TKR Surgery over now what

I just have to say your PT can want you off the cane, but its not his decision. It's yours. This is a long recovery and your still in the very early stages of recovery.

Has your surgeon mentioned the cane? Personally my surgeon highly encourages his patients to use a cane for however long it takes. In my case he's specifically ask me to continue to use a cane until April - my surgery was Oct. At home I don't use it constantly, but he wants me to use it when out of the house. His theory is others see you with a cane and hopefully don't run into you or over you.

You'll know its time to slowly stop using the cane when you find your getting up and walking away forgetting about the cane. Do what's best for you, not the PT.
The PT wants me to wean off the cane.
I agree with the others. Use the cane as long as you need to. I used mine at least 4 months. All the cane is, is an assistance device to keep you from falling. Tell PT that you don't want to fall and will use the cane as long as you feel like it is needed. I still have one in my vehicle, just in case!
I did my first small drive today. My daughter was working from home and needed to go to the local hardware store. It was a drive of about 5 miles total but I did fine. Going to still use the folks I've lined up to get me to therapy the next 2 times but may try myself for the second one next week. I'm going into work tomorrow for a few hours-someone is picking me up and bringing me home. Working up to expressway driving, not pushing too fast. My knee is a little achy tonight but not bad. We'll see what tomorrow will bring.
My condolences to you on the loss of your son .
Once you've managed small challenges bigger ones can follow well done on driving.. soon you'll have your independence back - I really felt that I was on my way to healing once I had started driving.
Depending on what car I drive I have a cushion and a plastic bag on hand the plastic bag help a swinging your bottom round to get out of the car, now 14 weeks post op my life has returned almost normal as normal can be in this year long recovery.
Friends are important and I know I would help mine in similar circumstances all we need to do is ask, if they refuse then they are not true friends. Keep strong you can do this !!
Well, done! Phasing in those daily activities until you feel safe with them can take patience, but it’s so wise. I just realized that I haven’t driven on the highway yet, maybe because I dread getting stuck in a snarl up! Didn’t we dread that before our new knees?

As Diana Ross said, Ease on down, ease on down the road.
I concur. Additionally, employers should not rebuff your use of a cane either (or having one on site should it be needed), especially along the trajectory of recovery.

While I am determinedly weening myself off walking aids, I keep a cane in my car, especially in the snow. I'd say err on caution as time passes. It is about listening to ones body.
I agree with the others. Use the cane as long as you need to. I used mine at least 4 months. All the cane is, is an assistance device to keep you from falling.
Went into work today, was going to just stay a few hours, well it turned into 7 hours. I'm not sleepy but I exhausted, if that makes sense. It was good getting out to see my co-workers. Jan. is a rough month for accounting offices, getting W-2's, 1099's and P & L statements done. I'm glad I don't do taxes but support those in the office that do. I told him today I would come back part time until I felt stronger. Regular life intrudes pulling at me while I'm trying to baby my baby knee. I hope to go part time for good in August setting myself up for retirement. If I didn't have to pay for health insurance I wouldn't have to work even part time. Hope everyone else had a great day.
It sounds like you're doing OK with having to go back to work so soon. Just take is as easy as you can on that baby of yours.
Well I got on the dreaded bicycle today. I have been scared after seeing people post. I had no trouble, the PT said I had range of 123 so that is why it wasn't hard for me. She gave me a lot of different exercises today. Working on stability and strength. Amazing how fast you lose that when you have knee surgery. My boss asked me to come in tomorrow but I think I am going to stay home and rest the knee. I will offer to come in on Monday perhaps. I hadn't planned on going back until Feb 10th, so not going to work too much until then.
I am so tired of this knee owning me. Everything I do and every move I make reminds about her. I contracted a remodeler to replace my flooring in pretty much my entire house, I did this in June before I ever suspected that I was going to have my knee done. Well this week is when he will start, so I'm having to box up things and put things away. He is going to remove the tile and then put the flooring down. So dust everywhere. I boxed and bagged books tonight, feel sure I'm suffering for that but it had to be done. Tomorrow is a china cabinet full of stuff and liquor shelf, plus PT. Looking forward to getting the floor done but the timing isn't great
All the work you are doing to get ready for the new floors is plenty of what I call “natural PT.” If it was me I’d cancel the rest of my PT appointments. You are giving your knee plenty of exercise in the course of your day, and actually, it’s probably too much for you at this stage. But, things come up that we have to do, so try to pace yourself. Going to PT sessions is just going too add too much activity for you.
Tomorrow is a china cabinet full of stuff and liquor shelf, plus PT.
What you are doing is already PT. There's no reason for you to go and get more of it. Your knee is going to need a lot of rest, icing and elevating after all this extra work it's going through.
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Yes, I agree. Every time I overdo it, my knee gives me an angry sore RED FACE:hissy: !

I have modified my PT session schedule reflecting busy days so as to not repeat that fun!
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Well I will be 8 weeks out on Tuesday. My knee is better but when I get uppity about what I do she sure lets me know. I know numbers aren't so important but have gotten to 0 extension and 135 flex. My walking is better but I do have to remember heel toe and not to limp. I did so much limping in the 18 months before my surgery I think the muscle memory is still there. I can't do stairs comfortably so still doing the two step. I am still icing every day and it feels so much more comfortable in my recliner elevated. I worked 3 days last week to help get all the deadline stuff done. I told him I wasn't working this week and would come back next week working Tuesday, Thursday and Friday. This has been a harder journey than I thought it would be, It is both physical and mental. I'm still struggling with depression and will talk with my new Dr. on the 11th to see if any changes need to be made. My left knee is a bit sore and hoping it is from carrying the load and not starting to go bad.

Thank everyone for the good advice and encouragement, it has helped a lot.
Yeah I hear you on the muscle memory scene! I walked a bit zonky especially right before my TKR, had learned all of these strange pivots, and other work arounds for that knee to keep going. Hard habits to break. But I am most encouraged that the bone on bone pain is GONE! Keep us posted with your continued recovery!
Sounds like you are doing great . I like hearing that kind of progress at only 8weeks. Even with the blues we all get your progress is steady. I woke up with the blues today and went to sleep with them last night and now I am regrouping and getting my head back around “it will be better at 8 weeks”
For that I operated knee, which is starting to hurt on me too, I took steps sideways, going down. It eases the load on that one joint. I’m also trying to remember not to grind it when I’m getting up from the floor. Maybe adaptations for your biological knee could give it a break.
My biological knee is now hurting. I go to the Dr. on Wed so maybe ask him to x ray it and see if any thing is going on or if it is just from overuse.
Many of us have had our old knees start hurting when the other one was replaced. The old one has to take on almost all the work while the new knee is healing. As the new one heals, the old one should get better. Mine did. I bet yours will, too. But, it's best to be sure and you're doing the right thing seeing your doctor Wednesday.
10 weeks post op and the knee is doing well. Still having some pain and swelling but not unexpected as I am starting to pick up life a bit more. Back to work 3 days a week, still having trouble sleeping but I was that way before surgery so nothing to blame the knee for. I can go up the stairs with just a wee bit of pain and coming downstairs there is more pain. My depression along with anxiety is on high alert. My Dr. wants to lower my anti depression meds, but wait until more daylight is going on. I miss my other Dr. he left the practice and referred this one to me. I think when we get to know one another better it may work.
I love reading everyone's experiences, each is so different but with common threads.

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