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@Layla - Thanks for all your posts!! So, my next appt for PT is March 8th! not May! Coming up!

I worry I do have to tell my PT something or they will charge me for appointments that they scheduled for me. I put in a call to my PA today to discuss. I'm pretty sure I had 6 weeks of PT already. I'm at 120 ROM and my extension doesn't seem that bad that my PT has to push my knee into submission!

To everyone else - I am happy to come here and find out that others have been told the same story about a quick recovery, only to find out it's "a marathon, not a sprint." Right. A year-long marathon. WAHHHHHH.
Dear stinking delicate gut is a delicate flower, too. Try drinking half a cup of smooth move or less. It worked very fast on me. I drank a full cup the first time. Won't ever do that again!
@Layla - @Layla - Thanks for the helpful tips. I used the walking one today at the pool. It does take some concentration but really, I just tried walking slowly, heel to toe, heel to toe. I definitely felt less wobbly. Now I'm trying to keep doing it at home. Just need to keep in mind to keep it slow, and go one foot in front of the other.
@Roy Gardiner - thanks for listening to my litany of complaints! Geez! Tramadol does cause constipation. I am trying to take less. Yesterday I only took one. Today maybe two, but 12 hours apart. I have to watch it, as I'm on my last bottle before my doc sends me to Pain Management. People on this site have suggested I drink Smooth Move so I'll try that.
JusticeRider and EalingGran and Flashlight - I think maybe the surgeon thinks if they give you an optimistic outlook, they think you'll be optimistic. Or, they're just lying, ha! If my surgeon said, "Jen, you're going to be feeling like ****, you won't be able to do anything fun, you'll have incredible pain and discomfort for three to six months, maybe even a year!" no, I probably wouldn't have signed up. I totally agree with Justice Rider when she said, "my mental health would have been much better had I had realistic expectations instead of thinking something was wrong with me." I kept telling my surgeon I felt like I wasn't making the progress she thought I'd have. Then I come to BoneSmart and find out, it's not me! A lot of people feel like this. So thank you to this forum and to the people who contribute.
This is to notify you all that I have officially canceled my PT! I have been going to the pool at the condo and feel happy every time I'm out there, unlike when I went to PT. Yes I am wearing sunscreen- I live in Florida!
This is to notify you all that I have officially canceled my PT! I have been going to the pool at the condo and feel happy every time I'm out there, unlike when I went to PT. Yes I am wearing sunscreen- I live in Florida!
Good for you! Sunscreen eh? I can ship you lotsa snow, if you wish!

Road trip to Jammy's to hang out in the sun in her pool!
Good for you! I have to rely on vitamin D supplements til it warms up here.
The sun, the water is good for your soul and, apparently, your knee:SUNsmile:
@beachy - I also take Vitamin D3! Just to make you less jealous, I went out to the pool yesterday and the Canadians had it taken over, and bad music was coming in from the clubhouse.

My latest annoyance with my knee. It still hurts, feels clunky, and is sensitive at the top. I've been using Salon Pas patches when I feel pain. I am down to taking one pain med a day, and a couple of Advils before bed. I can't walk right without thinking about the tightness at each step. Like a tug. The worse thing is I now feel achy in my left, non-surgical knee. I had an X-ray and they said I have some arthritis, but not like my right knee. So why is it hurting almost more than my right one? I can't think about What if I need to have a surgery on it! I will get cortisone shots for years instead of doing that!
Once my tkr felt better, less pain, stronger it was able to take on more and the non tkr knee felt better, too. Both were equally bad and it was a coin toss as to which one to replace first. I got 4 decent yrs out of new lefty and was able to postpone righty.
@beachy - today is two months for your Right TKR surgery, Whoopee! I'm at two and a half months. Still feel I have a long way to go.
Hi all,
I had a bad evening. I've been so tired. I have been napping almost daily. Today was no different, I napped from 2:00 to 4:00 pm. I took a tramadol at 6:30. Then I had dinner and felt extremely fatigued, and fell asleep in front of the TV around 8:00 when my hub suggested I sleep in the bed. I'm wondering if I am tired from the tramadol? I've been taking 1 a day but today I think I took 2, 15 hours apart. It's more than tiredness, it's fatigue. I had some exercise today going to the pet food store, the UPS, and shopping for groceries (at least an hour, ugh). Then going home, putting away everything and cleaning up the kitchen. But after that I was exhausted. Do you think this is a result of taking tramadol? Maybe I need to stop it completely. Or maybe I did too much today. Also, full disclosure, my husband is being treated for prostate cancer and is getting radiation. He's tired a lot, too, and is my napping buddy. But it's stressful, dealing with our health issues. I am almost at 12 weeks post-surgery and am starting to worry I'll feel bad like this for a long time. I rarely feel good and I feel like I can't help at home much. The thing is, I do finally have less pain. But I am so wiped out! What's that all about?
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You’ve got a lot going on in your life that is stressful. It sounds to me like you may be overdoing your activity. An hour in the grocery store is enough to wear anyone out! Then you also did a couple more errands then home to finish those tasks.

What are you doing that energizes you? Sitting outdoors? Listening to music? Crafts? I found that if all I did after my surgeries was chores, I was always tired. But if I took 20-30 minutes a day to do something I really enjoyed, I felt more “balanced”. You’re not only a patient but a caregiver. You need to take care of your soul!
Thanks, @FourCats! Maybe it just "felt" like an hour at the store, ha! You are right about having something to do that you love doing. I like to go to the pool but we didn't get there today until 5:00. Still, it was sunny there and it was nice. I've been trying to go more often. I also like to write. Hard to do when I feel like I can't sit very long. I love hanging with my cats and I love my cats. I love my hub. So I got that going on. I'm going to try to not take tramadol and will see how that goes, since I still get pain. But tramadol is not an energy booster!
Sorry for your troubles and maybe you overdid it yesterday.
I do wonder though if the time is coming to try and cut the daytime naps and see if you could sleep longer at night?
I agree that in the early stages you just get sleep where you can. But eventually daytime naps can affect getting a good night's sleep. Poor sleep quality at night can then make you tired in the daytime and want to nap. It's a vicious circle.....

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