THR I'm on the other side!!

Hi newguy,
Thankfully you haven't had any other Afib episodes. Your recovery is going so well and I can't believe it will be your one year anniversary already in just two months. I wish you all the best with the ablation procedure on December 19th. Stay in touch.
It's going to hurt more. During surgery they bathed the inside with a local anesthetic plus epinephrine (or something similar). So expect day 3 to be a lot more painful. Sorry.

Have your narcotic handy. Read stuff. It's not just you. You will get through it.
Oh yes IT DID, see my new post :)))
Oh yes IT DID, see my new post :)))
Here is the post Merrimay references!
Good for you @Merrimay
Happy 10 months @newguy :yahoo:
Great to hear you are Hippy Happy.
Have a wonderful weekend!:) :-) (:
Shhhhsh. I jogged 3.5 miles today and walked 5 . Need to stay away from my Covid infected wife. Went to see grandkids and son and daughter-in-law in Albuquerque. Everyone was sick with we thought colds. Well not so fast !! Wife tested positive on Friday, she has cold symptoms and had the bivalent booster 3+ weeks ago . Me no symptoms and negative as of last night . Fingers crossed.
@newguy Well done on the activity level. So sorry Covid has hit your house. Fingers crossed you avoid this crazy virus. At a minimum, let your symptoms be mild. :fingersx:
Never caught Covid :))) Wife is ok just tired now tested negative. I have started a nice easy jogging routine 10-12 min miles . Between 3 and 5 miles a day now . Getting into the best shape for the Afib ablation in December. Have not had any episodes now almost 7 weeks.
50 weeks today, 2 more weeks is 1 year. Wow ! Now jogging slowly 3 to 5 miles a day 11 min miles. Yes I said I would not run early on the recovery, I have consulted my PC doctor who believes my years of running makes my easy jogging with very little impact is just fine to do what I am doing now. My Afib fun has not reared its ugly head now going on 2 months, we have decided to wait on an ablation stay on my meds. Do an echo stress test on the treadmill in January. All good everyone. Heal and move forward. The hip new is Genius!! Enjoy the holiday season all ::)))
@newguy Well done on finding the recovery route that works for you! And it's great news on the Afib.

Seasons Greetings to you and your family!
Wow...almost a year already! What a difference this year has made for you.
Sounds like you're doing well and thank goodness you haven't had to deal with anymore Afib episodes.
Looks like its going to be a great holiday season for you. Enjoy!
@newguy - great recovery story, read a lot of it today. Love the humor and glad to see you are doing so well! I'm only day 15 so haven't earned my stripes yet! haha..
Now some Fun Times!! One gets a bit like worried. But have not had any Afib now 4+ Months..

I am having at times pain when lifting leg up like getting into bed or into car or into pants leg. Comes and goes. 2 on scale of 10. No issues walking or my slow jogging. I see my surgeon on April 12. My 1 year appointment has been moved back 2X. From what I am reading it maybe illopasis tendinitis, well thats what I have read. I cannot take any ibuprophin since i am on a blood thinner. So I guess we shall see in April. I noticed the pain after coughing my head off in October after getting sick. Then it resolved. Then walking and jogging 30 to 40 miles a week. The pain came back after I was playing plumber fixing a sink with strain on the joint/ leg for like an hour. I find if I squat or twist I get that pain. Weird. No pain at rest no pain when standing. Just lifting leg at a certain height. Today really no pain, so who knows:)))
Just had my 15 and 1/2 month post op visit today with the guy who fixed me. X Rays are perfect. No wear at all of the cup, since I have been jogging 3 to 6 miles a day slowly and walking another 2 to 4. Says to see him now every 2 years just to take a look at the implant since I will continue to jog and walk and bike and never stop moving. Says the issue of some discomfort in the tendon areas is normal. I have found that as time goes by the discomfort has become less noticable. Doc said that I am at this point fully healed. Says 1 + years is the real healing time. Funny the pre appointment questions were 1. Can you run 5 miles ?, 2. Can you run 10 miles? seriously, so Sunday I ran 6 miles. I could have gone 10:)))
Hi @newguy. You're doing great! Keep up the excellent work.
Today there's no impediment with regard to running on a new hip (as was believed in the past). I had my new left hip in 2015 and ran 5 marathons on that hip (even though this may have been slow = in 5 1/2 hours, but I finished them), as well as one half-Ironman.

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