals a week? Also maybe someone to come in and clean once a week or every two weeks. Otherwise I'd just let the house go until you can find some help. Just ask your kids to pick their things up in the mean time. Know that's hard to do too. I realize this may not be financially feasible as I know cost of living is high these days with raising kids and the economy.

Also maybe a friend is a member of a church that can do meals, where parishioners plan dinner time meals for a week or two and bring them to you?

Just some thoughts. Don't be scared to ask for help.

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