Knee Infection* The girl with the two fake knees

I’m so sorry you are going through this. Vent all you want! :console2:
Oh Jen, I'm so sorry. :sad: I hope you can avoid a wound vac, though if you need one, you know they can help.
Jen, I was on 200mg of doxycycline for about a year after the original antibiotics wiped out my white count. It was rough on my stomach for about 6 months. I had to be close to a bathroom or know where one was. I’ve been on 100mg of doxycycline for 3 years now and my stomach has settled into it. Be sure you’re taking a good probiotic and eating some yogurt every day, but you know the routine. I’m hoping this heals quickly.
Thank you so much for the kind words of encouragement. It definitely hurts more today and looks infected. I'm attaching a picture. It seems maybe a little less deep, but I could just be wishing for that. I'm loading up on protein and probiotics.



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To ease you mind, give the surgeon a call and have them take a look at your foot.
God bless you, Jen. What a terrible thing to happen to you again. I pray it heals well on it on without a wound vac.
I have no idea how you were able to do a year of the doxy. I'm on my second day and I feel very ill. Compared to the same time last week, I have definitely decompensated. I give you a lot of credit. It just goes to show how we sometimes just have to do what we have to.

So, I wasn't able to sleep last night, at all, which I wish I could say was something new for me!!! I have really bad upper back pain that feels like acid reflux. My ears are killing me, but I am windering if it's from reflux or something? I've lost my appetite (which is not a bad me!) I have a hard time breathing deeply, so I'm wondering if I'm just coming down with a cold. Nothing is a big red flag, but I usually don't feel this ill.

My big concern is my ankle hole. I thought it was getting shallower, but it's not. I have to shove this iodine ribbon in the hole as far and as deep as it will go, and it's a bit uncomfortable, to say the least!!! Luckily, I only have to do it once a day! It feels much heavier and full and like it's infected, which it is of course. I'm kind of becoming a bit more worried about the potential for a wound vac... So, I'm trying to keep positive. I'm trying not to be one that complains!!!! I guess it could always be worse. I just can't believe how quickly I went from feeling pretty good to how I feel now!!

Thanks for listening. Hope you are having a great day!!!

Nauseously yours,

Jen, I’m still on 100mg doxycycline daily and see my ID annually. Maybe it was easier because I was on 2 different antibiotics right after the infection surgery, both IV and oral, so my stomach was a mess. But the doxycycline has its moments in the first 6 months. Maybe I’ll be off it one day, but who knows. My appetite was a wreck for a while too, but as you said, that was ok for me too and I lost about 30lbs after the TKR.

I can’t imagine how they’d put a wound vac on your heel.
Well, Karri, you are my hero because I've been a mess today. But, if I keep vomiting, I won't mind if I lose some weight!!!! I feel like such a baby for this short time, but man.....I am glad I've rarely needed antibiotics in my life!!!

I guess I should put it in better perspective. :)

No fun at all! I’m sorry you’re feelings my so sick. Does the dr know the effect the doxycycline is having on you?
Well, I was feeling awful after my shower yesterday, so I had my mom take me to the ER at the hospital I've had my surgeries, since my OS and wound doctor are there too. Well, 8.5 hours later, I was transferred by ambulance to Rochester General with a suspected blood clot in my lung. They had the CT machine that would fit my big ole butt. When they had me lay down for the scan, I wasn't able to breathe (mini freak out as that is the scariest thing ever.) They gave me oxygen and more pillows and I made it through. They also did a "walk" test and my O2 went from 99 to 74 in less than a, I've been dx'd with a pulmonary embolism. I got my first dose of Lovenox. I've been admitted for a few days.

The pain was so intense. It was on my left side, under my breast, around my side along my ribs, onto my back and in my shoulder. When I got to RGH, I felt like I was being stabbed even not when taking a breath. I did get a shot of morphine, which seems to have helped a little. I hope to be transferred to my room soon.

It has been a day full of BS, including having to be stuck 16 times for an IV and blood work, including once in the foot, waiting for hours for no reason, and just poor care all around. Just glad I didn't die before I got oxygen!!!

Moral of the story: always trust your instincts as I knew something was wrong last week, but I didn't push it.

I'll keep you updated!!! Thank you for listening!!

Frustratingly yours,
So sorry, this has happened, Jen.

I'm glad you're being treated now.
:console2: Praying for you!
Oh, Jen! I’m so sorry to hear this! I’m hoping the meds work well enough that you can go home soon.
Thank you for letting me continue to record my trials and tribulations. Still hate being hospitalized, but I hope the treatment works!!! I have now been poked 20 times total, not including the Lovenox injections, which is ridiculous. All three of the draws today were done on the first tries, so I really don't think it was all on me yesterday. I'm going to be a bruised mess after I leave here.

Still having about a 6 for pain and agreed to take a pain pill tonight in the hopes that I will sleep more than an hour. It's impossible to get comfortable, that's for sure!!! And, I was able to change my ankle today too, so that makes me feel better. Looks like I'll be sprung on Monday!

Thank you for the words of encouragement!!! I definitely need them!!!

Hope you get some sleep tonight. Sending healing thoughts your way.
:console2:More hugs and prayers.

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