THR And now the healing begins

Hope to hear from you from time to time @wander03 ! Glad to know that you are recovering well, three joint replacement surgeries in a year is really something - you are indeed a strong person!!:wowspring:
A belated Happy Six Month Anniversary, Righty and Happy Three Months, Lefty!
I hope you're doing well and feeling stronger and steadier on your feet month by month.
May you have a safe and beautiful Autumn season! :SUNsmile:
@Layla Thank you for thinking about me on this, the three-month anniversary of my left hip replacement. The six-month anniversary of my right hip replacement was nice. I have gotten a great deal of my energy back. I remember that I was just starting to get closer to normal three months after my right hip replacement; then I had to start all over because of the left. So it is nice to be having more energy.

I think Chris and I are making progress on my right knee. It is still constricted, and I have to use a walker or cane, but it seems to be making progress. I will certainly post here when I am able to walk without assistance. That will be a great day!!

I just noticed that September 27 is the first anniversary of my joining Bonesmart. So this is a doubly good day!

I hope you have a safe and beautiful Autumn season, also. Next to Spring, Autumn is my favorite time of year.
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Happy Anniversaries @wander03
Hope your knee keeps improving and your Autumn is Sweet.
(Kudos on your choice of words...We don't do FALL on Bonesmart:heehee:)
Chris was here today. He is very happy with my progress. I have two more weeks, which is two visits with Daniel and a discharge visit with Chris, before my PT ends. He has it scheduled to end on October 20. I asked if he really thinks I'll be able to walk without assistance by then. He said he thinks I will. He said, however, that there is no way he can justify home health visits after that time because I'm not homebound. I said, "So a person is supposed to be homebound to have PT at home?" He chuckled and said yes, except for going to doctor's appointments, shoppiing for necessities, religious services, and the beauty salon. He said he has been able to keep me on home visits with words and phrases. For example, he says that I go to the beauty salon. He just doesn't say that I drive an hour to get there and then visit with my daughter. That I'm still using a walker, walking stick, and cane has also made it possible for me to continue to get the visits. But the party is over on October 20!

I think Chris is the greatest. I'm sure that I would have recovered without his being my physical therapist, but I do not think my recovery and progress would have gone as well. I am certain that his administering the deep tissue and muscle massages before I had my first THR made an enormous impact in the recovery from my first THR. He has used a great number of out-of-the-box procedures that have made a difference. He said that he has learned a lot from working with me. My case is unusual, so he had to do research to be able to prescribe the most effective physical therapy. I teared up when I was telling him how much I appreciate all he has done for me. He said just because physical therapy is over does not mean that we are out of one another's lives. He has three former patients that he worked intensely with as he has with me, and they stay in touch. He expects for us to do so, too.

I can tell there is progress in my knee recovery. I'm not there yet, but I think I am rapidly approaching that point where I will be able to walk unassisted. I am hopeful that it really will happen during the next couple of weeks. I will post a progress report after Chris' discharge visit.

Onward and upward! :loveshwr:
I teared up when I was telling him how much I appreciate all he has done for me. He said just because physical therapy is over does not mean that we are out of one another's lives. He has three former patients that he worked intensely with as he has with me, and they stay in touch. He expects for us to do so, too.
Aww, that is sweet. It sounds as though you made a new friend. :friends:Chris sounds like a keeper!
Thanks for sharing a progress report. I will look forward to your next update after Chris discharges you from his tender loving care.
A great week to you!
Hello wander and Happy Thursday to you! :wave:
I see you just passed the seven month anniversary of your first THR, and today is the four month anniversary of your latest. Happy Four Month Anniversary!

I hope you're doing well and feeling stronger with each passing month. I am guessing PT is now behind you and life is returning to normal. Hopefully all is well and you're ready to take on the holidays and enjoy them without pain. Take good care!
@Layla Yes, seven month and four month anniversaries of my THRs. My hips are great. My right hip is a bit more flexible than my left hip, but that is to be expected since it was done three months earlier, and I am sure it will get more flexible as I continue to exercise. Yes, all is well with my hips.

I am feeling stronger all the time. I do not have pain, but the constriction is still in my right knee. I believe with more therapy, the constriction will eventually be resolved. In-home physical therapy is behind me. Chris discharged me on Friday, October 21. However, he thinks that I need additional PT on my right knee. Along with my exercises, he has been doing patella mobilization, and I cannot do that myself. He said, however, there is no way that he can justify at home PT for me; that I am not homebound. I innocently asked if I am supposed to be homebound to receive in-home therapy. He chuckled and said yes, I am. He said one is allowed to go to doctor's appointments, religious services, and the beauty shop, and to shop for essentials, when one is receiving in-home physical therapy. He said he has used words carefully to allow me to continue receiving in-home PT as long as I have. He said, for example, he told them that I go to the beauty shop. He just didn't tell them that I drive an hour to get there and visit with my daughter all day afterwards. He said my still needing assistance to walk has also allowed him to keep me in in-home therapy, but that he can no longer do that. I thanked him for making it possible for me to continue as long as I have. I am continuing the exercises that he gave me, and we went over some that are a bit more advanced.

I plan to call Dr. Bradshaw's office next week and ask him to allow me to continue therapy at the Mercy River Valley physical therapy clinic. Chris said he knows two of the PTs there, and they are well qualified. He said that I can tell whoever I work with that he has worked with me as my PT for over a year and that he would be glad for them to call him and discuss what we have been doing.

I am waiting until next week because I wanted a bit of a break. And because I had a colonoscopy yesterday, finally. It was originally scheduled for October 18, 2021, but I did not think with my knee still being problematic that I would be able to get to the bathroom in time during purging, so I rescheduled it. However, Dr. Bradshaw did not want me to have any other surgeries sooner than three months before each hip replacement, so I ended up having to wait until after the left THR. Then October 26 was the earliest I could schedule, and that is because I pressed a bit, and the nurse gave me an appointment that someone had canceled. I was relatively certain that the result from the Cologard test last Spring was a false positive, but I knew Jennifer would give me no peace if I did not have the colonoscopy since the result said I needed one. I had no polyps and do not need to ever have another colonoscopy unless something happens that indicates I need one. Here I am, 78 years of age, and had my first colonoscopy with no concerns. That is a very nice result.

I am still working full time and hope that continues for quite some time. It helps to keep me out of mischief.

I hope everyone on Bonesmart is doing well. In the not-too-distant future I plan to get up-to-date concerning the members I followed when I was more active on the forum.

Onward and upward!!
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79 years of age as of December 19 with a new knee, two new hips, and the great opportunity to continue to live life to the fullest!

I am in my fourth week, two sessions a week, of physical therapy at Mercy River Valley for my right knee. It is still constricted, but I think it is improving and that the restriction is lessening somewhat. Alex is the person in charge of my therapy (a female), and Lauren is the PT Assistant that also works with me. I really like Lauren. She is so involved and encouraging. Alex is nice, also.

I'm looking forward to an enjoyable Christmas and a great New Year with continued improvement and lots of great times. I wish all everyone on Bonesmart a very Merry Christmas :presents-under-xmas-tree-smiley-emoticon: :santa-dance::banana-santa: and a healthy, prosperous Happy New Year. :happy-new-years-toast-smiley-emoticon:
So nice to see an update from you, wander! A belated Happy Birthday! It is good to read that the PT you're engaging in is benefiting your knee. It certainly helps to like the therapists you're dealing with and you've been lucky in that regard. I recall how fond you were of, Chris, who seemed like a really nice guy. I hope you have a lovely Christmas and many blessings in the New Year!

To Wander, what an uplisting and encouraging message. God bless you. May you have continued progress and Happy Holidays!
Hi there. I’m still hanging around. I’m still in physical therapy for my right knee. The emphasis now is on strengthening my hips and back and continuing to strengthen the muscles in my inner thigh. I still use a cane but do have brief periods of time in which my knee is not constricted as much as it generally is. Every little improvement, no matter how small, is encouraging.

I worked straight through from August 1 through January 23. I finished my latest project and don’t know if I’ll have more work. It is very likely that I won’t, but the financial remuneration for the work I’ve done has been nice. I now have a small slush fund, which is great.

As always, life is good. When I do my PT exercises, I remember the pain I had after my TKR and remember when I could not lift my foot up from the floor after each THR. I am so fortunate that I have had no problems with my hips since the recovery period for each. And I still believe I will eventually be able to walk without a cane. Hope springs eternal. If you read this and think your body and your life will never return to normal, know that they will. It is worth the discomfort, even pain, for the freedom you will have from pain. Like most people on this forum, I have been there, done that. Know that life will be even better on the other side.

I am seeing my ophthalmologist on June 21 to schedule cataract surgery for both eyes. I think I need to take advantage of not working to have that done. Then, hopefully, I will have had all the surgeries I need to have for the rest of my life. :loveshwr:

Onward and upward.
Great to hear from you!
My Mom had cataract surgery at age 70 and never needed glasses again, I seem to remember she had the surgeries a week apart. Lots of eye drops and such, that was many years ago and I'm sure like other surgeries things have progressed.
You've made excellent progress and good news on slush fund! We are traveling for two weeks and when I get back I'm looking to return to my job a few days a week. Never enough $$$ these days.
Onto next chapter of our lives.
All my best.
Onward and Upward, for sure! It's a positive update and you are making progress.
So pleased to sign on and see you had checked in.
What a wonderful update, wander! That you for taking the time and for all of the encouraging words you shared for those following behind you. It was great to hear from you and I hope you'll find the time to leave additional updates.
All the best to you!

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