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@EalingGran - I will see about that. I'm so used to napping when I feel like it. My sleep at night isn't that affected; I usually don't sleep because my cats wake me. Talk about a vicious circle. If I close the door, she scratches the door. If I open the door, she scratches at the bed. BRAT.
Hi Jammy, Sorry to hear you are so down but it cannot be easy when both you and hubby are struggling with health issues. Be kind to yourself.
I dipped into your posts from the hip recovery side so know little to nothing about knees but I'm just wondering about pain killers. Have you tried any alternatives to Tramadol? Regular paracetamol is very good at making pain bearable and doesn't have the side effects of Tramadol or Codeine.
@Newhip_Pol - Thank you, I am going to try either Advil or Tylenol only and hope for the best. Advil seems to help my body aches; I take it with two saltine crackers. Tylenol seems to help with pain more. Also, for those struggling with this, I've found that the Salon Pas patches help ease the pain from those two "hot spots" on each side of my knees.
From what I've read on BoneSmart and elsewhere and what I've been told by GP, Advil/Ibuprofen can cause stomach and/or gut problems, especially if taken long-term and in older folk (!) However, I do agree it's great for short-term pain so I use it occasionally.
Maybe others can advise.
I can relate to the husband issues. 1 week post op for me we found out hubs had a recurrence of kidney cancer spread to his lung. After surgery to remove part of his lung (I was 2 weeks post op) he started infusion immunotherapy. His prognosis is great, but he's having some side effects. It is very stressful. And very sudden, but we're adjusting. I'm sure this is having some effect on my recovery and yours. Sleep issues, being on my feet more than I should be at times, fatigue,etc.

But, cancer takes precedence over tkr.
Sounds like you had a very busy day yesterday! That can definitely contribute to your feeling bad today. We are both in early times of recovery. Even tho it seems like forever. I don't know if Tramadol is contributing to it. You can try easing off and using tylenol.

Mostly, take a deep breath, be kind to yourself and take it slower. Try to relax and not worry about your knee. It still helps to ice and elevate. You will begin to feel better gradually. Get outside. Take small walks.

Sorry for going long here, but I can relate. Only difference is I've had tkr before and knew pretty much what to expect. Didn't expect this cancer curveball, though!
Me again LOL
I reread your posts again about Tramadol. My mushy brain doesn't seem to retain much lately.

When I was weaning off hydrocodone I started 1,000 Mg Tylenol on a regular schedule. No more than 4,000 mg/day. It really helped. I get delicate flower tummy troubles from Advil or any nsaids.
You may want to try the Tylenol on a regular schedule instead of tramadol. I was skeptical, but it did work and my delicate flower gut calmed down.
@beachy - thanks for sharing about your husband. I feel for you and your husband and hope he'll improve. And you, too. I have gone about 24 hours with no tramadol. I took Tylenol. It does something to my delicate belly also but, what doesn't? I'm coming up on 12 weeks and every day I feel like I did at the beginning of surgery, where when I wake up, I wish I was asleep. I totally regret having this surgery. I could have gotten cortisone shots for five years and maybe by then they'd have something less awful and barbaric.
Thanks, Jammy. Hubs is really doing well. I pray your hubby is, too.

My knee is definitely improving. This recovery takes awhile. Some people take less time to recover.
My last tkr hit a bump around 9-12 weeks. It wasn't until after that 12 week point that the knee really started feeling strong with less pain. By 16 wks (4months) it was really good!
If you can baby yours a bit longer, I bet you'll turn that corner, too.

Sometimes it just needs a little more TLC.
My activity definitely relates to my pain level. Ex:
I took a hydrocodone about 5 am....woke in pain. Went back to sleep. It's stiff now, but not so painful. I walked 20 min yesterday then a car ride with leg down for almost 2 hrs. Paid for it. Little things like that can affect it. But, today will be tlc. You have to adjust.
Hang in there, better days are ahead! AND you're having warm, sunny weather! Its cold, drizzly and gray yuck here.
Wish we had nice sunny weather!
Grey and overcast here in London.
My lower back is longing for some nice warm sunshine- it seems to feel the cold more than my knee.
Don't be too jealous of me living in Florida. We had a major hurricane (Ian) in our town in September. Fortunately our condo wasn't hit, but it was a close call. Still, I know what you northerners suffer through. I'm from northern Ohio. Like many people here!

@beachy - How have you been doing? I had a lot of pain and broke down and took a tramadol today. I felt really woozy for hours after going three days without. What a weird reaction! Not sure I'll want to take it again. But oh those pains on the outside of my knee! Why are they still around almost three months post surgery? I'm sort of looking forward to see if I feel better 16 weeks post op. If not, you will hear from me, ha!
Ian was devastating! Our friends lived on their boat a few years ago docked in Ft Myers. They've since moved back here well before Ian hit, but the marina is gone.
Another friend has a condo in Venice. No damage. So glad you were spared!

I hit 9 weeks yesterday. Happy to say I have very little, if any, pain. Some tightness and 30 min or so standing, walking is my limit before some swelling starts. Huge improvement over just 2 weeks ago.

I had pain that wouldn't quit for up to 4 months on the outside of my left knee post op. Or maybe the inside...can't remember. It worked itself out.
Did the tramadol help? Have you tried Tylenol x strength and Advil together?
@beachy - The tramadol had a bad effect. It seemed to help the pain but overall I felt wasted from 1 pill. Very strange and I don't want to take another tramadol anytime soon. I have Tylenol 650 mg. So I'll try taking one with two Advil and hope my delicate flower stomach doesn't feel sick. I have to find something; it seems like the pain on the left inside of my knee (right) won't stop aching. It's very depressing. And I have no energy. Is this my new life?
So I'll try taking one with two Advil and hope my delicate flower stomach doesn't feel sick. I have to find something; it seems like the pain on the left inside of my knee (right) won't stop aching. It's very depressing. And I have no energy. Is this my new life?
Sorry for the pain. Are you taking something like omeprazole as well if you have a delicate stomach?
I still have some medial knee pain at 20 weeks but it is not constant- just mainly on stairs or if I twist my knee inwards.
It can be depressing if you can't see progress or see a reason for continuing pain.
I find checking my fitbit data quite useful for understanding my residual symptoms. Although at times I feel I am not making as much progress as I would like- my fitbit shows I am walking much more each week and doing more stair flights.
@EalingGran - I appreciate that you're often checking in here on this site, offering kind words and advice. I am taking omeprazole, every day. Never needed it until I had this surgery. :( It is depressing, having pain month after month. And little sleep. I did take 1 Tylenol and 1 Advil before bed; I was afraid of taking 2. I think it's helping some, but I was awake after only three hours of sleep. I put a pillow between my knees but it's still uncomfortable. All I can say is this is depressing. I'm coming up on three months of this! Meanwhile, my husband is very fatigued from his radiation and is sleeping very heavily.
Have you talked to your surgeon about the Tramadol? If you can't get any help with pain relief from her, maybe your GP?
Please be careful with the advil. I tried it a few times and it definitely hurt my delicate flower gut. I have Tylenol X strength 500 mg and taking 2 for a total of 1000mg helps.

We all have different recoveries. Some feel better sooner, some take a while longer. Are you able to rest your knee often?
12 weeks of constant pain is bound to wear on anyone. Because of the situation with your husband do you think you've been trying to do too much? Because, I totally understand that situation.
Hope you get some relief soon.
Does anyone here take gabapentin for the pain in their knee? I am wondering if that would work. Tylenol and Advil seems just okay for relief of this knee pain. It does act up worse at night. I am just saying No to tramadol.

@beachy , I really haven't been trying to do too much. I feel like an old lady and act like one.
I had the same issue with physical therapists. Every time I went to the sessions, they would push and pull to get "the number" I should be at. Come to find out, the doctors had a different opinion about that "number". I limped out of sessions most of the time and when I had a long break from the sessions, my knee sure felt better. I quit at 5 weeks and never looked back and I told my doctor at my 6 week appointment I wasn't going back. It sure helped my mental state. I'd cry before going to a session because they would hurt me and make me feel like a failure when I was seeing improvements all of the time. They didn't even believe I completed a revolution on the bike when I told them about progress at home. Who wants to listen to that and pay for it?
Does anyone here take gabapentin for the pain in their knee?
Haven't taken it for knee pain but have taken the very similar drug pregabalin for sciatica and my husband took gabapentin for neuralgia following shingles. It did seem to help.
It is really for nerve pain so I am not sure how effective it would be for joint or soft tissue pain but I guess it might be worth a try.

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