Bilateral THR BrookeO recovery thread

That is super helpful! Thank you! I finally slept in my own bed last night and while I did have some twitching I slept way better than in the hospital.
Still on pain meds (day 4).
Good Morning and Happy Thursday @brookeo
It's great to hear you're home and sleeping in your own bed. There's no place like home for comfort and the ability to rest peacefully.
As you've read many have found relief from twitching and spasms through Magnesium supplementation -

Magnesium supports the following:
Bone health
Healthy blood sugar
Cardiovascular health
Muscle relaxation and nerves
Promotes healthy sleep (falling asleep and staying asleep)

I've also found through research, and of course do your own, that Magnesium Glycinate is often preferred over other types of Magnesium because the body finds it easier to absorb and it causes less intensional issues. We can also get a lot of our Magnesium naturally through a diet including a variety of leafy greens, vegetables, beans, lentils, seeds and nuts.

Wishing you comfort and a peaceful day!
Congrats on your new bionic double hippie! Isn't it amazing that horrible hip pain is just g.o.n.e.?!?! Yes there will be some major post surgery pains hurdles to overcome in the next few weeks and months but you're now on the healing track and there's no going back now! Good luck!! :yes!:
I added magnesium to my daily routine. Hoping that will help with the twitching. Other than that doing great! I do get pretty stiff after the trek up and down stairs - and I only do that 1-2x per day to shower and go to bed. Also really tired for some reason - dozing off quite often for 15-30 minutes. Not complaining :)
It's pretty normal to be tired at this point, it's energy drain from the body trying to heal. In the recovery guidelines Layla sent you is an item addressing this. Right now sleep every chance you get, your body does it's best healing when you're sleeping. You sound pretty good at this point! :friends:
Day 5 and I feel like I have turned a major corner. Don’t want to jinx anything but definitely feel better today than yesterday! My twitching went away as of now so that is helping as well. Planning to go to my brother in laws 40th birthday tonight for a short while.
I hope you enjoy the trip out tonight but please take it very slow and easy, you're still very early on. You may want to consider taking a sturdy cushion with you that you can add to the seating at the party if need be and maybe a small cooler with some ice packs.
You guys are all very sweet! It’s just close family and about a 2 mile drive. I’ll be well taken care of ;)
Hi @brookeo
Glad you made it home safely and were able to enjoy a change of scenery for a short time. Consider some preventative icing after the activity of the evening. It can't hurt. I hope you sleep well tonight and have a lovely weekend!
It’s been a weekend of ups and downs. Definitely had some pain return - had to get back on a strict pain med schedule again. Also had a couple of “zings” when I got overly confident. Been icing and elevating a lot.

how long was everyone on pain medication besides like Tylenol? Should I just get used to the idea it might be awhile?

and other double hippies -how did you progress from the walker? Did you go to crutches or one cane or how does that work?

hope everyone had a great weekend!
Can't speak to how double hippies change over from walker but you're still pretty early on and it will come in time.

As far as pain meds go, everyone is totally different. Some don't take any after leaving the hospital, some only the first week and some much longer. A lot depends on how you feel and what your surgeon agrees to. Icing and elevating is a good thing, do it as often as you can.
Hi there fellow double hippy!

I transitioned from the walker to a cane on day 9, I can't really remember using it in the house, and maybe only once or twice when out. I really didn't need it as I've been stable from the get go--maybe because of the lateral approach, my legs seem wider apart that they were, which adds stability. I think in time they'll move together, but right now it has its advantages!

One leg started out being the good leg, but is now the bad leg, with much more swelling and stiffness--go figure! Haven't taken pain meds since maybe the first week--not stoical, just haven't needed to. At week 7, can sleep on good leg side--yay! And can now take shoes and socks on and off--big relief!

Just noticed, you're my daughter's age, so your recovery may be much quicker than mine!

Anyway, good luck! Will be following your progress!
:hi: @brookeo
I stayed on my meds, because I needed them to stay comfortable, for the first 3 weeks and found that I forgot the midday dose which was a sign it wasn't needed.
As Elf says, this can vary but you are only one week out from BTHR so there is no hurry to drop now or transition to a cane.

I know the walker can be cumbersome, slow, and made me feel like an invalid...but I honestly had a hard time with just a cane.
You lose nothing by using your walker. As long as you are moving about your and putting weight on your legs, use the walker until you feel ready to try cane or walking poles.
I didn't think to try this but some members have done better with them.
At first, I was anxious and tensed to try to "suspend" myself on the walker which really hurt my palms and wrists. Those hips are already pretty strong, it's the soft tissue that is still fragile and healing.
The most important thing is your confidence and safety. Use your walker and perhaps soon you can practice with the cane in your house where you have furniture you can grab onto. If you take a gradual approach, you can build up your confidence bit by bit. You will know when you are ready.
One of my legs emerged as the stronger one so the cane was then used when out and about more for stability and balance.
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Brave, courageous people, you bilateral's. It's not funny...but you can't help but chuckle when Whitmore said "one leg started out being the good leg, but is now the bad leg." It's like you don't have a good leg to stand on! I don't get it, like I said, brave, Brave, BRAVE!
Wishing you all the're doing great!
Transitioned to the cane around the house. Just managed to fold and put away a load of laundry. Also got off my pain meds - just Tylenol so far today and doing fine so far.
Little emotional - starting to get some cabin fever. Trying to remind myself I am only 8 days out. I think I’ll ask my husband to take me on a ride tonight. For my sanity....

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