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    Bilateral THR SeaSiren's sweet new hips!

    Thanks for the empathy, wisdom & pep talk ladies... bottomshollow, anniemg, Upstater & sandybeach! :yes: Patience is a verrrry hard thing to manage!! I know... (and hear you Annie!) Anyway as much as this totally stinks... it's just the Universe telling me to slowww down - Sandybeach you are...
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    Bilateral THR SeaSiren's sweet new hips!

    Oh Happy Indepence Day to you too Liveringer!! You must be melting today like we are Karen! Here's what my OS said yesterday... the good news is - no fracture or anything that needs surgery! :) Bad news is I severely injured my hip flexor or illopsoas muscle/tendon (see pict). :boohoo: This is...
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    THR Help, my leg feels longer.....

    Ahhh. I didn't realize that Josephine! Thanks for clarifing :)
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    Hip Arthroscopy Is there life after THR & Arthroscopy? You Betcha!!

    Welcome Meggzie... your sweet 'pony' looks very pretty! Nice jump! It's amazing how quickly that nasty arthitis invades once the labrum is torn. Same here. You are doing great at 5 weeks!! :yay: I think there's several threads from fellow equestrians that you might look up to get an idea when...
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    THR Help, my leg feels longer.....

    This kind of surgery sure can give all of us a reality check... Like you Doupie I had super hero expectations... and thank God for these Bonesmarties here I learned how to realistically do the healing dance :egypdance:! That really stinks that won't be able to go to DC for that celebration -...
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    THR It's Super Sqwerl!

    Upset tummies are the worst! So glad you're on the OTHER side of that nasty nausea and are eating again (you need nurishment to heal!!) sqwerlie... Many of us were ravenous after a couple weeks and ate everything in sight (and GAINED 15lbs!) Hope your energy returns with your improved appetite :)
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    THR Rockin again

    You're making great progress nmscienceteacher... supermarket! I went at 4-weeks too - felt like I walked a mile till we got to the checkout... took a long nappy after! Haven't gone since - but when I do, I'll wear my pedometer... let's see how many steps the market takes! :egypdance: Hope you...
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    THR Houston Liveringer Has Landed With New Hip

    Is there something you haven't yet shared with us sandybeach!! :heehee:
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    Bilateral THR SeaSiren's sweet new hips!

    Thank you Liveringer... I am jotting it all down now! Still suffering from some brain-drain! :what: ... so that's fab advice! Will share what he has to say tomorrow!
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    THR zauberflöte's Magic New Hip!

    Oh me too!!! Huge birdie lover here... :)
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    Bilateral THR ByGosh ByGolly ByLateral

    By any chance was that at Judies Restaurant ByGosh?? I was there a year ago and had an amazing popover??!! :). Sounds like your getting close to getting that brace off Upstater... sleeping on your side again sounds like heaven to me! :happydance: I'm still on my back at 6 weeks - but more...
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    THR Houston Liveringer Has Landed With New Hip

    Great 3 month report Liveringer:happydance:... woohoo no restrictions! Here's hoping you get a very short jury trial! Geesh I know you'd rather be outdoors slingin' those horeshoes... Good advice about writing down (and telling EVERYTHING) to my OS tomorrow - I always feel they're against the...
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    THR Randy got a new start on life today

    Fabulous news randy62! Ahhhhh the end to that lousy joint-pain :ok: Let us know how your first night goes...
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    THR It's all good!

    Oh we are ALL are allowed several pity parties Shadow09 :hairpulling: No worries they come and they go! It's temporary & natural... Keep reading people's recovery threads and you'll see you're not alone - sounds like you may have some unrealistic expectations. (I did too!) You just had MAJOR...
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    THR Sandpiper sails over to the other side

    Yay sandpiper! Welcome to a joint-pain-free world :egypdance:!! Oddly I liked having the catheter (very convenient!) -- however be watchful of getting a UTI (as I did :sigh: ) a few days after going home... I had never had a spinal before... they are wonderful aren't they?! Here's hoping your...


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