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I am a few weeks ahead of you having had surgery 12/8. I finally stopped PT at 7 weeks. I do my exercises and bought a 2 lb weight to help strengthen my quads. I still have down days but feel I have turned a corner and making improvements. By the end of the day I am tired but sleep is better and I walk better. I my case stopping PT was the best option. I took back control of my healing and my body. pt had me in tears and then the following day I hurt more. Hang in there and know we are in this with you to support.
Oh My GAWSH! The past few days my knee feels OK! It still has the bandy feeling when I walk, but it's not achy! I worry about bragging about it because I know how the TKR Dragon works--you think you're doing better, and the Dragon says, "Not so fast, sweetheart." But for right now, I'll take this. And be happy.
Yay for you and your knee!! I am still seeing small improvements every day. Yesterday I noticed I could practically dash up a flight of stairs. Your knee will just keep feeling better and better. It's exciting isn't it?
Well, it didn’t last long. The latest is I have shin pain. It feels tight. It’s been ongoing and I haven’t read anything on this board where other people talked about this. I wonder if I need a massage? I do rotate my ankle around and go up and down. I keep worrying something happened with the surgery. No wonder I don’t sleep.
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So the dragon came for you after all. At least you got to enjoy a few good days! :flwrysmile:As time goes by those good days will come more and more frequently and last longer until the good days are the norm. Until then, enjoy those when they come and endure the bad ones as best you can :dubious:

As far as shin pain, I have had that crop up multiple times, once or twice hurt pretty bad but it was always short lived. I do get massage and swear by it. I can’t imagine my recovery without it. Look for a massage therapist who specializes in one or more of the following: post surgical massage, medical massage, orthopedic massage, lymphatic drainage, or myofascial release. A good massage therapist can be a crucial part of your care team.
I also had shin pain, what I called shin splints on my new leg, off and on for years. I think it was because I was walking so differently and using different muscles. I would rub my leg and rest for a few days and it would ease up. Rubbing yours should help you to feel better. You can do this your self.
I'm having occasional calf and foot aches. Nothing that requires Tylenol, but I notice it. Then it goes away. I think its because I'm more active than I've been in months. Its like my body is waking up. Muscles, ligaments, etc making their presence known.
@sistersinhim - Thanks, I have been rubbing my shin and the area above my knee frequently, it just came naturally to do that, and it does make it feel better.
@beachy - You're coming up on three months for your right TKR. Are you feeling progress? I remember you said your left knee felt better around the fourth month post op. I only have 10 more days until it's four months and hope to improve because I'm still achy and shin stuff and yet sometimes I feel almost "okay," and am hopeful.
Yes, they don't tell you about shins and all the other muscles that can get cranky during the months of recovery. It's all part of listening to your body. Sometimes it comes from overdoing and sometimes you don't know what happened. But as was said above, a lot of times it's all part of your body adjusting post surgery.
It’s true. One of the things I learned here on BoneSmart that helped the most was seeing the advice over and over again that all sorts of aches and pains will crop up here and there, and that’s normal. There were several times I would have been in an absolute panic if I hadn’t seen that here. One morning just a couple months ago I was bent over for a few minutes doctoring my dog’s hurt paw. When I straightened back up, there was a pain in my shin right below my knee that hurt so bad I could barely walk. I was holding onto the furniture trying to make it through the house. I reminded myself not to panic, and lo and behold, by the end of the day the pain was gone. This recovery is quite a wild ride.
I wonder if rolling with a massage ball would help your shin. I bought some of the spiked massage balls recommended by @EalingGran and am rolling everywhere that feels tight or cranky. I have one with me at all times and use it often. It's helping!
Big time progress at 3 months tomorrow! Its been gradual, but steady progress. Today i had a chiro appt, picked up a few groceries then helped my son paint his kitchen. I'm paying for it now LOL! Nothing a little Tylenol and ice can't fix.
But, please don't compare yourself to me at 4 months. No two recoveries are alike.
You're starting to see progress now and that's all that matters. You've got this, Jammy!
@beachy - Where have I seen progress? :heehee: The Dragon doesn't want any progress! And I have not been very active as of late. Probably why I can't walk right, and still have aches and pains. In the BS days (before surgery), I always thought Tylenol was like a placebo drug. Now I get it with Tylenol. It's about all I'm using these days with a bit of Advil (and Salon Pas patches). I do think it makes my skin feel tingly/weird.

Yowzer, you are doing a lot! I can't compare myself to you, because I couldn't do all that!
How is your hub doing? Mine finished his last day of radiation today, yay!

@JusticeRider - Ok, I know that you felt better by the end of the day, but what about your dog?

@trinket - I will look into getting a spiked massage ball. Hope it doesn't hurt. Thanks!
bought some of the spiked massage balls recommended by @EalingGran and am rolling everywhere that feels tight or cranky. I have one with me at all times and use it often. It's helping!
Glad it is working!:flwrysmile:
@trinket - I will look into getting a spiked massage ball. Hope it doesn't hurt. Thanks!
It doesn't hurt at all. The ball spikes are soft rubber and you control the amount of pressure you use.
You posted that you had a few good days! That, my dear is progress!

I definitely did too much yesterday and my whole body paid for it. But, today is better. And it felt good to push myself, mentally if not physically. I take the little victories as progress. The muscular aches and pains are part of recovery (and probably age related LOL) and aren't nearly like the pain after tkr. Cortisone in hip today will help and seeing chiro 2x week will help too. I'm hoping to schedule a massage soon, too.

Great news about your hubs! I'm sure the treatment was stressful for both of you.
My hubs is 1/4 of the way thru treatment. He's having some side effects, but can handle it.
@JusticeRider - Ok, I know that you felt better by the end of the day, but what about your dog?
Haha, that’s nice that you thought of my dog! He’s doing great. He lost a piece of his paw pad somehow…I think it cracked from dryness and then got pulled away. Poor guy! Lots of blood. We had to put ointment on and gauze and wrap and then a sock. It was a process every day, especially because he weighs about 100 lbs and didn’t particularly enjoy having it done! But we both recovered from it.:dogwalk:

I hope you are having a better day today :SUNsmile:

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