Bilateral THR Aug.18 - a success!

@CricketHip and @Readysetgo, I'm sorry I forgot to come back and answer your posts. The repipe is all done, and my hot water heater is excellent. What a relief! I forget the name of my hip, @CricketHip. I think it's a Dupuy sp? with a poly liner. I have a ceramic hip and a titanium stem. I have it written on this thread somewhere.

@Readysetgo, Those fires were close, but we were okay. It was really intense. This rain we've been having is wonderful. Yes, Dr. Matta and I had a great mental connection. I love doctors. I can relate well to them. He's also such a good teacher, and I taught for thirty years. I love teachers, too.

I decided to go to a ballet class on Friday. It felt like I was becoming senile, which I don't want. Ballet is so good for the mind. There was a master guest teacher from Russia teaching. It was a really good class. I feel so much more like myself again. I would like to go regularly, but I'm not going to do anything that causes strain. I'm basically just marking it. No jumps or forced hip rotation. I dance like I'm 85, and teaching. It was still really fun. I felt younger and happier after being around the young dancers. The live music was uplifting, too.

I also am able to tap dance now. That was my first love. I do it really lightly. I don't want to jar anything, so I don't stomp or stamp. It feels great. So freeing and expressive. I'm learning a piece of choreography by Gene Kelly danced to Frank Sinatra. It's perfect. He did it when he was older, and so was Frank. Nice and Easy Does It is the name of the song, which I think is appropriate. (after this surgery.) I was invited to an audition in February. I'm working on the material.

I am still doing yoga and pilates at night before bed. It feels really good. I don't have any pain. I've made a conscious effort to only be around positive people, and to avoid negativity and pressure to follow the crowd. I was just rereading some of my thread, and it was fun to remember everything. Everyone here was so nice and helpful. Thank you again for all you have done. I wish everyone and healthy and happy recovery!
@Hip Hip Hooray! - Wonderful to hear from you! It's great that you don't have any pain anymore. Neither do I, thankfully. It's hard to believe I endured that awful pain for years! I love that you are still dancing - Easy Does It sounds fun. And daily yoga and pilates? - you are taking excellent care of yourself. Plus going back to ballet class sounds great. I work out on my own at home, but coincidentally this morning had a craving to do a yoga or dance class. I like working out on my own but as a former dancer, do miss the camaraderie of others in a class. Live music would be lovely as well. And a big congrats to you on getting invited to that audition in February! Best of luck! I hope your Etsy business is going well, too! :flwrysmile:
Hi @Readysetgo, So pleased to hear from you! I'm so glad that you no longer have any pain. It's amazing to feel the difference, isn't it? I didn't realize I could feel this good. I think I always had some discomfort due to the hip dysplasia that I wasn't aware that I had.

I know what you mean about the camaraderie of others in a ballet class. It's really nice. The music and having a master teacher is so inspiring. My Etsy shop is doing well, and I really enjoy it. Thanks for asking. Hope all is well with you. Would love to hear your news. Take care.
@Hip Hip Hooray! - I am so glad to hear your Etsy shop is doing well! I am so impressed that you just forged ahead and made a wonderful business doing what you love. It is truly inspiring. I am still working with little kids diagnosed with autism in their homes. I do love the work but sometimes have a craving to either work from my own home (like you) somehow or work in a center for autism so I wouldn't be traveling so much and would have the company of other therapists. I like the independence of what I do but it can also feel isolating mostly working on my own, plus if a client cancels, we often don't get paid. On the other hand, I do like the people in my company. I just don't see them enough! I may update my resume soon and see where that can go....
I hope that your February audition goes really well. If you get a chance to post about it, I'd love to hear how it went! By the way, I love your cute sheep soap avatar. It is soap right? It kind of looks good enough to eat - like white chocolate. Very pretty and unique!
Hi @Readysetgo, Thank you for the encouragement. PinkCottageSoaps is really fun, but it's an unpredictable income. I feel like I need a few streams to feel more secure. Today I applied for a job as a shuttle driver for three of the car dealers here in town. It's part time, pays $12.00 an hour, and it's local. I live a very simple lifestyle, so I could live on that amount. The dealerships are really nice hotels. They provide a brand new car with GPS, so I wouldn't have to put too many miles on my car. It seems pretty easy and low stress. My hips could handle, it, too.

I think one of the biggest challenges of this surgery is finding work after it's done. Many of us have to change careers. I will meet with the ballet company director soon and see what she has in mind. I think it's great that you are going to update your resume. I know what you mean about feeling isolated. The dance classes help me with social connections. That's so important. I hope you find the right solution.

Yes, that sheep on my avatar is one of my soaps. I bought some really pretty new molds. They are so detailed. I love them. Thank you for the compliment. I agree; they do look edible.
@Hip Hip Hooray! Did you meet with the ballet director yet? If so, how did it go? And did the shuttle driver job come through? That sounds like a pleasant and interesting job! I have a friend who works at the local library. When I tell her I envy the peacefulness of her job, she reminds me it doesn't pay well. I like my job working with autistic kids but it can be very stressful (and noisy!) sometimes. I haven't updated my resume yet. It's still on the to do list. I need to take a deep breath and just do it if only to have it ready if something interesting comes along. I think I am going to find a yoga class. Haven't been to a yoga class with other people in years! Didn't you teach yoga? Do you ever think of doing that again? Anyway, I hope your job searches are going well. And have a wonderful weekend!
Hi @Readysetgo, The audition for the ballet director went well. She is doing some productions in 2017, and she wants me to help her with choreography, promoting, etc. I think it will be really fun, and it won't my hips. She asked me if I could do fan kicks, but I said declined. I just don't want to take any chances. I didn't get the job as a driver, but that's okay. I had kind of a bad feeling about doing wouldn't have used my talents. My heart wasn't in it. I'm real happy making and selling the soaps, the hand knits, I've started blogging. I feel like a need a few streams of income. I'm sorry to hear that your job is so stressful. I can imagine. Good luck with the new resume. Yes, I used to teach yoga. I guess I could start doing that again. I'm not sure how many people would hire a teacher my age, but you never know. I hope you find a good yoga class. Please be careful with your hips.
Hi @Hip Hip Hooray! I'm so happy your audition for the ballet director went well! It does sound like a perfect job for you. Am glad you spoke up for yourself about no fan kicks. If you had a bad feeling about the driving job then it's okay that you didn't get it. You're doing great lining up those streams of income that make you happy. As for teaching yoga at your age, one of my favorite teachers was a man at least in his late 60's, if not 70's. (That was about 8 years ago when I lived in the mountains of upstate New York.) So never say never! We got a ton of snow yesterday. I worked in the morning and by the time I left my client, the roads were brutal and very low visibility with the wind whipping up the quickly falling snow. I clutched the steering wheel the whole time! I'm happy to stay home and be cozy and safe today. My daughter had another day off from school because of the snow. We made fresh popovers and homemade Valentine cards with lace doilies and vintage art. Later we're going to make fresh chicken soup. I hope you have a wonderful weekend and that the ballet job turns out to be as fun as it sounds!
Popovers, yummy!!!!I haven't made those in years. I may just make some this weekend.
@Cherdonnay - I hadn't made popovers in years either. I had a craving for them on such a wintry day. They are so easy to make. My daughter had never had them and she loved them! I hope you do make some - very satisfying!
Thanks @Readysetgo. You sound great. I'm glad to hear that you are doing so many things that are grounding. Yes, I am open to teaching again. I really enjoy taking class more than anything. It's fun to learn and to absorb that master energy. I love being around the young professional dancers, too. They have great personalities and enthusiasm.

@Horseshoe, Thank you for your post. Your teacher sounds really nice. I'm glad that you got that second hip done, and hope your recovery is going well. I've altered the way I do ballet so that it no longer strains my hips.

I am now able to do a half set of Bikram yoga at home. I do it gently and carefully, and I don't force. It is really firming up the muscles in my legs and bum. I felt like those areas had gotten really soft in the year after my surgery. It took a long time, but now it doesn't bother my hips. I have to watch what I do or my right knee starts to ache. I'm finding the balance. It sure feels good to be getting back to some of the things that I really loved, though. It's like I've got a huge piece of my soul back...finally!
Hi @Josephine, I have a quick question about an ear infection. I went to the doctor today for an earache. This was the fourth day I've had it. He said it was swimmer's ear, and prescribed ear drops and antibiotics. I think I picked this up at the jacuzzi and pool at our gym. I looked it up and it's a bacterial infection. I did some research but I'm unclear. I know on one post you said that if the infection is in the lymph fluid, you don't have to worry about your hips or knees. I was unsure, so I just took the antibiotics. The doctor had said since it wasn't very bad that the ear drops would probably be sufficient. He must have changed his mind, because at the pharmacy they told them to fill both the drops and antibiotic.
@Hip Hip Hooray! I would not worry about this at all. You are on antibiotics and it sounds like something fairly minor.
Hi Everyone,

I just thought I'd post an update. It's been a little over two years since my surgery. I feel terrific, and am 100% pain free. It just amazes me, after struggling with the arthritis for so many years. I am now able to drive long distances to visit friends and family again. I took a trip up to Russian River and had a blast with my very close friend from elementary school. We went kayaking, paddle boarding, and inner tubing. I was a little shaky standing up on the paddle board, but she held it for me, and I did it. I don't know that I'd do it again, though. Something about the position going from being on all fours to standing scared me. I couldn't feel my muscles. I loved all the other stuff, though.

I recently took a couple of master classes from Maurice Hines, (Gregory Hines' brother,) at Debbie Allen's studio. It was intense. I did everything, and was still at the top of the class, but I don't think it's a good idea. (Too much jackhammer motion.) I was very tired after those classes. They were super fast, and nonstop aerobics. I wasn't sore or in any pain, though.

I started a blog, and it's going very well. I initially thought I would attract people wanting to read about life after hip replacements, but most of my readers want more articles on gardening and soapmaking. I have a little of everything in it. It's really fun, and I am surprised at how many people in different countries are reading. With Google Translate, it really gets your work out there. My goal is to write a book and have it published.

I have been riding the bike for about thirty or forty minutes every morning. It's such a joy. I remember thinking that I wouldn't be able to do that anymore, either. I also walk my dog each evening, and then do yoga or pilates at home. I feel thirty years younger, now that I'm healed. My Etsy shop is doing very well, and I am working on an alpaca blanket for the director of a publishing company in NYC right now. He is an old friend from the European Tour of "42nd Street".

I did fall a couple of times, but nothing big. I'm not sure what happened. I was picking pomegranates, but I wasn't even on the ladder. I split open my toe and deeply scratched my leg. I landed on my poor, elderly, arthritic German Shepherd. Poor thing. I was concerned about soil born infection, because of what I had read here. I made sure to keep it clean, and it healed well. It's really weird how quickly you can fall. I look like I'm in great shape, but I still know that I still need to be cautious.

I hope that everyone here is doing well. I love reading the updates. Thank you again for all of your kindness, help, and support. It was invaluable.
Here's a photo of my friend's river house on the Russian River. It was exquisite! She invited me back next year. The 7 hour drive was a breeze. Before the surgery, I just couldn't do it anymore. I thought I'd be on the train for the rest of my life. (in a sleeper car.)
Russian River resized.jpg
hello HHH!!!! You sound fantastic! Hard to believe that we are at the 2 year mark.. well, you are a month ahead of me, give or take a few days. My 2 year anniversary is in September. Boy we sure did share and support each other and it was so helpful!

I love hearing that you had so much active fun with your friend on the Russian river.. and the blog! You did it! I'd love to follow you on it if you don't mind? Congrats and keep up the good work!
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Super @Hip Hip Hooray! It was a pleasure to read your update. Glad you enjoyed the long drive. The Russian River photo is beautiful. The river looks really wild. It reminds me of Dart river on the Southern island of Newzealand where we went on a guided tour jetboating and kayaking last January. Does your friend have her house in the middle fo nowhere?
Hi @CricketHip, So great to hear from you again. Yes, it was a huge help to have the support. I'm not sure if I am allowed to post the blog address here, so i will send it to you in a pm. Congratulations on your upcoming two year anniversary, as well. Time sure does fly. I would love to read an update from you, as well.

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