TKR Surgery over now what

Trying to eke out my pain pills. The law may stop some of the street crime but for people like us makes it hard to get the pills we need to control surgery pain. I hope to get my refill today. I got the refill request on Tuesday but the pharmacy said they couldn't refill until today. As if all this wasn't stressful enough fighting for pain relief isn't fair.

I've also had to work at arranging transport to get to PT and my Dr's appointment next week. My daughter and son in law both work. Been divorced 11 years so am having to depend on friends to help me. Another stressor.

Then when to go back to work is another whole issue. There is no way I can drive, I don't have enough flexibility right now. I feel helpless. I'm used to taking care of myself and everyone else, so this is a role reversal I'm having a hard time dealing with.
You don’t really need to go to formal PT. You can do movements at home on your own. Very gentle bend movements and short walks around the house.

I get kind of mad looking back at my recovery and having to go to out patient PT only 48 hours after surgery. Getting in the car was a nightmare. I then went 3 times a week and I was so uncomfortable in the car, and it was a long walk, for my stage, into the building.

That won’t happen next time. I am now very confident that I can do my own rehab at home and get excellent results, without all the set backs my PTs caused me.
Wearing a blanket of depression the last couple of days. Nothing I can put my finger on just not feeling the world. I took my last pain pill on Sunday and wondering if that might have something to do with it. Or the Jan. weather or being housebound or missing my son. Probably a combo of all of these. I feel like I should be doing more, I know I'm only 5 weeks into recovery and still have a way to go.
Probably all of it, with good reason. Do you need ideas for tv shows to watch to distract you? Projects? Books to read?
I read a whole book yesterday and did find something to watch today. Did my exercises. Could use a friend today, just feeling blue.
Wish I could help. I’m a little blue too, but it’s situational, so distractions are a big help to me. You have a lot of physical stress on top of truly heartbreaking emotional stress. I hope you can find something to bring some light in.
It has been just over a year Rubyroo and I still have a hard time believing he is gone. It was very sudden and unexpected. He was only 33 years old.
Went to PT today, my measurements were 0 and 122. Whoo who me. 5 1/2 weeks. My hard work is paying off. My strength measurement on the other hand needs some work. So strength and stamina are areas of focus now. Having to go back to work in just over two weeks. Not sure I'm ready. Still haven't driven yet, not sure I'm ready. Maybe try next week. I'm exhausted tonight, I overdid yesterday and only slept 3 hours, about ready to try to get some sleep
I'm so sorry to read about your son. I worry about my adult children all the time, and honestly know it would be very hard for me. Our sleepless nights add to depression too... You have so much between the emotional loss and the physical recovery.

There are grief support groups also, that a dear friend went to when she lost her loved one tragically. She says that was such a help for her. It might be helpful if you can fit it in when you also are working. I will say that work is a good distraction, though it can be exhausting by Friday.

Hang in there and keep up with BoneSmart, it is such a help for me.
@ginr I read through your thread. This is a terrible time of year for many of us. Know that we are standing by your side to support you as you make your way through it. Some thoughts which I hope are consoling:

Now that you have made the first anniversary, you have surmounted the initial obstacle. You will not have to confront fresh memories throughout the coming year, "Oh, last year he was..." This does not in any way minimize your loss. But it helps to remind yourself that you have traveled this path once before and know a little about its milestones, so they can have less power over you. Every time I feel down about my situation I remind myself of where I was this time last year and it helps.

Driving and returning to work, while challenging, will also restore some independence and autonomy. It's normal to be a little scared, but think about the other side of the situation: every move back to work means you are reclaiming your self-direction.

Your recovery sounds wonderful. Good ROM. Don't worry about strengthening yet. Let your incisions (internal as well as external) and soft tissues heal.

I hope for only good things for you!
Wow, those are excellent numbers. I am so sorry to have read about your son. Please accept my condolences.

I'm 14 weeks post revision & this morning when I got up my body just wasn't having it. Ate some breakfast and went back to bed with a cup of hot tea. Woke up 2.5 hours later and the world seemed to be a better place. I'm sharing that because pain / lack of sleep are tiring to our bodies. Your body has been though trauma & your heart has been broken. Not sounding like a broken record but slowly over time things will be where your not sleep deprived and in pain.

Asking friends to help was very hard for me. Until one day several came over and ask exactly when my appointments were, etc. Between them & a calendar things were covered while I wasn't driving. That was such a blessing to me. Our neighbor goes to the grocery store every day - I can't believe it, sometimes 2 times a day. Its her therapy I guess. Anyway I'd just text her what I needed and she would bring it by. I found once I asked someone for help they felt better because they were helping me. I hadn't ask because I didn't want to be a burden to anyone, when in fact they just didn't know how to ask what I was needing. Reach out to your friends.
Cheering for those ROM results, but cheering even more for you! The strength and stamina will come. Best hopes for a comforted heart, too.
I agree. My condolences as well. Perhaps try to drive short distances. I too had surgery on right driving leg/ knee. I found my foot action between brake to gas was ok, but holding down the brake peddle annoying but improving. I also had to practice better ways to get into my smaller car. I have one of those seat raiser cushion on my seat.
I have a smaller car also. Going to have to experiment on getting into it. :) Overdid yesterday, muscles are sore. Took pain pills last night, hate having to do that but felt I needed to. My mood has been all over the place the last couple of days. Victory up and then crash. I'm already on antidepressants and will be seeing my new Dr. next month, maybe asking for some more help there. There are a lot of emotions tied into this surgery. You feel weak and not in control. I'm glad I found bonesmart.
Another PT appointment tonight, lost some range lost 3 degrees on straightening and lost 2 on the bend from 122 to 120 PT said not unusual and that he had a lot of patients today lose range. Maybe the weather-very cold here an a few snowflakes. I am exhausted tonight. I seem to wear out very quickly. I thought at 6 weeks I would be further along, my mistake I guess. I keep having to remind myself it is a marathon not a sprint. I have a friend who is a EMT and he told me that bone surgery and knee surgery is one of the most painful surgeries. He fusses at me when I don't think I'm doing enough. The PT wants me to wean off the cane. So working on that Asking me about the steps, it still hurts to try without the cane. So not doing that yet.
Six weeks is really early in this process. You’re recovering from a kind of demolition and renovation project in your knee.

And regarding losing some ROM, I bet these kinds of fluctuations are related to weather, as you mentioned, or maybe even how the therapist reads the numbers from one visit to the next or more or less activity from one visit to the next. I wonder if a certain range of degrees is like a margin of error. Hmmm. Something to ask my therapist tomorrow.

Take care of yourself, and take pride in the work you’re doing.
Your ROM is going to fluctuate often depending on all the circumstances Helizabug mentioned, so try not to worry about it. Your numbers are really good for only 6 weeks post op, you’re coming along fine.

And, your PT does not decide when you no longer need your cane, that decision is yours alone. It is a tool to help you feel safe, comfortable and confident. Use it as long as you want. I used mine for over 3 months, and way longer for just stairs. My PT never said anything about when I should give it up, all PTs are different regarding their recommendations. Do what’s best for you.

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