THR And now the healing begins

My trip to Minnesota will not be the last week of June. :sad: After all our planning, Jennifer is unable to go with me that week, and she is also looking forward to seeing Debra. Since I think the trip will be more enjoyable with Jennifer, we are planning to go in September. It’s a disappointment because I was psyched up to go this month. But perhaps I will be able to walk more independently by then, and I the weather may be milder in September. Anticipation.
Aww, that’s too bad, wander. Hopefully you will feel even stronger by then and depending upon when you travel in September, you may catch some beautiful fall colors.
Have a great weekend!
@Layla Seeing the fall leaves, if they turn that early, would be a nice bonus. Something more to anticipate.
Today is the fiirst anniversary of my second THR. I am grateful that I no longer have pain in my hips and look forward to many years of painfree activity. It would be nice if my right knee were not constricted, but at least I can be thankful for no hip pain.

If you read this and have recently had a THR or are preparing to have one, know that "this too shall pass." The recovery pain is temporary, and brighter, pain-free days are ahead.

Onward and upward!
Thanks for your uplifting post wander03! You are right, the pain is in the rear view mirror for many of us and it's a wonderful feeling, so yes, anyone just beginning this journey it does get better.
I haven't checked in for a while, so here I am. I have so much for which to be thankful during the Thanksgiving season, not the least of which is the support and encouragement I received from BoneSmart during my recoveries from three joint replacements. Thank you! to all who gave me that support and encouragement.

I referred a friend of mine who had a hip replacement on November 20 to the BoneSmart forum. A couple of days before his surgery, he said that BoneSmart said a hip almost heals itself; that one only needs to walk to the bathroom and to eat and such during the first two weeks of recovery, so I know he checked the website. I hope he will register and avail himself of the assistance that BoneSmart gives.

I also reminded him about almost constant icing during the first two weeks or so and loaned him my ice packs and my Lounge Doctor. I hope he is using them. I also suggested that he buy a Pride Lift Chair. I told him a man on BS suggested I buy one before my first hip replacement, and I am so glad that I did. He sat in mine and said he was definitely going to buy one. Unfortunately, his OS (the same as mine) forgot to write the prescription, so he was going to have to wait until the OS was back in his office this week. I have texted him and asked about his recovery progress and the status of his getting a Pride Lift Chair. When I needed a prescription for a lift chair, I had the OS write it while I was in his office and took it with me. I just received a reply text, and he said he's asked for the prescription but has not gotten word that it is ready to pick up. My friend is an attorney, but I guess everyone is not as proactive as I. I told him I think the OS can send the prescription directly to MediSave and suggested he treat himself like a client and make certain the OS's office transmits his prescription to MediSave TODAY.

This is not a forum for eye surgeries, so I won't talk about the difficulties I'm having. Life goes on, and I expect the outcome to be positive.

I hope that everyone is enjoying getting ready for the Christmas holidays. I enjoy the holidays, but I am always very happy when they are over. I prefer things to be calmer and more peaceful than they seem to be during the holidays, at least my experience of the holidays. However, I do enjoy the goodwill that seems to abound.

:merry-xmas-smiley-emoticon: and :happy-new-year-smiley-emoticon-4:
@wander03 It is wonderful to hear from you and to hear you are doing well with your hips. I hope your friend will have a smooth recuperation from his hip surgery. As for eye problems ..... been there, done that - had 2 cataract surgeries nearly a year ago (lens implants aren't joints but they are rather artificial parts) and am very happy with the out come. I wish you well with what ever is going on for you and your eyes!

Hello there!
It is so nice to hear from you, wander! We're thankful that you decided to share your recovery journey's with us.
I am sure that your threads hold information that will benefit members now and in the future.
Thanks also for referring your friend to the forum. It is much appreciated. Hopefully he does sign on as member to get the full benefit of interacting with those recovering right along with him.

I hope that whatever is going on with your eyes has the positive outcome you are expecting.
May the holidays be everything you want them to be and 2024 a year of many blessings.
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!
@wander03 its great to hear from you, so happy you're doing well and sharing the Bone Smart philosophy with others. Hope you have wonderful holidays and a peaceful start to the New Year.
:xmas-wave-smiley-emoticon: :happy-new-year-smiley-emoticon-4:
Great to read your update, we kind of "recovered" within same time period.
I agree about the holidays, enjoy them but enjoy the peace & quiet when they are over as well.
I still have 2 young grandkids so that's fun watching them filled with excitement.
Stay well and good luck with eye situation.
Hello and so happy to hear about your continued success with your joint replacements. Sorry to hear there are some issues with your eyes, and hope things smooth out with that.
It's so nice when members check back thank you so much for that. I always get such a lift in spirits when seeing the update come in. I'm sure we all do, actually!

Happy Holidays!
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