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Dec 15, 2014
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Hi all well its day 1 here dunno why I was so anxious as it was easy peasy been out bed on a chair for my lunch my os was fantastic as was the rest of his team I will report back very soon
Congratulations on the new hip, and your release of anxiety. Must be a huge weight off your back. May your recovery be uneventful!!!:cool:
So glad to see your new thread--I've been watching for it. Just thrilled for you that you "broke on through to the other side". Best wishes!
Congratulations! It feels SO good to be on the other side. We're here for you when you have questions or want to vent. Remember, when getting in and out of the car or in the bed, keep your legs together. :thumb:

You were fine.before just a tad worried and.that's understandable. So glad it all went well not.gonna.say.told ya in.the eye a.tad sore. Good for you girl

Legin THR Sep 14
Day 1 had xray was taken on my bed but been up sat in the chair and walked with my cruches while i am trying to sleep on my back im have silly dreams of falling or slpping which jolt me awake with a right old shake think it the meds i was as high as a kite yesterday but so glad to be on the other side alll the anxiety has gone now x x x
O had the woooah dreams too. Well done lass
Yes the whoooa dreams continue got ice pack for leg as its swollen feel like will never walk again so sore and leg feels heavy. Any tips any one x x
You will.walk but I know how it feels. Just rest sleep as your eyes feel heavy your body has had a major shock. Even.worse than looking at me would be. Its a slow.l process but you.will come.thru

Legin THR Sep 14
@Pink 24 you have the classic "log leg"! Me too! Legin has good advise abut the leg. It's 4:30 in the morning here, and I can't sleep, my pain is controlled but I have a roommate who is constantly ringing for the nurses for every silly thing imaginable!
Me.right nooooooooooooooooooo. Dagnabit that' right for.the year gone. Feel sorry for you @NuMe2014 our ward and my bed was next to the loo

Legin THR Sep 14
@NuMe2014 log leg it exactly how it feels physio been and she got it movingi walked with crutches and we to the loo on my own.stairs this afternoon. Got ice pack on well this is day two passed my os on route walking and he said thats what i like to see. On the plus side i have a room of my own own bathroom and 32 plasma tv downside no one to chat too either x x
Awwww at least it means you can.snooze easily. Take the.snoozes as they come its a funny road this recovery lark.

Legin THR Sep 14
It's 9:00am here breakfast is done and now waiting for physio to come and take me for my walk and to clear me to walk on my own.

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Oh man...I had those awful dreams of falling and slipping too and I'd wake up with a jolt! I still have them every so often, especially now that it's been icy around here lately.
Stay ahead of the pain, and remember to keep your legs together when you get in or out of bed or the car. :)
I still hv them but the thud ow tells me reason why.
Im going home tomorrow at 10.30am done stairs doing them again tomorrow then can go home my girls got some training on helping me cant wait for my own bed x x NuMe2014 and legin you two proper make me laugh x x x
Well laughter is a medecine so i shld never get ill laughin numpty. Glad you are going home mk sure proper meds. If home and prob phone nhs 24. Hope it goes well. Take care lass
Glad to hear you're up and about! Feels good to be on the other side doesn't it?
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