THR Constanze's recovery diary

Constanze, you are amazing with your continued athletics. I love reading your updates.
We definitely are all on hold, now. We are living a huge part of future history, isn't that strange to think about?

Oh my word @Constanze that water looks frigid! I'm sorry all your races are cancelled! Some events here, biking is what I've heard of, are going virtual. I'm not sure how all of them work, but one small one somewhere required only that the competitors ride the course and send in their times. I imagine some interesting GoPro footage results from things like this!

"stir crazy" is putting it mildly for me! I am in a very high risk group, so have been sheltering at home for months, with few exceptions. I lost all the gigs I had booked. A church job is opening up again.... but only string and keyboard players are allowed; no winds and no singing. My small flute ensemble is putting together a simple virtual choir performance because we're bored silly.
But! My dear mother passed away at 92 of Alzheimer's and what may have been metastasized cancer, or just bronchitis. 8 days later my first grandbaby was born!! 10 days after that we closed the contract on a house back in the neighborhood we raised the kids in, only a 3 minute walk from the pool/ice rink, for said grandchild. And then.... we moved ourselves. Not fun at all. A month ago I took advantage of the fact that elective surgeries were allowed again and had a hernia repair-- which is a much more irritating recovery than a hip!

We were supposed to be on vacation with the kids now but due to heightened caution in the state we'd have gone to (one that has handled things well, as has ours pretty much), we're all stuck at home. Dang. We do see these family members every week, so the 17-week-old baby boy makes up for many lacks!
My favorite exercise is barre class. I'd love to be a true athlete like you, but have to satisfy myself with being a geriatric barre star :snork:
Hi @zauberflöte ,
a beautiful name. I saw a Zauberflöte performance back in the 1970s with my mother and my sister in a theatre in Munich on New Year's Day.

Yes - stir crazy is putting it mildly, even if you are not in a risk group. Isolation, distancing, cancelled events, having to cover your nose and mouth with a mask and not being able to breath and speak properly in public - this isn't good for people's mental health. In fact, I myself am not afraid of undergoing a serious course of the virus infection - my immune system is pretty strong - I'm more afraid that the Covid-19 precautions are here to stay for good: sad thing for somebody who enjoys social contacts, travelling, and learning foreign languages, so lets hope not.

Meanwhile, people are working on vaccines in many parts of the world , and I hope one day, your favourite jigs will take place again, and winds and singing will be allowed. Virtual concerts are possible. We have them in Germany, but they are less fun.

My employer, for example, has authorised two clinical trials for two Covid-19 vaccines, and I only hope they will be effective.

I'm sorry your mum passed away. But congratulations to the birth of your grandchild. I haven't got any grandchildren yet. I hope you have fully recovered from your hernia surgery. My tibia head recovery was also a lot distressing than my hip recovery, but now it's all ok. All the best - Constanze
Yes - stir crazy is putting it mildly, even if you are not in a risk group. Isolation, distancing, cancelled events, having to cover your nose and mouth with a mask and not being able to breath and speak properly in public - this isn't good for people's mental health

Amazing how through BoneSmart we are united with those near and far (other countries and continents) through the common bond of joint replacement and now once again through dreaded COVID.

Be safe and stay well, Constanze!
Hi all

I'm sure many of you remember the 1980s and maybe also this beautiful song "Steppin' out" by Joe Jackson from 1982. He won a Grammy for best male performance. Lets take this song to motivate us to look ahead and have hope for the future in this time of crisis.
Hi @Constanze
Hello from the past! How are you? What a good choice for a "boppy" song. I will be dancing round the living room yet! Times were difficult when we were in recovery but I feel for people being treated now in time of covid. Are you still cycling?

Best wishes
Hi @copsham Karen,
How lovely of you to to send me a post, and welcome back in the future, hihi giggle giggle. Yes, indeed, I'm a fan of 1980s music. How are you, and how is your hip and has the metatarsal fracture fully healed?
This Corona business is becoming a pain - not the virus, no I'm not afraid of the virus, I've got a healthy immune system - it's the restrictions. My husband thinks the same. Actually wanted to take part in Frankfurt Ironman and Frankfurt marathon this year, but all events have been cancelled in Germany until at least the end of this year, I'm hoping for 2021. Have already finished a half Ironman in 2018. That was 2018. And I've got 12 full marathons in my history as well.
Well I weathered out everything: Hip replacement 2015, cataract operation 2018, and a cycle accident which took me 3 months to recover from: a tibia fraction. After I recovered I had a lovely holiday in Australia where our second daughter lives. And I could do all the walking there, especially the 12 km tour around Ayer's Rock (Uluru).
But then nuisance corona came. However, I've been able to train alone: running, cycling, and even swimming. I participated in the lake swim near where I work and went to the outdoor pool. That was possible with a hygiene concept - distancing and all the rest of it.
Now for some better news: Me and my husband will probably more to the UK in 1 or 2 years. We bought a house in Lincoln (great place), which is currently let out, and when the tenants move out, we'd like to move in.
It would be nice if we could keep in touch again.
Best wishes from the Rhine-Main area
Hi all,
I was lucky, my hip giving away must have all been to do with over straining. I was a bit crazy with my 10 yr old grandson, a few days before. We had vigourous playing in a local playground, trying to pick him up and hold him upside down and similar! My hips are now perfect again, thank goodness with out any intervention!

We have several similarities, I have the beginnings of a cataract. Did yours work out?
I went to Australia too, to meet friends. It was wonderful with my replaced hip back to normal and I could walk normally!!

I like your Lincoln idea. It will be a great to have that experience.. We moved out of London in to the countryside. We miss London and may move back in time to come!

Take care everyone!
Hi dear world, hi bonesmarties,
I'm back. Even if Corona is annoying (we'll have a partial lock down again in Germany as from November 2), I'm still trying to keep up my sport. As I said, Frankfurt marathon was cancelled, but a "virtual" marathon took place, which I have heard, was well visited. So I ran the full 42.1 km (I could actually choose the route) on September 25. Didn't quite reach my target time, 5 hours, but did the 42 kms in 42 1/2 hours. But I'm happy, I can still do it. I ran my last marathon in 2017. But I hope that one of these lucky days, I will again be able to run a classical street marathon. I hope you are all doing fine and wish you all the best. Will write more when I've got more news.

Congratulations on running your marathon route!
Glad to hear you are doing well.
That is simply amazing, @Constanze :egypdance:
This whole pandemic has felt like a marathon :blackcloud:
You are obviously a big inspiration for Life after Joint Replacement.
Hope your Sunday is sweet.
Thank you, @Pumpkln and @Mojo333 . you're so kind. I like that rain cloud, actually, Mojo :). It's been mild here, and it has been raining. My garden needs it after the long hot summer :flwrysmile:

Have a great Sunday, too.
I wish you all a Happy Christmas and a lovely New Year:plugging-in-xmas-tree-smiley-emoticon: - better than 2020.
I hope you will be able to see your family over Christmas or at least some of your family members. This picture shows some Christmas lights in my home village Weilbach near Flörsheim on the Main river - in the streets where I often go running these days. - Constanze
:xmas-wave-smiley-emoticon: @Constanze
So happy to hear you are well.
The photo and your post about running makes me smile and a bit nostalgic as I remember the beautiful village Hütschenhausen that was our home for a while when my dad was stationed at Ramstein Air Base.
I hope your holidays are happy and bright.
Hi Karen, @copsham ,
I was wondering how you were doing. Is you hip ok? Have you had a cataract op yet? I must say for me it was absolutely worth it. I had new lenses in both eyes and they also corrected my shortsightedness (myopia). Now I can drive without glasses and just need reading glasses. But it's not necessary for me to drive so much, since I'm working from home. Instead, I enjoy my improved eyesight when I'm training for my triathlon, which will hopefully take place in 2021. Especially cycling after dark is good. I also have great lights for my bike. I wish you a Happy New Year :happy-new-years-toast-smiley-emoticon:
You are a now Oma!:egypdance:
You will be the Coolest Oma ever, I'm guessing.
Good to hear you are well and there has been some return to normalcy.
The holidays should be extra sweet this year!:plugging-in-xmas-tree-smiley-emoticon:
Thank you @Mojo333 . I enjoy it. On Thursday, our 2nd daughter moved back from Australia to Germany (yes, she got a permit to travel), because she got a job in Germany. Everybody met her at the airport, all her sisters and the babies. We had a meal at our house. So the house was full again and full of life. We had a lovely time.
Merry Christmas @Constanze ! Thanks for stopping by. Hope all is well with you and yours! :carols:

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