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@Thesoutherncook - just caught up on your thread.. Sounds like things are going really well for you.. And Buddy is doing REALLY well!! I am SOO happy to hear that.. :happydance:

Just updated my thread today.. Life is a bit busy .. hahahaha! (understatement!!) But I have been thinking about you.. Know that I am wishing you and your family the very best in this holiday season. Be well, my friend! :yes:
Just thought I would drop in to say, hi. Crazy busy with work and holiday chores and festivities. Have been reading your thread but I am not posting much. Being that I am a writer, sometimes posting seems too much like work. Thinking about you, though.
:wave:Hi Everyone! Thought I should post on my own thread for a change! At almost 5 months, "Buddy" continues to improve and change. The numbness on the outside of my knee has improved significantly! Yeah! I've been on my feet a good bit lately Christmas shopping, cooking, wrapping presents, etc. I caught myself shifting my weight to the NEW knee to take the pressure off #2! I took that as a good sign for the new knee! I went down a few steps that are not as steep as mine and it was good! I still get tired by late afternoon, but even the stamina is coming back... Watch out for the Energizer Bunny with the new knee! :running:
Helen, this is great news! I am so happy for you. Does this change your mind about having #2 done? I read EVERY word of your post to Ralph! He better be listening up!

Hope you have an excellent evening!
Sounds like Buddy wants to stay off the naughty list. I will tell Santa he is being good!
Hi there.! You sound good. Yay! I am getting help in PT, myofacial release and strengthening. My pain going downstairs has decreased from about an 8 to a 3. I try a few stairs everyday. I can see some light at the end of this long journey but certainly not there yet. My husband and I are having fun planning a May trip to Finland, Russia, Estonia, and Iceland. I will be 10 months post-op then and I hope to be jogging up and down stairs.
Hi Helen. I'm just checking in to see how you're doing. I'm glad Buddy is cooperating. He knows that Santa is checking his list! Do you think Santa will be sending him a new brother in 2016? Have a Merry Christmas!!
Hi @newlybionic and everyone! Buddy and I have been incredibly busy lately. We made 4 batches of Christmas cookies and 3 batches of homemade marshmallows! He held up well. Wish I could say the same for #2!

Today is our 5 month mark!:wow: I can't say I'm at the point of not thinking about him, but almost. DH pointed out to me yesterday that I was standing with my weight shifted to Buddy. Yes, because #2 was being cranky! Occasionaly, I have some swelling. No surprise. I just ice, elevate and rest. I'm not taking any pain meds ( and haven't for a long while) except for an occasional Tylenol. We sleep well ( except when our 13 yr old dog wakes us at 5:30-6am!). So, things are going well.

@newlybionic, Marian, I have an OS appt Jan 4 to re evaluate #2. I think now that perhaps cortisone might be in order. The OS is conservative, so I don't expect to rush into anything. I have several commitments the first half of 2016 and really don't have "time" for another major surgery and year of recovery. We'll see...... :fingersx:

I wish everyone a very Merry Christmas or Happy Holidays or whatever you celebrate. May we all prosper in 2016 and be healthy, wealthy and wise! :tree lights:
Happy birthday to Buddy. You sound good! I am pleased to hear all is going well and Buddy is behaving. Bet your UPS man is having to let out his belt these days.
@Thesoutherncook - saw your post and am so happy for you, that's a lot of cookies and marshmallows! I'm at 10 weeks and waiting for the day I can forget this knee, there are moments but never for very long. I agree that the baking, shopping, decorating, and wrapping take a tole on the ole knee but a girls got to do what a girls got to do! I must say that I will be glad when Friday is over and I can relax again. I hope you have a very Merry Christmas.

The weight shift is a sign! You're really getting there! However I'm not nearly there, haven't baked anything yet! Two more days of work then I can start!
Hi Helen! Merry Christmas!! Nice update. I'm so glad things are going well for you! Wishing you a fabulous New Year and best wishes for knee #2! :reindeerlights:
Hi Helen! Merry Christmas! I have always wanted to make marshmallows, next year I will.
Five months in and your progress is great.
Very encouraging.
Hi Helen! I just read your entire thread, which was very helpful for me, as I'm experiencing many of the same things you have, but I continue to make progress. I hope you're enjoying the holidays.
Sending hugs your way :friends:
Happy New Year - a little late. But, that's a good thing because it means I've been busy with LIFE after TKR!

Today was my long dreaded appt with my OS to discuss knee #2. After comparing xRays from today with last spring, he said ( again) my problem is with the patella and it is not extremely bad. Everything else looks OK. He does not want to "mess with things that still look good" ( very technical terms? ) So, we opted for a cortisone injection today and I am praying that it will calm down # 2 and we can continue to return to a normal life.

He did say NO stairs ( We live in a 3 level house! I scoffed loudly; he laughed. ) No exercise bikes, not even recumbent. No mountain climbing. I think I could make a case for moving to the beach......alas, DH is NOT buying into that! :censored:

So, to all of you folks who are coming along sloooowly.... It WILL get better. There IS light at the end of the tunnel.
Yesterday I cooked all afternoon for a dear friend who is sick ( after I spent the am going to the dentist for repair of a broken tooth from New Years Eve, ran several errands, stopped at our HUGE gorcery store for ingredients to cook with) I cooked my famous "Sick Soup", Ham and Bean Soup, Cornmeal Honey White bread,and Almond Cream Cheese Poundcake PLUS heated leftovers for our supper! @newlybionic, if only I could send some of this to you!!!
Helen, that is great news about #2! Not great about the stairs....I was told to go up and down our stairs once a day - talk about planning your trips! mountain climbing??? You LIVE in the MOUNTAINS!! Ha! I am sure he knows that. A good sense of humor?? So, what exercise are you supposed to do?

You are a good woman. Having friends like you preparing and bringing food, I am sure brings great comfort. A good Southern woman. The meal sounds delicious and easy for them to reheat and enjoy leftovers. I have learned a lot being sick, having friends and neighbors bring in food, and over my years of doing the same. Ease of preparation for the recipient, not having to return dishes, not too spicy, and just the visit mean a lot. Is the Almond Cream Cheese Poundcake on your blog? Sounds delicious! Now get some rest! I bet Buddy is going to be cranky!
Here is the recipe link:

Yes, my OS has quite a sense of humor! Straight leg lifts only for a while. He didn't say to NEVER do stairs, but he did say with patella problems, stairs are the WORST thing you can do! I remember walking up and down thousands of steps in the Paris Metro. :flabber: I'm not much of a mountain climber, except to go around our house and point out what the yard helper needs to do! :heehee:

I'm hopeful that the inj and some TLC will make it bearable. I had to agree that he should not remove healthy "stuff"!!!! BTW, he looks like Santa, tall, big belly, white beard and a bright red shirt today! He's a hoot!
Thanks for the recipe! I love pound cakes. Every time I make my Granny's pound cake, it sticks in the pan. My mother made it for years and NEVER had a problem. After she died, I took her pound cake pan and made the cake. It stuck! I think it is just not meant for me to make that cake!

Today, I started doing the stepping on the 4" step at PT backwards to stretch the back of my leg and to start learning to come down the steps like a proper lady. Well.....lady may be stretching it! :rotfl::rotfl: Oh my goodness!! THAT is going to take some work, but I really want to be able to do it. I feel if I can use Ralph more on stairs, it will save my other knee.

I hope you have a restful night! Did you get snow?

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