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Phased return to work

Discussion in 'Post Surgery Information' started by Josephine, Aug 26, 2017.

  1. Josephine

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    For return to work at 10-12 weeks as patient feels able, the following schedules are suggested

    week 1: Tues, Thurs 5hrs
    week 2: Mon, Wed, Fri 5hrs
    week 3: Tues, Thurs 8-9hrs
    week 4: Mon, Wed, Fri 8-9hrs
    week 5: normal duties​

    The thing to remember really is that so often when people think of going back to work they just think of the work.

    They forget
    having to get up earlier in the morning
    getting washed/showered, putting on the 'face',
    getting dressed
    getting a fast breakfast and eating it in about 5 mins instead of casually
    getting out the car
    driving to work
    walking from car to office
    actually being up and about and unable to take intermittent proper rests during the day
    walking from office back to car
    driving home
    putting car away
    making an evening meal
    probably feeding pets and/or others
    washing up and then finding it's almost time for bed!​

    All of that is pretty much equivalent to a day's work on it's own but then you've got to do the day's work as well!

    for a full time office/teacher/light worker as shown
    for a part time office/light worker could possibly manage this over 2-3 weeks
    depending upon hours normally worked​
    for a manual/heavy worker longer, 8 weeks perhaps​

    for a full time office/teacher/light worker as shown
    for a part time office/light worker could possibly manage this over 3-4 weeks depending upon hours normally worked
    for a manual/heavy worker longer, 12 weeks perhaps
    Bilateral knees, minimum of 12 weeks for all.​

    In preparation for your return, whatever your job, you might find it helpful to stock yourself with some coach's instant ice packs. You just crush the capsule inside the pack and a chemical reaction makes the pack go nice and cold - and it lasts for a couple of hours! No mess, you can keep them in your handbag or pocket. Very convenient and invaluable for a sneaky 5 minute ice during work! And they're fairly cheap.

    Also remember that there is no such thing as "just" a desk job, like it's simpler/easier than a manual job. Well, physically it might be but it has it's own set of problems the principle one of which is called "the movie sign".

    Read this for more information Knee pain after sitting for a while
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