Bilateral THR Twice as Nice - JennyLynne's recovery

I could not sleep on the op side for quite awhile post both THRs. I think the best approach is to build up your tolerance very gradually. I think I could only do about 15-20 minutes on the first tries. Just kept trying and the pressure eased. Still some very angry soft tissues even at 12 weeks out.
Hi JennyLynne,
Personally, rather than stress about it. I'd set side sleeping aside for now and try in another few weeks. It's not worth stressing over and if it's as uncomfortable as you maintain it is right now, it's not time. JMO

Twelve weeks! Wow, it seems like it flew by, probably not to you though. You've really had a pretty amazing Recovery so far, Jenny. May it only get better. :)

Consider bumping up the Magnesium, if it's in a supplement, through a little research you may learn you can take more for a time. May be worth checking out if it could bring you some relief.
Have a great week!
Is it uncomfortable sleeping on your back? Could you do that while travelling and forego the side sleeping until you return home? I haven't yet tried side sleeping on my sides though I was told I could have since the beginning with a pillow between my legs. I was a side sleeper but the thought of turning with a pillow and the pressure I dunno I kinda like sleeping on my back now.But I understand the urge as I used to get them when I couldn't sleep and go from side to side.
Hi @JennyLynne Wow! Twelve weeks already. Sleep is still hard for me on operated side. I bought a 7” wedge incline on Amazon. The elevation with a thin pillow under my neck has made back sleeping more tolerable. I don’t wake up as much and usually get a solid 7 or 8 hours. Hope your hotel stays are ok. Having same worries here about two family trips coming up. Take care.
Thanks for the thoughts, all. It's like my body is rejecting the back - and I am sure it is mostly in my head - 2am... can't get comfy.. mind spinning. i am so fortunate with the adjustable base, so i can elevate head and feet independently (also doesn't impact my husband). Will have to ask hotel for 100 pillows!! Actually, hotel will be better than the last part of my trip... sleeping in my dad's basement! ugh!!:rofsign:
Safe travels next week, Jenny. I hope you have fun.
Update us at some point when you return. Let us know how it went.
Hopefully you are far enough along that you're not too inconveinced by anything and handle it all well. :fingersx:
@mikeycat I live outside Detroit - this is just a drive at least. My first flight that I know of will be at about 5 months post-op, to Amsterdam. And I am very very very willing to give that a go!
Have a great trip but don’t overdo it!

I’m only just now enjoying sleeping on my non op side...4 month’s post op... Operated side can only do 30/40 mins... I put a thin long pillow in between my legs & it helps... I can understand as my body started screaming at me on my back... but it’s resolved now. It’s that patience thing .... [emoji51][emoji51][emoji51]

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I told you I didnt want to depress you with my sleep on my side through the night timeline...but suffice it to was a few more months from where you are now. :groan:
Hang in there @JennyLynne :console2:
@Mojo333 it is actually helpful.. in this sense, I prefer to be “normal”! I really assumed it would be easy peasy now, but I’m strangely comforted to know that it’s not just me!

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Hey, Jenny, it's that time again, another milestone.
Happy Three Month Anniversary!
Hope you had fun in Chicago. :flwrysmile:
A great week to you!

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