THR Constanze's recovery diary

Merry Christmas! I hope you’re having a lovely one, Constanze. :xmas-wave-smiley-emoticon:
Merry Christmas, thanks for stopping by, glad you family was able to get together.
:xmas-wave-smiley-emoticon: Merry Christmas, you amazing hippy.
Hope all was meny and bright.
2022 ... here we come.:egypdance:
Happy happy 2022 and - hopefully - and end to that dreaded corona.
May you all be happy and healthy.
Happy New Year, Constanze :wave:
Always nice to see your continuing support here of others. Thanks!
Health, Happiness and Peace to you in 2022. :)
Happy New year!
Vielen danke Constanze....I shall give it my best effort to eat and drink Christmas and Hannukah.
:xmas-wave-smiley-emoticon: Merry Christmas to you too Constanze! :banana-santa:
Hope its a good one!
Thanks @Layla !

This is a picure I took of Lincoln Cathedra. I spent half of December in Lincoln. Now I'm back in Germany.
Enjoy the holidays!


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Merry Christmas Constanze! :xmas-wave-smiley-emoticon:
must say, I have no problems now. I don't feel stiff and I can do my normal sports activities - running, swimming, cycling, and even a bit of ice-skating.

Do you still run regularly (how far and how often), and how do your hips feel after this.

I have also returned to sport, squash, running swimming etc.
Yes, I do. Last Sunday, I did a half-marathon in 2 hours 20 minutes. I'm also planning on participating in Frankfurt marathon again on 29 October - hopefully a bit faster than last year (that was 5 1/2 hours). You can keep your fingers crossed :)

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