THR Hi! Post THR recovery

@JohnWilky sounds like you're doing well, hope you had a nice Christmas and wishing you a Happy New Year!.
Happy New Year to you, JW!
Many blessings to you in 2023. You've been a pleasure to communicate with over the past couple years and I hope you continue to enjoy improvement through this new year. Cheers! :happy-new-years-toast-smiley-emoticon:
Happy New Year @JohnWilky
Hope the New Year treats you well.

I was going to quit all my bad habits for the new year, but then I remembered that nobody likes a quitter.
A belated happy New Year, and cheers to another year of improvements!
Hey up Hipsters coming up on the horizon is my 2 year anniversary ( March 1 2021)
I won’t bore everyone with the past ,it’s well documented if you’re interested.
I,m still aching , but then I,m gyming almost every day , I,m also playing a good game of football every Saturday afternoon although I,m rubbish and the lads kindly give me space and time ,generally not even tackling me .
It’s very important although some may say fool, it encourages me to keep as fit as possible which helps with my other concern early stage Parkys, and the social aspect the same .

So in trying to hold back the sands of time a little aching after sitting or sleep is probably the norm for a 69 year old.I,m very lucky otherwise still as trim and lungs working great ( touch wood)

A question would be when would the aching in lower back & around new bit become a sign that there is something amiss ? Also I,m believing that the Parkys is having something to do with it .

Overall though feeling great ( aside the norm ) give up road and treadmill running but feel comfortable on the cushioned artificial grass surfaces.Can do more or less what I could pre hip gripes , so feel I can say so far my new hip has been a success.Take no medication for any pain or for Parkys in fact , but I can see the latter is catching up.

So good luck everyone wishing all a decent outcome .
Lower backache could be result of possibly lifting something incorrectly or standing in one place for too long? Certainly not a doctor, but every once in awhile if I stand too long in one spot I'll get lower back spasm. Were more frequent a few months ago, not so much now.
All my best, sounds like overall you are doing great.
It sounds like you're doing well overall, JW. Staying busy, making use of your gym membership and enjoying your weekly game of football. Yes, most of us do experience more stiffness as we age. Have you ever thought of incorporating a weekly or bi-weekly massage into your self care regimen? It will likely help with any joint and muscle stiffness or rigidity you're experiencing now or in the future. Something to consider...

Thanks for stopping by and an early Happy TWO Year Anniversary to you! Take good care!
Woke up this morning feeling fine,
There was one thing on my mind,
Why is my 2 y old new hip still aching after all this time, oh yea ,whoooa
Something tells me its ok and I,m doin fine.

I only stretch for a minute or two,
But least I can bend and reach my shoe.
No way I could that before
And now I can get up off from the floor.

( Herman’s Hermits )
Or try yoga in the mix. Lots of football and baseball players do yoga. I live on the oregon coast and a lot of surfers do to!
Cheers I, So I’ve tried Yoga and found really tricky and boring too, I just havnt got the patience, it’s amazing how difficult it is to reach the techniques required . But yes I will look for a class and give it another go.
Good luck , stay well.
Hi JW! :wave:
Maybe you and the little Mrs should go enjoy a relaxing couples massage together and see if it helps ease any tightness or discomfort. You may just like it! I hope you have a great Thursday and weekend!
Hello everyone firstly best wishes to alll newcomers with the hope every bit is working pain free, and to veteran hippies the same good luck.

For me ( more importantly) hehe , having a bit of trouble, read above please if you have nothing better to do here.

2 year old new hip been playing up recently after a really good recovery in which I was able to visit gym regularly. Have to give gym a miss 3 weeks now , and although the break has improved matters slightly , the hip is not as it was pre 3 weeks ago.

Briefly…… I can feel it , not excruciating in any way , just a bad feeling that I have to be careful just in case it gives way. Slight ache in bed , and a tenderness on touch of the outside tissue , nothing too painful.

Of course I,m afraid something has gone amiss , and asking for anyone who has experienced a revision , how did it occur , feel, basically the symptoms.

I know you will all say get to docs , but UK is not as easy under our struggling NHS waiting time . I can walk absolutely fine but feel it niggly across groin area and I will continue refrain from exercise until hopefully improves.

A silly note though , post reasonable exercise the hip and surroundings feel much better but achy relived by icing , so I’m hoping its muscular.

A real shame because I have felt marvellous, hopefully hippies will be able to forward some good advice, naturally I’m terrified at the notion of revision.

That’s it folks thxs in advance
I know you will all say get to docs , but UK is not as easy under our struggling NHS waiting time . I can walk absolutely fine but feel it niggly across groin area and I will continue refrain from exercise until hopefully improves.
Sadly, I do understand this as I’ve read it many times here on the forum. How about you get on a list, or start the process so you can have this checked out. Possibly even consider an opinion from another surgeon if you don’t, or didn’t have complete faith in yours.

I do understand that you’ve been engaging in a lot of the activity that you were involved in before it became apparent you needed a THR. Honestly though, I always get the feeling that you have reservations about your THR and recovery and wish you could receive answers to all of your questions. I am wondering if sometimes you are finding it difficult to sort out what involvement your early stage Parkinson’s may be playing in any of this. IF a revision became necessary, there is no time like the present. I am not saying I suspect you need a revision, because I have no idea, but if you do, you are as young and healthy as you‘ll likely ever be, so please address any concerns now so you’re able to lead the full active life you want and deserve.

I always enjoy hearing from you, JW. Your posts and humor bring a smile and usually a few chuckles. I want to see you thriving and happy and wish only the best for you!
Thanks Layla as ever you’re a true angel x

Of course rather annoyingly you are spot on with common sense, I was very pleased with the surgeon just the after care / check ups were no existent unfortunately.
Just been for a short walk and experienced some annoying aches , similar to what I had at the 18 month , which I cracked by glute exercises, I may go down that route post my resting period and see what happens.

Re Parkys it maybe no coincidence that my shakes are left sided same as new hip , tbf I havnt spoke to anyone/ expert who has any evidence re the two issues.

Sorry for posting my grumps , hopefully any action mentioned will be of some help to other hipsters.

Have a nice day everyone , meanwhile got a lot of kneeling to do next weekend ……….not !!!!!
I recently went through a problem with my left after 5 years. Of course the thoughts always go to a problem with the implant. I went for a visit with my OS and x-rays which calmed my fears and assured me it was old muscles that I damaged. Ice and rest and it all settled down and maybe I won't strain them again. I'm sure with ice and rest yours will calm down and you'll be back where you were. Unfortunately, I find that injuries seem to take their toll and never fully go away, even some from years back seem to come back to haunt me now.
Thxs E for that encouraging comment , I know I pushed it a little but nothing that I thought was OTT .

I don’t have any particular sharp pain , just annoying achy enough to curtail any of my gym work.I don’t know the difference between pain and aches .

Daft as it sounds on the resumption of exercise the problem seems to aliviate , I really need to exercise as much as allowed to help with my Parkys , my only dopamine replacement vehicle atm ( another story )
I’ve had to stop playing my football , but as soon to be 70 year old it’s hardly surprising,I’ve had a good run.

So I’ll go with rest and ice for a while , then hopefully a safe gradual return to exercise.

Thxs again , good luck .
Oh boy, I'm sorry to read this latest update. You have already received the advice I would have offered so wont bore you with repeating the same.
I do wish you could get an exam from one of your doctors, but it does sound to me to be muscular/soft tissue.
I'm wondering about any back pain that you may suffer from? That can give you some aches and weakness in your leg when walking. Just a though.
Exercise for Parkys is indeed important, can you refresh my memory, do you go to a PT for help with exercising? It would be interesting to get their opinion, also. A good massage of your back and leg muscles just might do the trick for you also.

Hang in there! It might literally be a "hitch" that leaves one day, never to know the cause.
Thanks Cricket , I didn’t ignore your valuable advice , just that getting a caring ,experienced sports and hip related masseur is not easy around these parts .
I will endeavour to make an appt in the near future.
Re back pain I do indeed experience get a little lower back , but nothing you wouldn’t accept for a rapidly decaying old codger like oneself.
I do visit Physio now again ( not for 12 month) she gave me exercises to improve my glutes , when I’ve rested .
I will keep everyone updated , can hear them holding a breath.
Good luck everyone.

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