Bilateral THR 2 steps forward, 1 back

Wonderful update, you're doing great, thanks for sharing and Happy Three Month Anniversary!
Wishing you a lovely holiday season and a happy, healthy 2019!
:merry christmas:
Not sure if you still frequent the forum, but I see that you are a rider. As a fellow double-hippy (though a year apart) I was curious how the new hips are working out for your riding? I am an eventer who rides super-green TBs off the track, but plan to curtail that and switch to more sedate/safe types once I can ride again. Definitely more fall-averse now, and want to avoid any revisions until I’m 80 or so!
Just an FYI, this member hasn’t visited the forum in 20 months and while it will be nice if she gets your message. It’s doubtful at this point.
I hope you’re able to find a few current members to engage with so you at least receive some feedback for your efforts of support.
Wishing you a great end to the week!

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