THR Constanze's recovery diary

So sorry to hear about the accident but glad the prognosis is so good! I can't imagine not being weight bearing - it does not sound like fun to me! Take care of yourself and post the happier times as well. You were one of my inspirations as I went through the THRs!
Yikes! @Constanze What a nasty surprise! Thankfully you sound as if you are on the road to recovery, though. Take care and have a wonderful Holiday, however you pronounce them. :banana-santa:
Thank you @Fit4Family , @SaraK , and @CricketHip .
Today, I got on my bike and rode it round twice the block. It felt good. I'll increase the distance slowly. I wore my knee protectors which I bought at a sports shop in Wiesbaden. I will wear those during bike training in future. Of course, I also were a helmet and gloves which I've done anyway up to now. I've already been swimming again since my accident. Best wishes to all of you!
Boy, you sound like Wonder Woman! Even though your injury sounded awful, it was pretty amazing that a fall hard enough to do that didn't hurt your you are a living testament to how strong a new hip can be once it heals. (You probably don't want to test that too often, but how amazing that this one time it held up so well.) You sound like such a positive person...I'm sure that has also aided your recovery, because you sound like you are doing really well for such a bad break!
Wow, riding your bike already, that's an accomplishment. Glad that you're back on the road to recovery.
Frohe Weihnachten! :plugging-in-xmas-tree-smiley-emoticon:
Boy, you sound like Wonder Woman!

She IS a wonder woman ...can not keep her down.

Hope you have a very Merry Christmas @ConsConsta
Thank you for the kind words of encouragement @Debru4, and also thanks to you, @Elf1 for the good wishes in German! I have my good days and my bad days. On my bad days, my walking is still a bit wobbly. Concerning this, yet again, I follow the heel toe rules from Bonesmart.

And - no you're right. I shouldn't "test" the hip too often by having too many falls. This will have to be my last injury. My husband has also already warned my that he needs a rest from looking after me during all these recoveries: Hip 2015, Eyes 2018, and now the tibia head. I will have to be more careful.
:wave: Wondering how you were doing?
I bet you are one frustrated lady being "put in timeout" like this in order to recover. I only think of you out running, so I wanted to extend my warm wishes for healing and hope you can keep your patience muscles flexed!
Hi @Mojo333 :yay:. Thank you for saying hello to me and for the warm wishes

Now that I'm allowed to fully weight bear, I get better every day. It's my eighth week after the operation and - oh boy - it is taking really long. I can walk without crutches, although this sometimes looks a bit peculiar, as my husband says. I have already done one 20-km-cycle ride and I can swim. I'll try running again in March with the run-walk-run approach like I did after the hip op.

Warning: This text is a bit long: :rofsign:

I'm still finding it hard to understand why a tibia head fracture takes longer to heal than a total hip replacement. My operation was not an emergency operation. It was planned. They inserted two titanium plates and a few screws and that repaired it. Before that, I had a plaster cast sort of splint for 10 days.
I also couldn't quite see the logic in the instructions from the senior doctor responsible for the accident ward. After the op and still in the ward, on of my surgeons instructed me to use 20 kg weight bearing for 4 weeks on the op leg, and the physiotherapist practiced that with me in the ward corridor using my crutches, with the remark that if everything healed as normal, they would increase the weight after 4 weeks. After 4 weeks I actually felt better (less soreness, stronger). Then I had an X-ray as a checkup at the hospital with that senior doctor and he set me back to 0 weight bearing for another 2 weeks. So I thought it was a misunderstanding, but it turned out to be true. These 2 weeks set me back in my develop, especially psychologically. I was afraid something wasn't healing right.

My and my husband then scheduled another appointment with the senior doctor, at which the senior doctor explained that everything was healing normally and that after 6 December, he would put my weight bearing up to 40 kg. Now what's the sense in that. My husband and I think it makes more sense to have a continuous increase. And we also asked, did we not originally arrange 20 kg? But the doctor replied - speaking to my husband about me in the 3rd person singular - Yes, but she puts her full weight on that leg, and then she denies it.

Oh well, after 6 December, I had 40 kg weight bearing, and now full weight bearing. I'm trying to increase my strength for walking for my next holiday in February. We will see our daughter in Brisbane, Australia, and an internal flight to Ayer's Rock is planned with a 12 km hike around the rock. I very much look forward to this. I think, I should be able to do it. I'll have more physiotherapy in January.

I hope you all enjoyed your Christmas holidays. @Debru4 , did you call me a wonder woman. Actually, I thought I was a bit daft. Don't understand how I had that silly bike accident. The other day, I cycled over that spot where I had the accident. I couldn't see a bump; nor did I detect a pot hole - no reason for falling. Must have simply gone too fast.

Will write an update when I have some news. Thanks again to everybody for taking an interest. You people are really kind. Best - Constanze
We will see our daughter in Brisbane, Australia, and an internal flight to Ayer's Rock is planned with a 12 km hike around the rock.
Sounds wonderful. Can you take a fold away hiking pole on this walk? Might help you if you get tired.

Frohes neues Jahr!
Sounds like a remarkable recovery to me, Constanze, which is not surprising given your athletic background. I hope you're enjoying this holiday time with the countdown to the New Year in full swing. Here's to a great 2020! :happy-new-years-toast-smiley-emoticon: Safe travels to Austrailai in February. I hope you enjoy!
Many thanks, @Jaycey , @Elf1 , and @Layla . Yes, indeed , Jaycey, collapsible poles for travelling are a choice. In fact, my husband bought me collapsible crutches - very light, very silent and - made of carbon - just like my bike :loll:. So they are a lot more chicque and more "athletic" than my standard old "clip clop crutches" as he calls them. They are suitable for travelling, of course. However, it looks as though I won't be needing them now. About a week ago, I walked 12 km for practice without walking aids. It took me a while - 2 3/4 hours. I was tired afterwards but all right the morning after. I'm walking shorter distances now while working on my speed. Bests from Constanze
Hello friends,

or "Guten Rutsch" (good slide) as we say in German.

Now the tenth decade is behind us. Time to face the challenge of the twenties.

Well, does anybody remember this beautiful song from 1979 by a Canadian group called "FM" (like FM on the radio). The song is called "Seventh heaven". Of course in the song the line is "Now the seventh decade is behind us...." May all your plans come true. I wish you health and happiness for you and your families, may you heal well and those who have healed well, may you stay healthy!

Best from Constanze
Hi all,
Just saying best wishes and am giving a sign of life to my friends of the international Bonesmart community. In Germany, which is one of the epicentres of the Covid19 virus, they said that many elective surgeries would have to be postponed to free up space in hospitals for those who have a very serious outcome of the respiratory disease. For those of you whose surgery has been postponed, I wish you strength and patience to tie you over during this hard period, and hope you will soon get your surgery date.
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Thank you @Constanze! I have not been here for awhile. You & I are fellow hipsters from April ‘15. I have my right hip replaced October’18. So sorry to hear of your bicycle accident. COVID isolation certainly could not help with pain especially when PT and massage therapy have not been available for so many. Pain is all consuming and very depressing. I have been self quarantining & wearing my mask as I venture out for necessary activities. I live in Massachusetts, USA and I was able to get back into Burdenko PT pool exercises last week. We start Phase 3 on Monday and I’ll be able to go more often. I needed a tune up to check form w some land exercises and try to stay safe in the meantime.
Wishing you patience and good health in your recovery. I’m Praying for the World as we struggle through this most tragic & difficult period in history.
@Constanze !!!!!! You were around for my 2017 hip! So good to hear your voice. Thank you for your celebratory good wishes, and I wish you continued healing from the freak bike accident! :bicycle2: :bicycle1::bicycle1:
Hello @wcgirl and @zauberflöte , I remember you and followed up your recovery threads with a lot of interest.
Thank you for your nice messages.

You, two are so friendly. Please feel reassured that I'm ok now and my bicycle injury fully healed in January 2019. I resumed my triathlon and running training, and soon after that we had a holiday in Brisbane Australia where we saw our daughter who lives there. I was very very happy - then the pandemic came and I fell into a black hole. I actually like social contact and travelling. In addition, all my races I had planned for 2020 were cancelled. Actually wanted to take part in Ironman Frankfurt, which is literally at my doorstep since I live in the Rhine-Main area. Oh well, I have paid and have transferred my starting permission to June 2021 for free. It's probably only air because athletes from many countries including the US would probably not have been able to start this year due to Covid-19 travelling restrictions. We are all hoping and waiting for a vaccine. Let's hope we will be able to travel again as normal next year then.

Meanwhile my lake swim near Langen where my employer is have started again. Before that, I did my swim training in a small lake near by because all the swimming pools in Germany were closed due to the pandemic. It was freezing cold but in my wet suit, it worked. The picture shows me in April.

Wc girl, enjoy your pool training and all the best to get pain free! - Constanze
Thanks for the update, glad you are doing well. We are all a little stir crazy with the pandemic and the isolation.
Wishing you all the best as you prepare for your triathlon in 2021.
Glad you have a wet suit, the water looks freezing. :ice:

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