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    TKR Sewhat's 2nd Recovery thread LTKR

    Sounds like you’re having a great recovery!
  2. KarriB

    TKR Neesie's Recovery Thread

    I iced until my knee felt better and less swollen, sometimes an hour sometimes longer. As long as there’s something between your skin and the ice you can keep it on as long as you like.
  3. KarriB

    TKR On the other side

    I don’t think ROM is the issue with using stairs. I have good ROM with my natural knee, but it cannot do stairs. Muscle strength around the knee and quad are the issue with my left knee which will need replaced sometime in the future. Being that your RTKR is just 3 months it’s probably just too...
  4. KarriB

    TKR Second knee replacement

    Welcome! Can you give us the full dates of your TKRs and which knee was done each time? It’ll help us to give you advice or answer questions. Every knee is different so I’m not surprised you’re having pain that you didn’t experience with your first TKR. The first thing you should do is take a...
  5. KarriB

    TKR Here I go again!

    Isn’t it great! It can take a while, but I love that when I walk my RTKR is painless!
  6. KarriB

    Revision TKR Post good wishes for Jo's knee revision here!

    Hoping and praying all goes well, Jo!
  7. KarriB

    TKR Leg Bruising<<

    Let us know what your OS has to say.
  8. KarriB

    TKR Sewhat's 2nd Recovery thread LTKR

    It feels stretched because of swelling I’m sure. Try icing to see if that tightness goes away.
  9. KarriB

    TKR Carole’s recovery thread

    Ice is a great pain reliever so that may be helping a lot.
  10. KarriB

    MUA knee so stiff<<

    It took me over 18 months to get a good ROM of motion. I had an infection and never once did anyone tell me I might lose my knee. If there’s no visible reason for the stiffness chances are it is internal swelling especially if someone is pushing your knee. The best think you can do after an MUA...
  11. KarriB

    Knee Infection* Knee rod/spacer

    Gorsky, when was your infection surgery? I had an infection 4 months after TKR surgery and had a washout/debridement immediately. Like you I was full weight bearing, had an immbolizer 24/7 which caused me to walk like a peg leg pirate and used a cane. The immbolizer was on for 4-6 weeks...
  12. KarriB

    TKR PCL release post TKR<<

    Sitting cross legged is something I don’t think I’ll ever do again, but I am planning on trying Pilates this fall.
  13. KarriB

    TKR TrueNorth’s new knee!

    Can you find a way to elevate at your home office?
  14. KarriB

    Knee Infection* Knee revision

    I’m sorry to hear of your infection. My infection presented at 4 weeks post op so my OS did a washout/debridement surgery and put me in an immbolizer 24/7 for 4-6 weeks. The infectious disease Dr ordered IV antibiotics with a PICC line and an oral antibiotic at the same time, even with all that...
  15. KarriB

    TKR TrueNorth’s new knee!

    At just a month post op your body is still using a lot of energy to heal from the surgery. It wasn’t until month 7 that I felt my energy level was close to pre op level. Also at a month post op your walks should be short, no more than 5-10 min. This recovery really can’t be hurried along, it...


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