Bilateral THR Twice as Nice - JennyLynne's recovery

Thanks @Layla !! Feeling good and more "normal" day by day. Slept on my side for 2 hours last night!!

Leave tomorrow morning for Chicago - a long car ride and lots of walking await. Plus the forecast is calling for temps near 100 degrees. Will be an adventure for sure!!
Congrats on the 2 hrs on your side, it gets better and better :yes:
Safe travels to Chi-town. Stay cool....somehow, someway...I'm experiencing the same weather.
Lots of indoor activity, with the comfort of AC.
Have fun!
I hope all is well with you, my hippy friend.
Back to life...almost makes us which we had a reason to just chill, eh?
Thanks for checking in for some encouraging words for other hippys.:tada:
@Mojo333 And thanks for checking in on me! Our trip to Chicago was great, but by the second morning, my body was definitely feeling it! Heading "up north" on Saturday for a week in northern Michigan. Feel much more confident about it than I thought I would!
Happy Four Month Anniversary! Already...I can't believe it.
I'm sure no grass is growing under your feet as you pretty much were running straight out of the gate. :heehee:
Don't forget us, your old buds here, we'd love to hear about your adventures.
Will look forward to an update soon.
A great weekend to you!
@Layla you are the best! Thanks so much for this message, I do snoop a bit from time to time but don't have too much to say for myself on a regular basis (which is good).

We spent last week "up north" in Michigan - simply stunning up there - lakes and sunshine and all around relaxing times. My hips fared well. Mackinac Island was a bit of a struggle - very steep elevations. We took a carriage around the island, but I had to do one very very VERY steep walk down to town at the end, and my legs just quivered and ached after. No worse for wear the next day - so I can't complain!

Now we are just riding out the last couple weeks of summer until my son goes back to school.
Going to start a little work travel in September - a couple small domestic trips and one week-long jaunt to Luxembourg and Amsterdam. Little nervous about big airports and long flights, but I have to try sometime!

Again, @Layla thanks for never letting an anniversary go unnoted! :loveshwr:
Little nervous about big airports and long flights, but I have to try sometime!
Book assistance if you need to. Nothing wrong with conserving energy. And get up and walk around the plane frequently. I always sit in an aisle seat so I can do this.
@Jaycey I have booked aisle for that purpose, and will hopefully get the "comfort+" economy seat that has a little extra leg room and such. I also gave myself a longer connection time in Amsterdam... I know from experience that it is no short haul from concourse to concourse!
Oh man - I just flew through Amsterdam a few weeks ago. That is a long hike! Great that you gave yourself a longer connection time. AMS can be a crazy place with crowds.
You're welcome, Jenny!

It's that time a month again...Happy Five Month Anniversary!
You'll have to let us know how the trips to Luxembourg and Amsterdam go.
It will be interesting to hear about the airports as well as how you fared with the long haul flights and activity involved once there. If anyone powers through like a champ it will be you. If you haven't left yet, safe travels and enjoy! If you're back, I hope you can give us a little update one day soon. You were a fun addition during your time here and we'd love to hear from you. Will look forward to it...
Oh @Layla you are the best! Thanks for always remembering the milestones!

My hips feel great. they aren’t holding me back from anything! I get stiff when I sit for a while, and I still have some pretty major swelling in my ankles at the end of the day. I have an appt to see my doc this week because my only natural leg joint -the darn right knee- is barking, and plan to discuss the swelling. But otherwise I feel awesome!

I travelled domestically this past week. While not long flights, I had connections that made me hustle from terminal to terminal in huge airports, and I fared quite well. Flights didn’t bother me at all.

Leave next Sunday for Lux and Amsterdam and feel very optimistic! Going to get a cortisone shot in my naggy knee, so that will make it even earlier, I hope. Will report back soon! [emoji5]

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Hi everyone... wanted to pop in and give an update. I realized my 6 mo anniversary was earlier this week, and I can't believe it! I can confidently say that my hips feel "normal", whatever that means, haha. I don't think about them, they don't limit me - I find myself moving in ways I haven't in years, and i am finally not hesitating anymore. Travel to and around Amsterdam and Luxembourg went really well, and my hips were a non-issue.

The one problem I still have is decent swelling in my feet and ankles by the end of the day. It is much worse on the left side. My doctor is not surprised or concerned, given I have had 3 major surgeries on my left leg in a 4 year span. Still, it's very frustrating that most of my shoes are quite uncomfortable now.

My right knee... that's another story. It is not adjusting to this new more active life. I know a replacement isn't too far off, but getting injections soon to hopefully give me more time. I would really like a couple years between surgeries, if possible. However... I won't wait too long, like I did with the left knee. I learned my lesson!

On the non-joint front - we started a kitchen renovation this week. Tearing it down to the studs and subfloor. I am so excited!! It will be tough to be without a kitchen for 3+ months, but so worth it in the long run!

Hope all is great with my fellow smarties!!
@JennyLynne Thanks for the update. So sorry that knee is not cooperating. Fingers crossed the injection buys you a bit of time.

Well done on the hips!

We will be here for you again should you decide to say so long to that knee!
6 months! How could I let that get by me, my Both at Once Pal.
Sorry for your knee problems.
You did so splendidly with your hips and your young one.
You are held up as a great inspiration for "bilateral with tot."
Yay for a new kitchen too!!!!
@Mojo333 "Bilateral with tot" - lol, I love it! Best decision I ever made!

I have had to go through a lot of metal detectors with my recent travels and I let them know if advance. At the Amsterdam airport, the man there said, "Dear... we do not care what's on the inside here... only the outside!" Gave me a good laugh!
A belated Happy Six Month Anniversary to you. :)
You're doing so well! As far as the swelling goes, I've read it can last up until a year post op. I've also read it seems to occur most often following over-activity, or prolonged inactivity. I realize you're fairly active between work, home life and your social life. If the week night's are relatively calm after you get your little guy settled in, try to concentrate on some elevation and icing while you're just chilling. See if it helps, if you're not already doing so.

I'm sorry to read about your knee, Jenny. Hopefully you can eek some more time out of it. I wish you comfort as you try to gain more space between surgeries.

Congrats on the new kitchen under construction. You'll have to share a photo
of the finished product. Super exciting I'll bet.

Until next time....all the best and a beautiful Autumn to you!
Hey @JennyLynne :hi:
Just stopping by to wish a Happy One Year Anniversary to our bilateral hippy pal.
Hopefully all is well. Looks like you’re coming up on the three year anniversary of your knee revision also. We’d love to read an update from you if you have time to share. Hope to hear from you.
Stay safe and well!
@Layla you are the best! So kind and thoughtful, I really appreciate it!

My hips feel wonderful! It was the best decision I have ever made!! It was such a good decision that I decided to "finish the job" and get my right knee replaced so I would be fully bionic :heehee:.

Unfortunately, it was scheduled for April 2, and was put on hold indefinitely with the cancellation of all elective surgeries here in Michigan. I am disappointed but grateful for 3 happy joints (and especially grateful that I can reach my toes now, because who knows how long before I can get a pedicure!)

One outcome of the "lockdown" was my husband's impulsive decision to get a Peloton. I have tried it twice and trying to get the hang of it. My biggest issue is that I can't get the shoes to unclip from the pedal and I get stuck until someone comes to rescue me. Hoping I get the hang of it and it keeps me active, since my right knee does not like long walks.

I hope all of my fellow hippies are doing well, riding out this current crazy world and feeling good along the way. Thanks again for checking in! :loveshwr:
Sorry your TKR is on hold for now but so happy to hear you're doing great otherwise! :chuckmarch: :loveshwr:
It’s wonderful to hear from you, JennyLynne! I’m happy to read you’re doing so well. Sorry your TKR was put on hold. With any luck you’re not in excruciating pain. I’m guessing you’re going to love your Peloton, especially once you’re far enough along in your next recovery to safely enjoy it. I hope to follow your next surgery recovery on the knee side.
Thanks so much for updating! :)

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