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Really sorry to hear this,@Legin , that's so disappointing for you. It must be very disheartening. Did she give you any indication of what else could be done? Or is is just another few months wait and see? But combined with whatever else is bothering you, that's a real bummer. Really sorry, old chap.
Oi lessof the old a distinguished antiquitie. Its still only 60% chance of full recovery. Aye other stuff ah well tiz life. Ty tho I appreciate your good wishes.

Legin THR Sep 14
:rofsign:I'm much more antique than you! My age is wrong in the profile. Can't seem to change it . I'm actually 64 ! So you are only really a young whipper snapper!
Fed up with silly cough and cold. Couldnt face cooking yesterday which for me is rare. During night crunched 3 fishermans friends at same time. Mushroom cloud out of each ear. But did work for a wee while. Oh for non uk readers fishermans friends are v v v strong lozenges for colds. I wouldnt steal a fishermans friend he might keel haul me.

Legin THR Sep 14
@Legin that cold and cough must be really bothering you. Are the antibiotics working at all? I have no other advice except sit it out and rest and go back to your GP if it doesn't improve. I still have catarrh from the one I had recently. Why can't they find a cure for them! I remember the Fisherman's Friends from when I was a kid along with Imps. FFs are made in Fleetwood Lancashire not that far from me.

Take care I hope you feel better soon
Whoot whoot not a fellow Perinite @copsham and now im chortling @susanne face if she is reading this. What the dickens is a Perinite. Well as many things a Leginism but based on old comedy programe the main character Reggie Perrin would apply mental pics to people and situations. Hmmmm mental pics of me probably more pythonesque tho.
A better night spent most of night sat up due to silly cough. But slept on and off so deff think I have turned the corner. Counting down to see consultant next week going to ask his opinion re work.

Legin THR Sep 14
Hi Legin, That cough! One thing I hate and is exhausting is a cough that sets in and won't go away. I have tried every medicine and alternative remedy over the years but it seems that time is the healer (a bit like a hip op really).

Have you changed your pain meds? Your writing style has changed a bit?!!!

I am retried (oops retired) but had been doing bits of sessional work pre op. I said I would keep in touch but it has taken me nearly 4 weeks before I had the mental space to make contact. It is a strange process.

Will you go back to your old employment? Will it be safe re the challenges, lifting etc? Can you go back part time? Be careful, you have not had it easy so far!
Sheeeeeesh spanish inquisition oooops still being pythonesque. Writting style I downloaded a better keyboard as thumb kept hitting full stop key. I have worked nearly all my life with challenging behaviour apart for 6years when i had a business. I really like it yes might get hit but these are often the ones others dont want to work with so how can i not. Its the moving and handling bit thats a problem as silly foot means im not the steadiest esp when linked with my bal problem. I have retrained brain re balance but foot is my wall.
I visit work every month or so. New manager there almost had a heart attack when i stood outside service users room and announced T.......... (name) get thos lips ready im coming in. She is a depressive her daughter said she hasnt laughed so much in ages. Luckily too daughter stood up for me with new manager. I just said seeee all you have heard about me its all TRUE

Legin THR Sep 14
I really hope you get back to work as it is what you want. I can picture you working with the most challenging, bet you are brilliant. That foot though - its a pain. Do you have to go through Health and Safety at work hoops before you get back?
All the best
Oh im sorry @susanne as to thinking will ma big apple friend understand I often think that. Its a good way for me to check my typing well when I remember.
Ok bit better sleep yaaaaaaay. Youngest daughter is coming today we will walk the dogs and do as we do talk and chortle.
Had dropped meds but recently other hip is making me think about it. Drs and consultant next week and seeing head of physio for assessment on foot hope swelling on quad goes before then well in fact whole lower leg as well. Have a grand weekend.

Legin THR Sep 14
Hope your appointment with consultant goes well. There has got to be some answers re foot!!! We all have to be so patient .... what a test it is.

A question for you. I am sure you are the only person I know, who would have an answer for this, from my 4 yr old grandson "Why do sausages come from flamingos?" the answer from him "Cos they are pink" !!
Have a good weekend and hope the sun shines on you!

24.gif I thought this was a good representation of me trying to sleep on my back!!
Chortle at wee rep. Errr re grandson can see conecttion but how he did conection hmmmmmmmm 4 yr old mind make what is to them obvious links but to us unreal. My youngest was v much a why and what's that 4yr old. She was also a black belt at stating at what she saw was the obvious. Luckily she has learned to at times keep quiet till later.
Sometimes I feel like attacking this silly leg foot with a chainsaw it was swollen well more than usual so much so that swelling on foot feels like a loose plaster cast when walking. Quads are not happy either. Hey ho tiz life. I hope all have a truly fantastic weekend

Legin THR Sep 14
@Legin, sorry that foot is more swollen and quads are playing up. I hope that your appointments go well next week. You need some answers. Take care and have a good weekend.
Tyi feel bad moaning when others are worse off so kicked my self up the rear. Sorry

Legin THR Sep 14
@Legin, don't apologise you have every right to moan. Your leg is stopping you doing things you enjoy and getting back to work. Sometimes a moan helps.
Good morning @Legin . Do hope your foot is behaving and you are having a much better day. Huge thunder & lightning storm here last night. Lots of rain too. As if I needed anything else to keep me awake! :tiredwheel:
Have a good healing day and take care
Oh errr mornimg @Sudibar yeah im fine never normaly down and if I am I usee to go to my thinking rock but at about 250 metres up the hillnits out of reach. Well could get to it but coming down could ne the ooooooopsie

Legin THR Sep 14
Your thinking rock sounds so lovely. Must be really frustrating to be so near yet so far. This whole hip process is so much more unpredictable that I thought. We all seem so different in our responses. I am very grateful to Bonesmart, without it I would not know what to expect, how to react etc as the support from the system is really minimal!
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