Bilateral THR Aug.18 - a success!

Hi there @Constanze! How nice to hear from you again. Russian River is north of San Francisco. It has really changed. It is now much like Carmel by the Sea or Santa Fe. The town of Healdsburg has lots of high end shops, restaurants, and lovely old homes. My dream is to move there, and buy a house or cabin on the river The river house where we stayed is just a mile from the square. Her grandfather bought it many years ago. We used to walk to town as kids. I will post more photos. I can't wait to return.

I have to go to the post office now, and send out a goat's milk soap order. I will download the photos later and post them. They are too large, so I have to route them through Facebook. I would love to hear your news, too. Congratulations on the marathon. You are amazing...
@Hip Hip Hooray! So inspiring, as usual to read your update! Thanks for posting. I loved hearing about the dance classes. You sound like you are in excellent shape. And traveling to spend time with your long time friend sounded like it was refreshing and fun for you. I remember dreading long car rides pre-surgery. Now I don't even think twice about it. Congrats on the blog. You are a wonderful writer! And also congrats on the successful Etsy shop.You have accomplished so much. Keep it up!
@Hip Hip Hooray! great update, glad you're doing so well, nice to know the minor residual aches and pains will diminish. As you mentioned, I too no longer lift or push heavy things though I still get swollen lumps around the greater trochanter after light cycling and assume this will subside in time.

Your friend's cabin on the river looks idyllic. You're right, RR area has changed a lot and has become popular. Sonoma has a good vibe along with amazing food and it's such a peaceful place, it would be a great place to live. Enjoy the long w/e :)
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Thank you, @Readysetgo. It is definitely a new life. It's just amazing to have no pain at all in my body. I used to have back aches, radiating pain and inflammation down my legs, and now it's all gone. I feel like having my pelvis properly aligned just fixed everything. How are you doing? I'm glad you can do the long car rides, too.

Hi @Horseshoe, That's interesting about the swelling you get after cycling. I think going slowly and honoring your body works well. It's helped me to work gradually. I agree with you about Sonoma. I have always felt so at home in that area.

I am very glad that I gave my hips a long long time to heal. I didn't want to take any chances, after reading some of the problems that other people had. It was worth it to be conservative and to give the body the full healing time. I am so happy to hear back from the other hippies. We are all fortunate to be doing so well.
I just wanted to post an update, since I just reached my third year anniversary. It's amazing how fast the time has flown. I hope everyone here is healing well. I've been doing some traveling this year, which has been wonderful. Before having my hips done, I had gotten to the point where I could only travel by train, and then it had to be in a sleeper. (because of the pain.) Now I am driving to beautiful spots on the California coast with no problem. I have no more pain. It's such a relief!

I was invited on a free cruise to Ensenada in May. My friend is the VP for NCL. I was given a gorgeous cabin that had a balcony and slept four people. It was so luxurious. It was such a treat to sail on that shiny blue water, enjoy the exceptional restaurants, and see my favorite show, Jersey Boys. I was seated right between the director and choreographer. I got to have dinner with them and my friend's creative team.

Everything has come full circle. I am doing yoga each night, but being careful. I don't go too far into the poses. I walk my dog each evening for an hour, and ride her alongside my bike each morning. I couldn't do any of those activities before the surgery. I really appreciate them now.

I have been writing for Dance Magazine and blogging which I really enjoy. I am back in the garden each day, and growing lots of vegetables, fruit, herbs, and flowers. It is a relief to be able to take care of my home and animals with ease again.

Dr Matta has moved to Vail, CO. I may take a trip there next year for my check up. Have had no problems with my hips at all. The only time they have hurt is if I've been upset, or lifted something heavy. (if my dog pulls hard on the leash, that can do it, too.) Have made a conscious choice to stay away from stressful situations and loud, angry people. Life is excellent, and everything has worked out for the best. I am now writing a show about life as a chorus girl. I do a little bit of dancing in my living room, but don't overdo it. Would love to hear how my group is doing...Wishing everyone here the best!

Thanks for the great update! More proof - there is lots of living to do post THR.
:hi:@Hip Hip Hooray!
So glad to read you are back to like and doing well!:dancy:
I count you among my early comforters and cheerleaders and want to thank you for all the encouragement you gave me as a frightened new Recovering Hippy.
I too have gotten my life back...and ain't it grand!
All the best to you in all your future endeavors!:ok:
Great to hear from you . You were my inspiration.. I'm 14 months out now.. the joy the peace the gratitude the pure magic of these new hips is hard to describe in words. Regularly trecking 15km without a second thought. Bliss. Tx
Thanks for stopping by with the update.
You're doing great. So encouraging for all to read.
Beautiful photos over your last few pages. Especially love the one
of your friends house on the Russian River....gorgeous! You could frame that one.
Best of luck moving forward!
@Hip Hip Hooray!
Hello @Hip Hip Hooray! I enjoyed reading the update with the beautiful photo with the shiny blue sea. Glad you enjoyed your cruise - and the travelling as such. My op was 3 1/2 years ago. You see, you can improve further even after years. I finished a Half-Ironman this past June - the Ironman 77.3 in the Kraichgau hills (1.9 km swimming, 90 km cycling + a half-marathon) near Heidelberg. The cycle ride was more hilly than any cycle ride I'd ever done before, but my muscles are much stronger now. My right hip still doesn't need to be replaced, and I hope it will hold for a long long time.
Do carry on writing here from time to time. I've always found your posts so positive and cheerful.
All the best - Constanze
congrats fellow double hippy!! as far as constipation, my Dr has me on miralax in the morning and senekot at nite. I am off opiods tho day 3 ...but def check w/dr and see what you can do about constipation. I also find hot water w/fresh lemon followed by coffee to be a natural stimulant. Lots of water and also prunes!! Lastly if you like hot cereal, I swear by Bob's Red Mill 10 grain hot cereal. "makes you right" lol. Sweet potatoes too! Are you using a cane to get around now ? I know you said you are no longer on walker. I went to cane on day 11 I think it was. I love my walker at nite tho for bathroom trips. I feel safer with it, plus I find I am sore by end of day so the walker lends a little support.
Hi Constanze and everyone
Yes, I agree that I still feel like the hips are improving. I hope your right hip continues to stay strong and healthy.

Thank you, @sharonslp. I feel very fortunate.

@Jaycey It's incredible to be able to travel and do all of my chores with ease. I appreciate all the little things now. The absence of pain, especially.

@Mojo333, So pleased to hear that you have gotten your life back, as well. It's exciting to have things to look forward to, and to have the surgery and OA behind us.

@hoppy Mary, That's fantastic. I didn't realize I'd be able to ride my bike every day again. I just love it. So glad you are enjoying your long walks, pain free.

@Layla, Thank you, I love that one, too. She invited me to come back every summer! It's a heavenly place.

@stellaluna, The constipation is long gone. It was just right after the surgery. No, I'm not using a cane. I used the walker for seven or eight days, and then was walking unassisted. I still took the walker out in public, just so people would stay back from me. I didn't use a cane or crutches. I preferred the walker, and I still have it in my closet. It was my mom's.

Sorry that I didn't get these responses until today. Thank you for the replies. I wish you all the best, and thank you for you time and generosity. Will post a couple more photos.
I had trouble with a double post on the last photo. I tried to delete one, but it still shows an attachment #.

I didn't try the water slide or go cars, I was too nervous. Had a blast on the cruise, though. I have plans to take another next year to The Mediterranean. Haven't been to Europe since I was in my late twenties. I get a greatly reduced fare, thanks to my friend. I walked around the track each morning.

Norwegian Bliss Danny's ship photo.jpg
Crazy! I've never been on a cruise.
It's amazing people hangout and sleep on that behemoth all while in the middle of the sea. I'll bet a Mediterranean cruise is spectacular. So nice you're able to do this with your two new hips. Happy to hear you had a blast.
Thanks for sharing!
@Hip Hip Hooray!
Hi there
Been looking for your before and after xrays that you posted somewhere on this thread (mentioned on another very old thread from someone who thought their cup was too big or stem not on deep enough). Do you know what page they are on please?
Hi there
Been looking for your before and after xrays that you posted somewhere on this thread (mentioned on another very old thread from someone who thought their cup was too big or stem not on deep enough). Do you know what page they are on please?

They are on page 33. I'm sorry I didn't answer until now.
Love to say :hi: to one of my first and bestest cheerleaders!
Thanks for popping in!:loveshwr:

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