Bilateral THR Twice as Nice - JennyLynne's recovery

Hi everyone... my surgeon called last night and is rescheduling surgeries now. He is trying to get me in for TWO WEEKS from now - whoa, didn't expect that! Excited to have this behind me. Come visit me on the knee side! :)
Well....sometimes not having a lot of time to think about an upcoming surgery is best and you’re getting to be a pro at this. :wink:
I‘m happy for you that you’ll soon lose the pain and be able to move forward.

We’ll definitely visit you on the knee side and watch your progress. Another FA on the hip side (leejaa) is fully bionic as you will soon be. She’s doing great!
Please let us know when you get it scheduled so we can follow you.
A great rest of the week to you!
@Layla wondering what you have seen in recent weeks - are people having home health and PT visits? My surgeon said many PTs have stayed open but I am a little concerned about people in my home, and also going outpatient.
Surgeries dropped off dramatically, basically came to a screeching halt. We’re just beginning to read of canceled surgeries being re-scheduled. I haven’t read of home health visits, due to the aforementioned, but it has amazed me that PT visits continued to be scheduled inside and outside of the home.

We‘ve cautioned many against engaging due to what we’ve all been hearing via the media 24/7. I think it’s a personal choice, it depends upon what you’re comfortable with. I’m sure if you choose to forego PT for a time, you’ll do just fine, especially given you’ve been through this all before. Let’s say you have surgery in two weeks, then you wait an additional 6 weeks to engage in formal PT, it would be the end of June by then and all could look dramatically different than it does now. The odds are in your favor that you’ll do just fine without PT initially, possibly never needing it.
I have to agree with Layla. Not jumping into PT may be a benefit. Your knee will need to heal a bit. Although your surgeon may be gung ho about starting PT right away feel free to push back. Despite what PT might say about needing to gain ROM early you won't lose anything by waiting.
I did very little PT with my TKR @JennyLynne. I found PT did more to aggravate my knee than it did to help and I've had very good results. I definitely wouldn't be doing PT in our current environment.

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