PKR JusticeRider’s rehab adventure

I know it wasn’t my fault, but it makes me so sad that he missed out on those years of doing what he loved
But….what he loved MOST was you and hubs. And I’m certain he felt your loving care and adoration his entire life. Sweet boy.
Thanks @Layla you are right. And he loved protecting his animals and his farm with his little sister Ladybug. And he got to do that everyday.
He will be watching over his farm always.


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I know what you mean. Between the pandemic and my joint issues it has been a strange and difficult last few years.
It is also hard to trust my recovery- especially as I have other joint problems. I want to get on with my life and plan trips away but don't have the confidence I used to have. Got to build that up as well as my strength....
EalingGran, it has been a really difficult few years! The pandemic took a big toll, and then there has been everything else. I’m hoping this is the beginning of a brighter time. I just worry about my other 11yr old dog and my horses, 20 and 27. And also…
It is also hard to trust my recovery- especially as I have other joint problems.
This. My ‘good’ knee catches once in a while and even though my operated hip is feeling good at the moment, I always worry about arthritis in it after revision surgery. Even my other hip has similar anatomy and potential for issues and has a ‘clunk’. Now knowing about the hypermobility, it seems all my joints have an added challenge. So my darkest fear recovery-wise is that just as I am getting back to normal again…bam! The other shoe is gonna drop :yikes:

But I try to lay those fears aside. We have to try to make the most of what we have NOW and not waste our present fearing for the future. For all we know, all we have is today. Let’s make the most of it! Glad to have the solidarity of you lovely people to stay encouraged :console2:
Hi Justice!
Wanted to pop in and say hello to you. I read a few of your last pages and I'm so sorry about your beautiful boy crossing the Rainbow Bridge.
They sure do leave our hearts torn up. Sending you hugs. :console2:

Sounds like your knee is continuing to improve!
I posted an update on being MIA.
Hang in there!
Hey there @beachy , good to hear from you! I’m glad your hubby’s therapy has been going well and hope he is done with infusions. I agree he is lucky to have you to care for him :) That’s what marriage is all about, being there to care for one another, right? And I think it brings you closer.

Too bad about that fall…ugh! The last thing any of us wants. It sounds like you’re recovering well from it, so that’s good. Yikes! Also sorry your shoulder will probably need replacing. Boo. But when it is healed up, you will be glad to have it done I’m sure.

Thanks for reading some on my thread. Yes, the knee is doing pretty darn good! We just attended a 3 day music festival about a mile round trip from our house where we walked each day and then walked around the festival for several hours a day and did lots of standing around in beer gardens and sitting on the ground on blankets. I’m happy to report, the knee handled it all like a champ.

Thanks for the condolences for my sweet pup. It was a tough loss, he was a special guy. I know he is romping with his best friend now, who crossed over last year. But he will be sorely missed.

Yes, you’re right, @beachy It was tough. It’s funny when I go back and read my thread it really sounds so much more positive and optimistic during that time than I remember feeling. I guess I didn’t want to bring everybody down, so posted only during my better moods, and tried to be more hopeful. For my own journaling purposes and even for others struggling, I almost wish I had allowed myself to complain more on here! I was miserable! But I think I was kind of giving myself a pep talk writing those posts too. Like, this is hard but I’m improving! Really, I am! Um…I think…

Just glad I got through those times and am living life again! :)
I think trying to look at the better times more than the bad ones helps in our overall recovery. Stressing out over it only makes it worse. Stress causes the muscles to tighten up and that is not good for healing those poor traumatized muscles! You have always been a light of sunshine to us all! Thank you!
Friends, I made it to one year!!! :happydance:

My knee-iversary (ann-knee-versary?) was three days ago! I haven’t been on the site much for the last week or so because we were visiting with family and we had quite a packed itinerary. I’m going to have to catch up on some reading here!

For my one year celebration, we went for an amazing 5 mile hike up by beautiful Mount Rainier. The views were absolutely incredible! It was for sure the most challenging hiking I have done since my injury in 2020 and the following three surgeries. About 3/4 of the way up I had a little moment of panic thinking, what have I done? Is this too much? Am I going to get hurt again and get stuck up here? Have I made a terrible mistake?? But with my husband’s support and a big dose of bravery and trust in my new knee, I made it up to the top, and most importantly, back down again! And later…no swelling or pain!! It was the perfect way to mark my one year.

As far as the basic milestones, I’m going to try something different since I have such a hard time keeping things brief :snork: Let’s see if bullet points can rein me in.

At one year…
•My pain level is zero 99% of the time. I do still follow Bone Smart’s philosophy: if it hurts, don’t do it. But what I can do grows exponentially as time goes by.
•I very rarely have any swelling or heat. Rarely as in maybe once in the last 3 mo’s
•My numb spot has been shrinking and even where it is still numb, I am beginning to get some subtle sensation. The skin around my scar is still a bit sensitive compared to my other leg.
•I still think about my knee pretty often, but not nearly as much as I don’t.
•My knee is amazingly strong and functional and in many ways, better than my other knee.
•I can now kneel on two knees with no hands, on a soft mat.
•My ROM is still improving steadily on a monthly or even weekly basis! I’m sure my surgeon or old PT would not be satisfied with my flexion, but that’s why I don’t listen to them anymore. It’s amazing how far it’s come and how it continues to progress. That window of opportunity business is absolute :censored: I am happy to say.
•As my knee has improved and my strength and functionality has grown, my operated hip has been feeling better too. It rarely feels tight or twinges any more.
•I am hiking, riding, farming, and just generally enjoying life. I am planning my first backpacking trip by the end of the season. Soon!
•After taking several months off of PT to rehab on my own, I have been working with an amazing new PT for the last few. She focuses on balance, alignment, body mechanics, and does lots of manual therapy. Never has she EVER tried to pressure me to flex my knee further than I choose. She has only encouraged me, validated my journey, cheered me for progressing so far on my own, and expressed faith in my continuing growth. My exercises never hurt me and usually evolve each week. I feel very respected and empowered.

Ok, well, I’m cutting it off there. The bullet points didn’t slow me down much, but I think it helped :heehee: Thanks to all at BoneSmart for the priceless advice, solidarity, support, and education. I would have been lost without it. I can’t believe the contrast between the encouragement and honesty here to the doom and gloom, shame and threats I experienced with many medical professionals. This site is a gift.

All my love and good vibes to everyone healing out there :SUNsmile:
Happy One Year Anniversary, JusticeRider!
What an inspirational post...I love it! The hike near Mt. Rainier had to be so fulfilling as well as exciting.
Yay, you did it! :yay:
We're thankful you joined us on the forum, sharing your journey with all, and tirelessly supporting and encouraging others as you've been healing yourself. It's been a joy to follow your progress.
May it only get better. :)
Thanks all so very much! So glad there’s a place we can all share our journeys, the good, the bad, and the ugly. I appreciate every kind and encouraging word ❤️ At the end of the day, we’re all in this crazy knee adventure together. Onward and upward!

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