Bilateral THR BrookeO recovery thread

Hello and a Happy Tuesday to you :wave:
Awesome @brookeo that you've transferred to a cane already in the house. That's wonderful progress! Off pain meds too and comfortable enough with Tylenol is an accomplishment also.

Post Op Blues happens, check out the article in the Recovery Guidelines if you haven't had an opportunity to yet.
Thankfully it's usually fleeting. You probably do have a bit of cabin fever as Recovery does get boring. I think your idea of having hubs take you for a drive is an excellent one. Staying sensibly busy or keeping your mind occupied as a distraction seems to help for sure.

You're doing great, keep it up and stay in touch!
Hi @brookeo! Sounds like you're coming along just fine, off most pain meds and ditching the cane in the house already, big steps.

Not to be Debbie Downer but please continue to use the cane while out on public for a while longer. It's a really good safety device, alerts others to give you some clearance and gives you some support. I had a salesperson at a store spin me around as she was in such a rush to see why the door beeper went off. If I hadn't had my cane I probably would have ended up on the ground.

Going for a ride sounds like a great idea. I laughed that my big outings in the first month or so was to the local grocery store and Wal-Mart! They are great places to practice your walking with the cart as a backup. :walking:
Tomorrow marks two weeks since surgery! Not going to lie - it felt like two months! But things have gotten remarkably better within the last week. So much so I don’t want to jinx anything!

Spent yesterday going to get our Christmas Tree and helping decorate the house for the Holidays. Husband did MOST of the work but I did help where I could. Then went to my nieces bday party. I was pooped, iced when I got home and had a mid-day nap. But overall felt really good all day!

Walker is gone, using cane about half the time inside but it goes with me when I leave the house. Feeling more confident each day!

Have a great Sunday all!
Splendid update:egypdance: my Both At Once Hippy Pal!
This is how it goes and you're doing very well.
Baby steps make big strides.
Hope your day is happy:SUNsmile:
Happy Two Week Anniversary, a day early :)
Nice're doing really well!

That was a lot of activity you engaged in at only 12 days post op. I imagine you were tired by day's end. Its good you took the time to nap and ice since it's still early days. It is encouraging that you're feeling well today with renewed confidence.
Congrats on losing the walker. You are on your way! :walking:
@brookeo You are doing so well! Happy 2 week anniversary.. I chuckled when you said it felt like 2 months. But now you've got it done and over with!
I am a little surprised at all you are doing so soon. Glad you are resting and icing after the activities.

So happy for you!
@brookeo Happy Two Week Anniversary! Have to agree sometimes it feels much longer. You are seriously doing a lot, glad you're napping and icing to keep things running smoothly.
Hi My Double Hippy Pal:wave:
Stopping in to say I hope things are getting incrementally better and you know that in the end, you are going to be healthier and happier.:tada:
Wishing a Thankful Thanksgiving to you and yours.
Three weeks out! Things are going well! I still have some thigh pain around my incisions and will get stiff/achy if I overdo it. But overall I am happy. I have started to do the stage 2 at home PT exercises and so far so good. I am also starting back to work this week - working from home. I have been driving with no problems - I’ve been off pain meds since day 8. I’m going to start short, easy workouts in my basement this week. Nothing too crazy but I feel ready.

Hope everyone has a great week!
@brookeo I am this recovery is going well for you but please don't launch into so much activity all at once. Going back to work - even if it is from home - is very tiring. You shouldn't do anything except that for the first week or so. Adding a workout no matter how easy is just too much.

The time off from work post THR is 10-12 weeks and then a phased return. You are only 3 weeks out from BTHR. Please be very careful and listen to your new hips.
@Jaycey i should clarify - I work part time :) so I will only be working 3 days per week.
:wave:New hips are exhilarating... and sounds like you have been blessed with a great recovery. Now is the time to keep that patience muscle flexed.:yes:

I agree with Jaycey that if you are going to work three days per week...hopefully those are every other should put the easy workouts on hold. Plenty of time to strengthen and tone and your body only has a finite amount of energy to dedicate to healing.
I went back to work 1/2 days at 4 weeks, not recommended and I really had to go straight home and assume the position to keep the collateral damage down.:ice:
I’m going to start short, easy workouts in my basement this week. Nothing too crazy but I feel ready.
Maybe just go down the steps to basement, and come back up...that's a workout in itself for two new hips:) :-) (:

Not trying to rain on your new hip parade, but we don't want to see you mess up this stellar recovery by too much too soon.
Just listen to your body and stay safe.
Made it through my first week back to work part time. I worked from the comfort of my home which was nice.

Follow up with PA on Monday. Hoping I will get the okay to take a bath? Not sure when that happens but it’s freezing here in Omaha, NE and that’s all I want to do. And I will find out about whether I need additional PT - it has all been at home up until this point and very basic.

Pretty uneventful which is a good thing!!!
Had my first post op appointment today at exactly 4 weeks PO. Everything looks great. Surgeon was very happy with my progress! I was given some new at home PT exercises to do. I am cleared to take a bath! No restrictions except no “really deep stretching”. Also said it takes 3 months for the bone to fully adhere to the implant so no lifting over 25lbs until then. Also was told most of the muscle soreness typically subsided by the next appt at 4 months. But the small aches and pains right now are all normal and part of the healing process.
Awesome news! That first post op appointment is always a nice reassurance. It's good to know things appear as they should and any pain or discomfort you're dealing with is considered normal. I'll bet you're excited to take your first post op bath. It's funny how we gain a new appreciation for so many little things we once took for granted before we were unable to do them with ease any longer.
Have a good soak and enjoy! :bath:
Excellent to hear!!!! :thumb:
Isnt it so reassuring?
Stiffening up and tightness after resting were my biggest 'complaints' and that is one world better than it was preop.
Lots of great improvements to come, Well Done.
I am so happy reading your updates, as I am getting a little nervous for my double upcoming on 12/20. I'm more nervous about the afterwards (because it is unknown) than the surgery. I had one hip replaced 21 years ago, that hip is being revised, but I can't really remember much of the recovery. I am hoping to do a little part time work from home around week 3 or 4, but it will be totally up to me. I can't believe you're already cleared to take a bath! How exactly do you get in and out of the bathtub??
@brookeo you are doing so well, I am happy for you. I also love how your updates are helping @jenTjenT too. I remember reading other member's recovery threads and they gave me such hope and inspiration.

You certainly will have a lot more improvement.. the realization of the improvements will hit you at random moments and it you are like me you will be grinning form ear to ear!
enjoy that long soak in your tub! :bath:
Hi @brookeo :xmas-wave-smiley-emoticon:
Happy One Month Anniversary!
I hope you're having a good week so far and getting into the Christmas spirit. Hard not to when it's everywhere. :santa-dance:
Enjoy the day and have a great rest of the week! :plugging-in-xmas-tree-smiley-emoticon:

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