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    TKR Ready To Move On

    Today marks one year since my RTKR. No regrets! It's so fun to be active without pain. One of the benefits I wasn't expecting is that I have no more back pain. Wishing you all success on your journeys.
  2. Ready

    TKR Dewey Did It...#1 AND #2

    Super post! I am so glad for you and say a loud "ditto". This forum and all of the wonderful people here truely help make this journey easier. Hope the rest of your school year breezes by so you can get on that cruise!
  3. Ready

    TKR It's no piece of cake!

    Thanks for visiting my thread. I am so happy your recovery has been so successful! I envy walking with your dog. We have a 3 legged lab that can barely get around. We love him just the same. Hopefully you will be able to get those skis out next winter. A year ago, I never would have imagined I...
  4. Ready

    TKR Ready To Move On

    Greetings again. I am busting to tell someone.... One year and 3 weeks after my Left TKR and 9 months and 2 weeks after my Right TKR, I have rejoined the skiing world. My family and some friends took a trip to Montana and I was able to ski 3 days. The only breaks I took were for lunch. I even...
  5. Ready

    TKR Ready To Move On

    Greetings. I thought I would stop by a few days after the one year anniversary of LTKR. I feel so fortunate that my experience has been so positive. I have so little pain--nothing that a dose of tylenol won't help. The most noticable differnce is how I can take the stairs. I find myself jogging...
  6. Ready

    TKR Ready To Move On

    Happy New Year to all of you! I have been so poor at stopping by and catching up with everyone. Life has me by the throat, which is OK. Soon I will celebrate 10 months for knee #1, and 7 for #2. They are much better than they were, but still experiencing some swelling after a long day, and...
  7. Ready

    TKR Becca's TKR Recovery

    Super report. I am so happy for you. Did you get some Christmas shopping done?
  8. Ready

    TKR Ready To Move On

    Becca Nice to hear from you. I can't believe we are turning the calendar again. I had such a busy day at school--I set up the gym for Halloween with some fun stations and decorations. We turn the lights down low and the kids work like crazy. I do too with hours of set up and then hours of clean...
  9. Ready

    TKR Ready To Move On

    Becca Toothfairy daughter stalker maddoxsmama Bionic woman2 Knee pain Hello, Ladies. It has been such a long time since I have visited Bonesmart. Hope you are all doing well with your new knees and new life. Boy, once a person gets back to work, life takes off again--really fast. I must confess...
  10. Ready

    TKR Ready To Move On

    daughter stalker Thanks for the visit. I will have to buzz over and catch up on you and your shenanigans. I guess I am doing well. My knees do get swollen from all of the activity and my lack of rest , elevation, and ice. I don't have lots of pain, just that stiffness. I am sleeping well at...
  11. Ready

    TKR Faith and Trust and Pixie Dust

    Hello, TF. Glad things are going well for you. Uneventful is good! My, My, but things have picked up here on the forum. I used to come here for information and support, now I visit some threads when I need a laugh. You have some good company! Take Care.
  12. Ready

    PKR Oops, I did it again...Round 2 complete!

    Bionic woman2 I could mail you all of my leftover oxy and a large scissors to cut through the red tape. But honestly, you had me laughing out loud, oops, I mean LOL, as I read your "dissertation." I know you are in legit pain and frustration, but your way with words makes me want to invite you...
  13. Ready

    TKR Faith and Trust and Pixie Dust

    Hi, TF. It's my weekly go-home-early night. Sorry to hear you have been a little off. Hopefully that will clear up with some rest and your vitamins. 3 weeks is VERY early, so take it easy! I am enjoying being at work, spending all day outside. However, too much trying to run and demonstrate. I...
  14. Ready

    PKR Oops, I did it again...Round 2 complete!

    Just catching up and enjoying some good reading here. You sound in great spirits, despite the lack of coffee. Must be the chocolate. Count me in on the dance!
  15. Ready

    PKR Oops, I did it again...Round 2 complete!

    Great report. I am so glad you have a good PT and your positive attitude leading the way. And, yes, rest the right leg, too! Being laid up with my 2nd surgery was great 'therapy' for my first knee. Thinking of you...


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