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If a handsome man can't keep you awake...:shrug:
I guess you're doomed:rotfl:
Seriously, if you have tummy issues start with the low dose.
@FionaW - Thanks! I'm glad you shared your opinion. So far I'm afraid to take it! And so far, I have continual pain. Tylenol/Advil does some, but not much.
It sounds like you haven't used NSAIDs a lot. You should give it a try after a meal and see how you tolerate it. This way you wouldn't be taking advil routinely only tylenol. I know lubiprostone would be too strong for me. Everyone is different and all we can do is give it a try. It doesn't work overnight so you have to be patient. My husband has been taking it without any problems after lunch and he is starting to feel like it is helping. NSAIDs are hard on your kidneys and stomach your doctor will do labs to make sure you are doing okay. Its not like you are alone on this journey.
@FionaW - Thanks! I'm glad you shared your opinion. So far I'm afraid to take it! And so far, I have continual pain. Tylenol/Advil does some, but not much.

Can I ask what makes you afraid to take it, specifically? In general, so long as you protect your stomach, NSAIDs are relatively safe and very effective - especially the Cox2 inhibitors. I took them for more than a decade because they *work*!
Can relate to all the above. I am now six and a half weeks post surgery, for a left TKR.
I have finally got off opiods and now just take paracetamol. My bend is only about 100 degrees at best. I have been very poorly with gastroenteritis and feel I have lost a week of tempo re exercising and recovery.
Every time I plan to do something I feel exhausted. I went to a local food store for the first time, this week. I ended up feeling light headed and had to ask for a chair. I'm beginning to wonder if I will ever feel better. My stomach is now playing up. I think it is due to all the horrible pain killers, including an opiate based liquid. I have indigestion and acid reflux. At least my gastroenteritis has cleared up. Please tell me its going to.improve. I can't imagine ever being able to nip down to London on the train to visit children and grandchildren. Going to the shop wasn't exactly a success. Meanwhile, my two acre garden becomes ever more choked with weeds and my art studio is unused.
Please tell me its going to.improve. I can't imagine ever being able to nip down to London on the train to visit children and grandchildren.
It will improve!
I am in Central London today having travelled on the Tube. I am 25 weeks post- op.
I still carry a foldable stick just in case there is a big gap stepping off the train but I don't really use it otherwise. It is also useful for claiming a priority seat!
I managed last week to fly to Northern Ireland for a family visit. I have virtually no pain during the day and can walk good distances ( 8-10000 steps/ day regularly and up to 15-17000 steps occasionally). I still have a bit of warmth/ soreness if I stand too long or sit in cramped seats but this is improving.
You will be able to visit family and travel on trains in a short while.
My biggest problem staying away from home is poor sleep. That was definitely worsened by post op discomfort but is now more or less back to my normal. I managed to get some zopiclone from my GP which I save for travelling.
I can now do more or less everything I want/need to do and my walking is better than before my surgery. My knee is still getting better and stronger every week.
Hang on in there and stay positive.
@Highland Girl - I wouldn't worry too much about your bend. That will get better also with time. Good for you for getting off the opiods but are you still on the opiate-based liquid? Getting off all of it will help lift some of your fatigue. You are only at six and a half weeks, which I found out from this forum, is a short time frame for healing. I was at the same point you are when I was at six and a half weeks, exhausted and couldn't do the things I enjoyed doing. It is not easy, especially if you are impatient like I am. My surgeon made it sound like I'd be doing so much better at that stage, and she was so wrong. Surgeons have no idea how long and difficult recovery is for most of us; they might change their tune if they had a TKR. A lot of people here have found out it can take six months, nine months, to start feeling better, and a full year or even more to really feel back to normal. I know, it sounds dreadful!

I am at four months and still have pain and bad sleep, but I seem to be getting better each month. I hope you can get some help with your garden. At this point, it's too much work for you. Also, see if someone can help with the shopping--a fall is the last thing you need, and shopping is stressful for your body. At this point, you'll want to elevate, ice, and take it easy. When you feel stronger you can try taking short walks and later on, months perhaps, you will be able to "nip" down to London. Until then, can they come over to see you? Or keep in touch by phone? I know, it's not the same. But you just cannot overdo it right now, you need to heal.

You and your family should be aware that this is a long recovery. You didn't break a leg; you had a knee replaced. From what I've read, it will get better and better, and one day we will both be happy we did this. Remember, when you feel down, which is inevitable, we are here for you.
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@EalingGran - sounds like the trip was a success. How many hours were you flying? How did your leg/knee like flying? My leg was super stiff after being in a car for an hour and a half. Hope you managed to do some fun things like go to the theatre, or had a great supper somewhere nice.
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@Jammy, you are having a very good recovery with a really good attitude! You will continue to do well!
sounds like the trip was a success. How many hours were you flying? How did your leg/knee like flying?
It's only a short flight- one hour 15/one hour 30 minutes. It really was a bit of a test to see if I can manage a longer trip in the Summer. We just flew economy and it was fine for a short flight but I think I will definitely pay for premium economy/ extra leg room for long haul or anything over 3-4 hours. My knee was fine with the flight but I sat in a cramped theatre seat 3 weeks ago for 3 hours and I was really sore afterwards.
We did get to the theatre ( a really good play at the Lyric theatre Belfast about The Good Friday Agreement), had some nice meals out and went to the seaside at Newcastle. So I really feel I am beginning to get my life back!
am at four months and still have pain and bad sleep, but I seem to be getting better each month. I
That seems about right from my memory.
There might be some lucky people out there who do better but I reckon we are about average for knee recovery.
Happy Four Month Anniversary, Jammy!
I hope your pain continues to ease and your sleep improves soon.
A great weekend to you!
@FionaW - I am afraid to take meloxicam because of the side effects. Here are some of them:

Side effects of meloxicam include anemia, abdominal pain, edema and insomnia.

I do not want to chance having insomnia, which I already have. All of us who have had this surgery know how hard it's been trying to sleep well. We sleep intermittently and get used to it. But you have to decide, do I want to have less pain, or do I want to be able to sleep? It seems you can't have both.

Yesterday I took 1/4 of a 50 MG tramadol around 6:00 pm because my knee/leg was in so much pain. And this is after telling myself I wouldn't take it anymore. Soon after taking it my knee/leg felt much better. I thought this was it, this was what I should do, just take 1/4 tramadol for this pain. But then I couldn't fall asleep. I was up until 4:00 am. It makes no sense that such a small amount of tramadol would affect me like this, but it did, in a very positive way, and in a negative way. I read that insomnia is a side effect of taking tramadol.
" Ironically, despite the sedation, fatigue, and sleepiness that opioids are known to produce, tramadol can cause insomnia."

So, I'm on my four-month post-op anniversary and still have pain. And anything I do for it seems to have consequences.
It’s tricky, @Jammy . Basically, all medications have side effects for some people. You just have to find the ones whose side effects are worth the benefits, for you personally. FWIW, I didn’t find that Meloxicam caused insomnia. If anything, it helped me sleep better, because it worked well to reduce my pain and inflammation… And I definitely find pain causes insomnia!
Tramadol didn’t really suit me, however: it made me feel like I was really drunk and about to throw up, without any of the fun first!

I’m sorry you still have significant pain at 4 months. It sounds like you’ve been reluctant to take pain meds all along, so maybe you still have inflammation, muscle tension and tendon pain that you’ve never quite been able to get on top of…?
@FionaW - I have not been reluctant to take pain meds. I took tramadol for months during my recovery, sometimes 4 times a day! It seems that now I can only take a small amount and still have issues. I just took a meloxicam, with some crackers and a few peanuts. Lunch was earlier. I will see how it goes and will give an update. Thanks!
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@Layla - thank you. I hope I'll get better. It has been too much of a "journey."

Oh, I noticed @Highland Girl doesn't have a date of her surgery posted. Can she get the Welcome Wagon from you?
@sistersinhim - I don't think I'm this person you're talking about! But I appreciate your kind words!
I seem to be getting better each month.
This is what I was referring to. As long as you are seeing improvement, your recovery is going well. You are always here helping others, even though you have your own struggles. I'd say you are doing well!
@FionaW - So far I feel really weird from the meloxicam. It's only 7.5! Weird how? Woozy. Yikes. Can't wait till it's out of my system. Maybe if I decide to take it again, I'll take half.

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