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Mar 22, 2015
Germany Germany
Hello everybody, Just setting up my recovery thread in advance 'cause I don't know when I'll be mentally and physically fit again to "use technology". Tomorrow is the day, but they made me go to the hospital today at 11:00 am. It's a long wait. This going in early is probably so they can get the paporwork done. They also took more blood in case I need a blood transfusion, but my surgeon said I probably won't. Saw the nurse who is on duty and theward doctor who took the blood. Apart from that, nothing much has happened, really. I'll write more when it's all done.
So are you in the hospital tonight @Constanze before your surgery, or was today's stuff just pre-op machinations?
No, I had the preop machinations about 2 weeks ago. Today, I went through the proper admission procedure and it's all finished. All I can do now is wait for tomorrow and explore the surroundings - cafeteria, the location where I'll have my rehab which is planned after the hospital stay etc.....
Best of luck with surgery and hopeful for great outcome with zero old hip pain! Treat yourself well! Prayers.

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All the best tomorrow @Constanze ! See you on this side very soon!
I will be thinking of you! best of everything tomorrow. Hope you get some sleep tonight.
Best of luck! We will see you on the side soon!
Good luck hon and I'll see ya on the other side.
Here's wishing you all the best and God bless! Have a smooth and blessed recovery!
Best wishes to you! We will be right here waiting to hear from you :)
Hi @Constanze
My stomach churns when I think what they might be doing to you just now. But I know you will be happy to be on this side with all the small but fantastic developments. Here from you soon!

Karen x
Looks like you are online and just a day post op! Hope to hear soon, when you are able!

Karen x
Day 0

Hello, hello to all you wellwishers. I'M so pleased to get so many good wishes from so many people. I'm fine and my new hip feels good.

There was a delay i.e. the op didn't start until 11 a.m. Got my spinal with sedation, didn't hear anything.They were just finishin the op when I woke up. there was zero pain and incredibly happy. Then, before they wheeled me back into my room, they made me wait until the spinal wore off and monitored everything - blood pressure, heart... so during this time I experienced I bit of discomfort. But then they gave me some different pain killir Novalgin plus some kind of narcotic which they did'nt say the name of. Now I'm back in my room, and hubby came to see me. Will write more another day.
Well done day 0 nearly over. I can't imagine being admitted the night before and then waiting til 11am still at least the waiting and the op are over now. Look forward to hearing your progress. look after yourself!
@Constanze - So glad to hear you are done with surgery rainbow hippie! :yes!:

I was the last hip done for the day, so I was there from 10:30am till my surgery at 3:30p, I
just wanted it over too. Wishing you you well on rehab! Get your painkillers on time too.

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