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@ACDCJen my goodness girl!! Ankle surgery!! I'm sorry, but that sounds horrible and I've had both hips and both knees replaced.....and one was not easy!
I will be praying that this surgery outcome is a good one. We have learned so much from the other surgeries, so use that great knowledge and take very good care of yourself! I pray you heal as planned and this helps you have a rich fulfilling enjoyable active life. All my love to you dear friend! Enjoy your time away from work doing the job of healing!
Thank you for your well wishes! I think that for many of us, especially if we've had replacements, many surgeries, and/or chronic pain, additional surgeries are just a part of life!! Honestly, this one has been pretty easy and I haven't taken anything for pain today, including Aleve. The thing bothering me the most is the partial splint cast. I'm ready to burn it already.

Hope everyone is having a good day!!
It is gigantic? My niece has an ankle repair last week (years of rolling her ankle playing soccer) and she’s got a huge thing on her ankle until the end of this week when she’ll have a cast put on and be toe weight.
No, it's not really that big, just annoying. I've never been one that likes, or can tolerate, the feel of casts, splints, braces with all my issues, it's been a tactile nightmare at times!!

I'll post a few pics later. Just trying to keep the incisions covered up since they were closed with glue and mesh rather than staples. When my mom helps me change the dressing, I can see one of the incisions, but the other one we haven't been able to get the gauze off without possibly reopening it. I am positive it follows the old surgical scar from previous surgery in 2003. I feel like I'm doing rather well. I've looked up the peroneal tendon repair surgery and it seems like the info I find makes it sound horrific, but that has not been my experience. Same for the Haglund's, but I had that in 2016, so I knew what to expect. Just glad to get them both done at the same time!! I'm bored out of my mind, but I'm sleeping a lot. No worries though.

Hope you are all doing well!!! Thank you for thinking about me. :)

This is the incision on the inside of my ankle/foot. This was taken 5 days after surgery. This was the access for the Haglund's excision and Achilles repair.


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This is the split cast. It's basically the front half of a regular plaster cast that goes from my shin, down and over the curve of the top of my foot. It's to prevent me from flexing or over-stretching my Achilles while it heals. There is a lot of gauze and padding underneath, but my mom helps me change the dressing so it doesn't get too gross. My doctor allows me to do this since this isn't my first rodeo!!! There are 3 ace bandages wrapped around holding the splint in place. (The scar in the foreground is from the TKR, and you can see my big shark bite from the infection. Looks great though, doesn't it?)


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This last one is the lateral, outside incision. My mom and I haven't been able to get it unstuck yet for fear that it will make it reopen. We will get it before I go for my first follow up on April 5 because they will unstick it no matter what!! (My mom and I are much gentler!!) This was the access to the peroneal tendon repair.


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I'd leave it for a few more days and then try to ease it off, first using saline to soak the dressing.
Boy, Jen, you have really been through it! I pray you have quick healing and can get back to doing the things you love to do. I was non-weight baring for 4 weeks when I broke my ankle and foot. I know how hard it is to be stuck without having both feet on the ground. You have a great attitude. I'd be crying.
Jen, I’m so sorry you’ve had another surgery. Ashley (my niece) has a longer incision on the side of her ankle. The huge splint came off yesterday and now she has a cast for 4 weeks with weight bearing as she can handle.

I agree with Celle, leave it for a few days, chances are it’ll work it’s way loose and you can take care of it before the dr.
Thank you for your suggestions! I was able to get it off with no problems the day after I posted the picture! There was mesh over the incision so there was no danger of reopening it by pulling the gauze off. So far, so good!!!

I had my first follow-up with my OS on the 5th and it went pretty well. I had stopped wearing the split cast most of the time. It is uncomfortable and cumbersome. I am very careful to keep my foot/ankle from moving and flexing like it shouldn't. So, he jokingly said not to make him put me in a cast (anything but that!) and then he swatted me on the arm with the cast. :) Did I mention he's been my guy since I was 12?

So, the mesh is off, I have a much smaller split cast to wear, and the goal is to avoid infection. I have to wash both incisions with hibicleans daily, dry completely, and wipe with Betadine. Then I use an abdominal gauze pad to cover the cuts, cover that with stockinette, put the split cast on, and then cover it all with ace bandages. I want to avoid infection at all costs!! My OS also told me I could use my Das Boot during the day and the cast at night if I wanted to switch it up. We'll see... I have now added the ABD pads and big roll of stockinette to my personal medical supply stash!!

The worst part is is that I have to do even less than I was, such as walking or weight bearing. I was hardly doing anything, so it's been rough. As you know from my story, when I can't drive, I feel trapped. And I'm not really supposed to leave the house, so it's just a bummer all around. At least I have a very comfy new mattress!!! I've also had to stop taking my Flexaril because it was working too well and relaxing my bladder. As most of you know, it takes a little more time to get to the loo after surgery, and I wasn't making it! It's so much better now and I just use Aleve when needed and one oxy at night before bed. I joke with my mom that I'm 41 years old and not toilet trained yet!!!

So, that's my update! Nothing exciting, but trying to do what I can! I'm beginning to realize that having both procedures at once is a bigger deal than I thought! Just thankful the pain hasn't been bad at all!!

I'm posting updated pictures. #1 is from tonight and proof that I'm doing what I'm supposed to. #2 is the outside incision after mesh removal on the 5th. Worried about this one a bit, but it looks ok for now. #3 is the outside incision, part of which is over an old surgical scar. Also taken on the 5th.

Hope everyone is doing well! If you're in WNY by me, enjoy the spring snow!! :)



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It looks as if your incisions are healing well, Jen, but the rest of your skin has got very dry - it will do that in a cast. If you can avoid the incisions, use some moisturizer on the rest of your foot and ankle.
I’m glad your recovery is moving along! Being holed up is no fun though!
Hello fellow Bonesmarties!

Still hanging in there. Had my second post-op appt yesterday! Everything seems to be going well. My incisions are healing, but the inner one is taking a bit longer because of where it is. I go back in a month. I have to keep up with the Betadine-hibicleans ritual and wrapping it. But, I will use Das Boot exclusively when I walk or go out of the house. Only been out twice since 3/22 so I'm a bit stir crazy! Planning to go out Sunday for a few hours, so we'll see how that goes. I cannot drive, which is understandable! Pain is almost non-existent, just occasional soreness that only needs Aleve at its worst.

Trying to keep myself occupied and distracted! I am going bonkers, so it will be good to get out of the house more often!!

Hope everyone is doing well!!
Having no pain is wonderful. So will getting out of the house this weekend. Getting out just for a few minutes is such a mood lifter!
Unfortunately, I have discovered a tunnel in one of my incisions. (See picture) It's weeping a bit, but there is no pus or real sign of infection. It is a bit deeper than yesterday, so I'm keeping a close eye on it. I'll also be calling my OS on Monday. was going so well, and I am literally doing hardly anything! I haven't been out of the house since the benefit last Sunday, and I took it very easy. We'll see what happens I guess. This is not a good area for tunneling!!

Hope everyone is doing well!!!


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Oh no, Jen! :console2:
Do call your surgeon first thing on Monday. You need to get on top of this before it has a chance to develop further.
Oh no, I pray that it closes up from the inside out. Please let us know what your doctor says.
Sorry for the delay in the update. I'm going to keep posting here so I have a record of my tribulations!!

I did see a PA at my OS office last
Tuesday. He was sufficiently concerned enough to send me to the Wound Clinic, and I had that appt today. The PA also put me on the dreaded Keflex for 10 days as a precaution only at that point.

So, today was a bummer....I have an infection, and the Doc took samples to culture for sure what strain it is. It definitely looked redder all around today, so maybe it's good it waited to look angry for when I saw the doctor. Anyway, they measured it, and took pictures. They put lidocaine gel on it and scooped it out to make it bleed. He said that the skin has to be kept fresh to promote healing. He packed it with this ribbon stuff, different than I had last time. Then they wrapped it and I put Das Boot over it all. I go back next Monday. He originally wanted me back Friday, but there were no openings.

I have to repack it every day and wrap it up, keep scrubbing with the Hibiclens, and hope for the best. He said that the opening was small, but it was deep (2cm) and next to the bone!!! He said I may need a wound vac again. No! No! No!!! I am just worried because it's by the bone. He also wants me on doxycycline...I'm going to be so ill from those, but I need this taken care of ASAP.

Anyway, thanks for letting me vent. Just frustrated!!! Hope everyone is doing well!

Infectiously yours,
I'm so sorry, Jen! :console2:
You've been through all this before. I do hope this time the infection clears up faster and without the need for a wound vac.

I've recently gained more understanding of what a pain the wound vac is, as my husband has had to have one since an infection after his surgery a month ago. I think he'll need it for at least another month.

I guess the important thing is that those things do work, but I still hope you can avoid needing one this time.

Best wishes and hugs. ((((((((((Jen))))))))))

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