THR scared to death did it

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Thanks @Legin sleep is proving the easy part lol how long does the swelling usually last once that goes down properly im sure sitting will be more confortable still no luck on the loo front yet x x
Swelling :badspidy:

In sitting with my leg elevated and three gallon zip lock bags of ice, starting at my foot. :gaah:
Loo will happen swelling a while think what those muscles hv been thru. Yaaaaay on sleep tho best for recovery. You are doing amazing lass.
Btw on loo front. I was on way bk from drs walking on crutches when gurgle happened. I was like oxford boat race on those crutches getting bk. So dont stray too far.
Legin :rotfl: i feel better each day so thats a plus lol once loo thing sorted and swelling goes down i bet its more cimfortable x x
Hi pink24
Quick response re constipation. After 6 days I got some glycerin suppositories - shoved one in and 20 mins later a major happening. It made me feel so much better and plain sailing ever since. Suppose it depends what your tolerance level is! Good luck
Its my 6th day today but not eaten really for 4 of them i dont feel that constipeted just know i need to be going on iron so thats not helping matters if no joy tomorrow will maybe speak to gp what a topic of convo :heehee: i feel :egypdance:in myself not feeling ill so glad i went through with it in the end x x x
Well.done you a.large part of this recovery thing is how we are upstairs. Errrrr as in.head and how we view it. You.say not eaten.for 4 that's you.have had some stuff like your smoothies. Just you need to.give.your body fuel to heal. I found well.refound actually Mars bars. Congrats again on brilliant attitude.

Legin THR Sep 14
You are so right @Legin a huge part of this whole process is in our psyche. I felt so vulnerable immediately after the op. I just was in a panic which does not help at all. Now 10 days later I am home and calmer. Patience now is the big thing. I can't be my usual self "quick get everything done" " need to do ten things at once" etc.

"How we are upstairs" particularly being peaceful is so important!
Chortle I'm same. Oh.what me right nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo. Shhhhh spoil reputation of being the.village oaf

Legin THR Sep 14
Hi Pink24
How did your day go today? Well we have one week in " on the other side"! And look how far we have come!
Take care
Yeah 1 week in lets see 3 showers stairs defeated pain meds down to 2 twice a day swelling going down slowly able to do knee slides unaided, appitite returning, dosent seem much but it is only going to get better and better hope your all ok and well my hippie friends :flwrysmile:
don't lose pain.relief too quick I.did and owwee

Legin THR Sep 14
In a lot of discomfort on the loo front still not been and its day 9 gp has given me some special drinks they taste rank its purpose is to soften any compacted stools, she says its the meds etc thats caused it been ever so teary today but hip wise all is ok felling :eeeuw: please pray that this works x x x
@pink24 The teary part is very normal, or at least it was in my case. I'd break into the weeps at the drop of a hat.

I hope you're on the "go" soon though. That is absolutely no fun.

Rest lots, my dear, and take many cat naps.

Oh dear....that's is so uncomfortable & proved to be my worst hope you you get some movement soon x

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"The teary part is very normal, or at least it was in my case.
I'd break into the weeps at the drop of a hat"

The tears seem very ready and easy flowing in my case. My hospital notes said "tearful today" on each day that I was in hospital. Just now I read that Sabresfan had "come through to this side" and back it was again I was tearful, tears of relief. Oh well at least I am human!!
@pink24 well sounds like today is not one of the good days and that is normal. Tomorrow will be better!

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Tears are fine heck hc had many times had my.waterproof shoulder tested. Thing is it isn't moaning its venting pain frustration and sheeer tiredness. All of these need an outlet. However soon they will be.replaced by.smiles of.achievment. If not tha can vent even more at me

Legin THR Sep 14
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