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      @ MapleGrove, we are thrilled to hear of your great progress. Keep up the good work. The worst is behind you. Zorro
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      Zorro replied to the thread THR The Cat Came Back.
      Yes, Luvcats, it is generally said that THR is an easier recovery. Welcome back to BoneSmart.
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      Zorro replied to the thread THR March 26, 2024.
      Best wishes for your upcoming surgery. God bless.
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      Zorro replied to the thread THR Fear.
      @ajhines19 My RTHR was lateral. I share with you that I was wall to wall terrified prior to my RTHR 12 years ago. I reached out on the...
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      Zorro replied to the thread THR I did it! Hello to the new me.
      Hello Bambi, Congrats on your one-year hippiversary! May you continue to thrive!
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      Hello MapleGrove and welcome, I regret that your first two weeks of recovery have been challenging, but I suspect that each day will be...
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      Zorro replied to the thread TKR Stiffness.
      Hello Kiko. You write: "So glad to be able to join the forum." We are so very glad to have you with, healing, happy and healthy! Carry...
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      Zorro replied to the thread TKR RTKR T-7 days and counting!.
      @jakemedic. I know that your knee surgery will go well today. Thank you for being a member of our community. See you on the post-op...
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      Zorro replied to the thread THR Hip Surgery Jan 30 2024.
      Oh Kathibean, I am pulling for you and I envision your RTHR as a complete success. God bless you.
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      Hello Blessed One (and may you continue to be blessed) You are concerned about one leg being less strong than the other one with a...
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      Zorro replied to the thread THR Naive.
      Hello Seeking info. Yes, the range for recovery time will vary based on the duration and severity of the pre-op situation. I used the...
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      Hello Eyesnlegs, I am in complete agreement with you as to what a blessing this site is! I am someone who had to "go it alone" with very...
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